10 African Countries With the Highest Military Strength and Fire Power



The Global Fire Power ranks countries of the world every year according to their military strength and fire power. In their ranking of African Countries With the Highest Military Strength and Fire Power, up to 40 different ranking tools and parameters like number of active front-line and reserve personnel, number of tanks and armoured fighting vehicle, aircrafts like fighters/ interceptors and helicopters, naval strength and coastal defence crafts, resources and defence budget, logistics and many other factors are used and in such an approach that a smaller country with good military intelligence competes favourably well with a highly populated country with lots of great foot soldiers while landlocked countries are not penalized for lack of an active navy. It is important to note that the military strength of a country is not only determined by the size of her ammunition. We bring you the list of 10 best countries in Africa with the highest military strength and fire power.

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Most Powerful African Countries With Best Military Strength and Fire Power


(Ismail Zitouny / Reuters/Landov)

(Ismail Zitouny / Reuters/Landov)



The 2011 Libya revolution has placed a big question mark on the military capabilities of a country with population of just over 6 million. Almost 3 million citizens are fit for service and just about 116,000 people reach service age each year but these small numbers correlate quite oppositely to the artillery and ammunition the country boasts of when compared with other African countries. Libya boasts of 500 tanks, 2,500 armored fighting vehicles, 400 self propelled guns, 800 rocket projectors, 1050 potable AT weapons, over 600 air crafts and 121 helicopters and $880 million pumped in to defence every year.

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Angola Military

Angolan Military

Angola is the 7th largest country in Africa with a population of over 21 million and is located at the southern Africa. There are three components of Angolan military: the Army, Navy and Air Force and all of these have a combined manpower in excess of 100,000 divided into 87,000 active front-line personnel and 30,000 active reserve personnel. Angola has 140 tanks, 980 armoured fighting vehicles, 298 towed-artillery, 270 total number of aircraft, 98 helicopters with, 15 attack helicopters, 82 fighters/ interceptors. The country’s naval strength is boosted with 30 coastal defence crafts and 2 mine warfare and with a defence budget of over $4 bn, Angola is sure to continue to see a strong military growth.

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  • agaugust

    From Wikipedia, the military power of these countries armed forces are ranked as:

    1. Egypt
    2. Algeria
    3. Nigeria, South Africa, Ethiopia in equal power
    4. Angola, Eritrea in equal power

  • J.jacques Ndatimana.

    Yeah just wonderful to know our posirion.

  • akporue charles

    Nigeria was firstly known as the world most strongest country with military that can battle on land effectively and efficiently. But today that record is no more. But i want to tell you that Nigeria still remain one of the top military in the world and undergoes extensive training.

  • steven

    Nigeria has one of best trained army in the world and she is playing more role in african stability. Most nigerian officers are trained in the usa, Britain,germany etc. There is no african force that has the military experience like nigerian army. Ask any african country if they can go to war with nigeria and hear with dey will say.No country is a threat to nigeria because they dare not.Nigerian army has lead lots of other african countries eg in mali and so many more.Why didn’t south africa with all its weapons lead the fight in mali. We can manage any weapons at our disposal and that is why Nigerian army remains the best fighting force in Africa.

  • Ayoola Igwe S.

    Na wa o. See analysis. My take is that Nigerian govt should pay more attention to internal developmentp. So that Nigeria will not have the Soviet Union experience during the Cold War. We need to grow domestically first!

  • David

    hahah Steven, when and where did you fabricate this story?. Totally wrong, study about Ethiopia

  • amde

    Ethiopia has one of the strongest military force in Africa with tight ground military power.

  • Mahmoud Badr

    We will test it soon 😀
    Watch out when Eritrea will knock your door

  • to the author

    haha false don’t trust wikipedia

  • Bantustani

    Tell that to the birds. Wipe out Boko Haram before you start bragging

  • Bantustani

    Cant even beat Boko Haram

  • Sjob

    Ethiopia couldn’t even win from Somalia

  • carmouflagger

    Boko Haram is still standing because we have a clown for president. We definitely have the best trained Armed forces on the continent. Need i remind you of all the peacekeeping missions we’ve carried out?

