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7 African Countries With the Highest Military Strength and Fire Power

The Global Fire Power ranks countries of the world every year according to their military strength and fire power. In this list of African Countries With the Highest Military Strength and Fire Power, up to 40 different ranking tools and parameters are used such that a smaller country with good military intelligence competes favourably well with a highly populated country with lots of great foot soldiers. In this post is this list of 7 best countries in Africa with the highest military strength and fire power.

African Countries With Best Military Strength and Fire Power


Flag of Egypt - African Countries With the Highest Military Strength

Egypt is a country in the north of Africa with a staggering population of 83 million people. and slightly over half of this population is available manpower and 35 million people make up those who are fit for service. More than 1.5 million individuals reach the military age every year and almost 5000 tanks, Egypt is a force to reckon with when it comes to Africa. Having 200 helicopters and 863 military air crafts, 28 mine warfare, 84 serviceable air ports and a yearly budget of over $4bn on pumped into defense every 365 days make Egypt one strongest countries in Africa.


Flag of Ethiopia - African Countries With the Highest Military Strength

Ethiopia has a population of 84 million people. It is Africa’s oldest independent country and its second largest in terms of population. Ethiopia has found a way to transform her population into a military stronghold in Africa. With a man power of 34 million people, 24 million of this population fit for service and almost 2 million people reaching the military age every year, the country is one of the strongest in Africa. Ethiopia has over 300 tanks and 1200 armored vehicles, 147 air crafts and 68 helicopters to hover around any country plotting any form of invasion and of course there is almost $300 million defence budget to take care of things every 365 days.


Flag of South Africa

Republic of South Africa, is an African country located at the southern tip of the continent. South Africa is the 25th largest country in the world by area and the 24th most populous country with over 51 million people. When it comes to military power, South Africa has got what it takes to be among the top 7 countries in Africa strong enough to be recognised. Half of South Africa’s population are within the manpower class; 14 million are fit for service and almost a million are getting to military age annually. South Africa has 250 tanks and 1590 armoured fighting vehicles; 240 rocket projectors and a similar total number of air crafts. 4 frigates and 3 submarines keeps the shores safe. There is almost $5 million pumped into the defense budget every year to keep the country safe.

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Flag of Nigeria

To whom much is given, much is expected is the case of the most populous country in Nigeria. Located at the shores of West Africa is the country that gives home to a staggering 160 million people. With the available manpower of 73 million people, there are 40 million people who are fit for service and 3.5 million people reaching the military service year on a yearly basis. There are 363 tanks and more than 1,400 armored vehicles. Nigeria has 294 air crafts and 84 helicopters than can hover her skies when they are called upon. There are 53 serviceable air ports and lots of labor force (up to 50 million) people. The large population is kept safe with a yearly budget of $2.2bn.


Flag of Algeria

Algeria is a country consisting of 48 provinces and 1541 communes. It is the 34thmost populated country on earth with a population of more than 37 million. More than 20 million people make up the manpower and up to 18 million citizens are within the service year. The country is largely financed by oil and Sonatrach, the national oil company, is the largest company in Africa. Algeria has the second largest army in Africa and in the Arab World, after Egypt, and has Russia and China as strategic allies, and arms furnisher. 672,000 individuals reach the military age annually. Algeria is equipped with more than a thousand tanks, 1800 armored fighting vehicles, over 400 air crafts, 136 helicopters, 3 submarines, 12 coastal crafts. With a defense budget of over $8bn, Algeria will continue to be among the African countries with the best military strength.

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Flag of Kenya

Kenya is a major hub in the East Africa. Officially called the Republic of Kenya, the country has a population of about 43 million residents. When it comes to fire power, Kenya is a force to reckon with. The country has enough military strength to afford to always send some on a peace keeping mission in other African countries. Almost 20 million people make up the country’s man power and more than 12 million of these are fit for service. 839,000 reach military age every year. Kenya boasts of 186 tanks, 30 self propelled guns, 148 air crafts, 78 helicopters, 194 serviceable airports and a defense budget of over $5bn to keep her in good shape.