  • Keith

    better than this article which claims Ethiopia number 2 when that country spends less than 400mln dollars on its army compared to south Africa which spends 4bln dollars

  • Keith

    rubbish naiga cant even deal with boko haram!!! in other countries its an abomination to have rebels or sections of the country being run by armed gunman yet that’s daily life in north Niaga

  • jm

    How can an army be good if they are corrupt and undisciplined ? For example look at how Kenya handled that recent mall terrorist attack ? !

  • Eshe

    It is Ethiopian who brings your today’s independence and freedom from colonialism and this the thing that rejoice us Ethiopians and all African’s too…

  • Eshe

    Somalia is under Ethiopian colonialism and Ethiopia serves as a Somalian guard like from alshebab’s attack.

  • Geffrey Jayson

    Guys….Kenyan soldiers are suburb,what they’ve done in Somalia is unforgattable….they battled it out

  • ruku

    strong millitary country they should have peace on there land but look at kenya .south africa nigeria algeria ethiopia. eggypt morroco with northern muslim fighter libya with group army lets wake up we are still very week to seek for our internal problem to me the list is nonesense .

  • kordofan

    When Africa is a nuke power continents?

  • Oliver

    Such a very big gap between the Egyptian army and the rest of the counties listed!!! As if they are playing in a different arena. So what you are guys talking about here!? Which is more stronger! South Africa or Nigeria or Ethiopia. They are all almost the same. Can’t you see the difference in the numbers of the aircraft and tanks…. Etc between Egypt and any other county in the list !! Grow up plz and be more realistic. There is no African country is even close to the world level except Egypt so don’t waste ur time fighting and arguing about nothing!!!

  • spartacus

    my friend boko haram will come in to your country and wipe it of so close you toilet okay

  • spartacus

    when next you comment think before you write do not think from your anus all the power country face rebel before let them come in to the capital and take over from the government and stop and let see nigeria till remain africa stronghold even SA can not stand in front of our government or threaten nigeria with it weapon we took out liberia mali somalia even outside africa boko haram time never reach when is time all of them will pay okay so piss off

  • Emmy

    my friend, make your point and stop talking thrash about the President of Nigeria. You know nothing about how the Military of Nigeria is constituted.

  • Bantustani

    Hahaha. Boko Haram have to go through Cameroon, DRC and Uganda to get to us. We will sit and watch.

  • Kola Adekola

    Absolutely stupid comment.
    You are the clown, not my President.

  • Verite7

    Chad is number 1, ask the Libyans the know!

  • http://www.w3sketch.com Thank Money

    You guys don’t understand what really count as strong military. It’s not because you have money to amass weapons that makes you a strong military. It is the following factors that make you a strong military:

    1. the level of math and science education of your military.
    2. the amount of food your military has (not weapons)
    3. the level of motivation and discipline of your soldiers.

    America is the strongest military the world knows not just because it has the best weapons, because it has the 3 qualities mentioned above. Unknown to many people, in war, food, the skill of your soldiers and motivation count more than weapons.

    I listened to President Obama speaking on one occasion and this is how he opened: ” Firstly, I want to thank our men and women in uniform who fight for America. I want to assure you that no one fights for America and will ever have to fight for a job when he takes off the uniform”. These words alone are powerful motivation that will make somebody want to die for his country.

    But here in Africa, the reverse is the case. Take for instance the Nigerian case, a country that prides itself as the strongest military in Africa yet it can not overcome a small group of civilian criminals by name: Boko Haram. The soldiers deployed to the battlefield complained primarily of lack of food yet the government spends over $4 billion servicing the military yearly( this is really ridiculous). Boko Haram couldn’t have been a challenge to Nigeria if the military had a high intelligence profile, good motivation of soldiers and a good spirit of oneness. But just look at the way the disgruntled elements turned us to a mess because of selfish interests and compromises within those in power.

    In my opinion, there can only be strong military in Africa until we take the 3 factors mentioned above seriously. No country in Africa has the right to make any superiority claim since we all go to the Western world to buy weapons instead of making our own. Were’re all just on the same level. If for any reason, country A in Africa goes to war with country B, it is the country with the highest foreign support that will win the war!

  • nile

    we are INDEPENDENT! that is enough and we never been colonized, because we are Ethiopian. look how Ethiopia is changing and its influence in Africa perhaps in the world and sooner or later Ethiopia will be one of the strongest nation not in Africa but in the world. Whatever, no country is self sufficient that is why trade is needed so whether we buy weapons from western or made it by our own, does not mean all Africans have the same military power or strength. Nevertheless, we don’t spent $ 4bn for military like Nigerians does because we are smart enough that we know our priority (eradicating poverty) yet still we are not week in military, every African countries knows that. We are INDEPENDENT! That is enough

  • Shareef QB

    EGYPT WHOAA ,,, But it would be better if its 1 African army

  • Nolawi Solomon

    eritrea will soon be under ethiopias controll like it has been always your army is weak and your country poor

  • hansmoh

    I disagree with this list especially with Nigeria. They can only be in the top 10 with Boko haram. Without them thei are nothing.

  • Denis

    do not trust the information from Ethiopia, they may show you a very little of they have. They will never expose what they have. They are extremely secretive, they see have even five fold of what is reported. And the soldier is naturally warrior and hero.

  • Nicholas

    Ethiopian ground force is totally overwhelming, experienced and hardened by decades of both internal and foreign conflicts that it remains extremely dangerous. Ethiopia’s history is all about war and then victory. Ethiopians seem to enjoy war. It’s like aphrodisiac for them.

  • Lance0013

    Nigerians should step aside and stop talking, you fail to contain bunch of teenage boys called boko haram who can’t even carry an AK47 for 10 minutes without arms shaking. Your Amy harass and decapitate poor villagers claiming they are in search for boko haram militants. Common men had been assigned to join in the campaign armed with sticks and machetes. Your government officials should be charged with crimes against humanity. You probably laying somewhere in hillbrow or sunnyside flats talking shit about SADF under the security of the SADF. the only reason SADF ranks 4th not 2nd on the list is manpower. Otherwise Technology, advanced equipment, readiness and capability its 100%.

  • Films


  • romeo

    Don’t play with mugabes boys

  • Mahdi

    You’r all just yapping. .. For instance the Ethiopian guy.. you invaded Somali and did nothing. When Kenya Army went there, we achieved greater success in less than 3 months than what Ethiopia did in a year. who’s stronger now?

  • tedd

    Ethiopia is on the top with very minimu budget:less than 400 million. What egyptian can’t control in sinai, what nigerian can’t control boko haram, and what algerians can’t control their islamist militant. just stfu and learn from ethiopian, they will tech how to defeat al-shabab inside somalia, and how to silence terrorist sponsoring ertrea government. Just ask ethiopian how they live while surounded by mafia countries: ertrea- the north, sudan-the west, and somalia-the east. No matter what american non stop $1.5 bill + air craft, jets, tanks, armored vihicles and missiles flow as military aid per a year, no body will not let egypt to loss her #1 position.

  • http://Yahoo Patrick

    Good you have done well but please you have to consider the words you use . anus, nonsense, stupid and all sorts of words will not progress your discussion
    But you did not mention Ghana , why

  • Saint Martee

    What now, brothers are thirsty each others bloods? It seems like we are looking forward to wars than to Africa’s prosperity. Come on guys we can’t compete over stupidity, imagine those who are heavily taxed, only to find out you guys are fundraising money to get guns you saw on sail in the western shops mxm, Africa is better than that. What happened to black is beautiful? Even more with Jesus Christ. Can’t wait to get to the new Jerusalem with my Born Again (BA)soldiers, where there’s not even talk about war,

  • oli’c

    We are proud of our military force Ethiopia had built powerfull defence with less budget it can be a great example for other dictators who try to built great army under violence.

  • Tofik


  • Dawit Girma

    Mr…I think you have no idea about the two countrie. War is a game in Ethiopia, a thing that anybody enjoy in engaging in it. I don’t think this is the case in any other country, including Eritrea, if its is a county.

  • me

    We trust in God. Ethiopia is no. 1. u can see the history of this country. No one can defeat Ethiopia. and whether u believe or not all the 95 ml. people of the country fit for any military action.

  • Richard Kuhn

    South Africa is no longer the military power it once was, Discipline is sloppy, Standard of training has plummeted. Maintenance is a joke.

  • Dennis Mwangi W

    How did they handle Somalias alshabab…the first ever submarine attack in africa…took the enemy by surprise and drove Him out of his stronghold

  • Dennis Mwangi W

    Kenya is no 3. Ask Somalia’s Al-shabab and they will tell you why

  • meze

    So funny, I am sure the Europeans are enjoying this. They divided us, they gave us weapons and now they are ranking us. African Fools, stop being a stream of water which follows the path made for it.
    Unite all this power and we’ll be untouchable.