Flag of Libya - African Countries With the Highest Military Strength

The 2011 Libya revolution has placed question marks on the military capabilities of a country with population of just over 6 million. Almost 3 million citizens are fit for service and just about 116,000 people reach service age each year but these small numbers correlate quite oppositely to the artillery and ammunition the country boasts of when compared with other African countries. Libya boasts of 500 tanks, 2,500 armored fighting vehicles, 400 self propelled guns, 800 rocket projectors, 1050 potable AT weapons, over 600 air crafts and 121 helicopters and $880 million pumped in to defense every year.


Global Fire Power

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  • agaugust

    From Wikipedia, the military power of these countries armed forces are ranked as:

    1. Egypt
    2. Algeria
    3. Nigeria, South Africa, Ethiopia in equal power
    4. Angola, Eritrea in equal power

  • J.jacques Ndatimana.

    Yeah just wonderful to know our posirion.

  • akporue charles

    Nigeria was firstly known as the world most strongest country with military that can battle on land effectively and efficiently. But today that record is no more. But i want to tell you that Nigeria still remain one of the top military in the world and undergoes extensive training.

  • steven

    Nigeria has one of best trained army in the world and she is playing more role in african stability. Most nigerian officers are trained in the usa, Britain,germany etc. There is no african force that has the military experience like nigerian army. Ask any african country if they can go to war with nigeria and hear with dey will say.No country is a threat to nigeria because they dare not.Nigerian army has lead lots of other african countries eg in mali and so many more.Why didn’t south africa with all its weapons lead the fight in mali. We can manage any weapons at our disposal and that is why Nigerian army remains the best fighting force in Africa.

  • Ayoola Igwe S.

    Na wa o. See analysis. My take is that Nigerian govt should pay more attention to internal developmentp. So that Nigeria will not have the Soviet Union experience during the Cold War. We need to grow domestically first!

  • David

    hahah Steven, when and where did you fabricate this story?. Totally wrong, study about Ethiopia

  • amde

    Ethiopia has one of the strongest military force in Africa with tight ground military power.

  • Mahmoud Badr

    We will test it soon :D
    Watch out when Eritrea will knock your door

  • to the author

    haha false don’t trust wikipedia

  • Bantustani

    Tell that to the birds. Wipe out Boko Haram before you start bragging

  • Bantustani

    Cant even beat Boko Haram

  • Sjob

    Ethiopia couldn’t even win from Somalia

  • carmouflagger

    Boko Haram is still standing because we have a clown for president. We definitely have the best trained Armed forces on the continent. Need i remind you of all the peacekeeping missions we’ve carried out?

  • Keith

    better than this article which claims Ethiopia number 2 when that country spends less than 400mln dollars on its army compared to south Africa which spends 4bln dollars

  • Keith

    rubbish naiga cant even deal with boko haram!!! in other countries its an abomination to have rebels or sections of the country being run by armed gunman yet that’s daily life in north Niaga

  • jm

    How can an army be good if they are corrupt and undisciplined ? For example look at how Kenya handled that recent mall terrorist attack ? !

  • Eshe

    It is Ethiopian who brings your today’s independence and freedom from colonialism and this the thing that rejoice us Ethiopians and all African’s too…

  • Eshe

    Somalia is under Ethiopian colonialism and Ethiopia serves as a Somalian guard like from alshebab’s attack.

  • Geffrey Jayson

    Guys….Kenyan soldiers are suburb,what they’ve done in Somalia is unforgattable….they battled it out

  • ruku

    strong millitary country they should have peace on there land but look at kenya .south africa nigeria algeria ethiopia. eggypt morroco with northern muslim fighter libya with group army lets wake up we are still very week to seek for our internal problem to me the list is nonesense .

  • kordofan

    When Africa is a nuke power continents?

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