  • Esayas Tesfaye

    Peace keeping missions do not measure the strength of an army

  • alqaeda

    and where is zimbabwe ?

  • Marthinus Potgieter

    SA is low on the list due to BEE and lots of KFC !

  • Ajet Tomlin

    It only becomes the Nigerian military’s job to intervene in internal issues when the federal government seems unable to handle these issues. Have you heard about dialogue as a means of conflict resolution? Dialogue is part of what makes your military strong. Guns and battles with rebels is like quenching fire with flammable gas.
    To this end, there is a reason why the military consist of soldiers and officers and the ability of your country’s military diplomacy in other countries, intelligence in handling internal issues and even other factors like good national budgets on the military characterizes a good military power.

  • Koko

    Hey Carmouflagger. I think you appears to be the greater clown. The boko haram insurgency is a commando type of war. Its not like the conventional war that you can fight. Even the US have not been able to defeat completely or win the war against terrorism. These are people that are unknown. They come out within the Civilians and perpetuate evil and then diffuse again into Civilian enclaves. But even at that our Army has recorded tremendous success and for sure we will win the war against the Boko Haram.

  • Brighton Bufflex Manunure

    try Zimbabwe and u see

  • cemoony

    if Ethiopia is what you describing it to be, why are they in Nigeria begging on the roads just 4 survival ?. MUMU.

  • Dennis

    Now that we have oil, titanium and maybe uranium….its safe to say we will be going be up the list vrty soon


  • George

    Kenya still has the most disciplined military on African soil. Ethiopians withdrew from Somalia with heavy casualties, Kenya went in and their work is evident. They always afford to lend you men and women for missions in West, Central and East Africa.

  • George

    Alshabaab made Somalia lawless in Ethiopia’s watch, we moved in and restored order

  • mhofela

    Don’t forget to put Zimbabwe on the list despite the inflation .Nigeria and South Africa I don’t think the deserve a place in this list

  • adane

    no it not colonialism, protecting your neighbor country means protecting your self, that why Ethiopian solder died in somalia,

  • adane

    military strength reflects national security, look ur home in good atmosphere, dint be emotional.

  • adane

    ya, u r right, we know, nothing from war

  • Joseph Kamwara Githae

    Somali has the best military power… it boasts millions of grenades and suicide bombers worldwide. The military budget is a staggering HIJACK A SHIP

  • Girma

    Budget doesn’t necessarily tell you the strongest force but the heart and confidence your solders have! with that regard Ethiopia has one of the best in the world that has been tested and hardend by battles for years!

  • Abman

    Alshebab leave mokadisho with out war if Ethiopian soldiers came

  • Santos Gaucho Jr.


  • Aiyga Girmay

    why don’t you ask your gran fathers?

  • oromo

    Ethiopian population is 90 million 80% are Muslims Oromo only are 50% but who controlling the county are unbelievers And they are small group one day we Will cut the their throat of (slaughter) them so guys let’s us talk about Islam and unbelievers forget about Ethiopia,Nigeria Kenya ok

  • Brook

    First, Ethiopia is a Christian nation with 70% Christian population. Second, you don’t represent the oromo and muslim population as there are millions of ChristIan oromos and peaceful muslims. Third, should any violence erupt against the Christians in Ethiopia, it will be over for the muslims. Remember this everyday. We are not sleeping. Majority of the armed forces and very courageous citizens belong to us. You are just like the Arabs who wash their asses. Thank you for letting us know your intentions. We will be ready even more.

  • Stephen Kioko

    Who ever did this survey is absolutely wrong,Kenya is even known by the west for its militia powers and strength in Africa and top 15 in the world.

  • Biruk Saladin

    If Eritrea attacks Ethiopia that will be the unfortunate end of the short and brief history of the nation of Eritrea

  • http://www.george.com George nganga

    Kenya is stil at higher military notch…..consinder them being the only solution to the alshabaabs……think about it

  • moses

    In terms of demostrated results, Uganda. Running the subsaharan show.

  • Brook

    Mr Oromo, Ethiopia is called Island of Christianity. We have the most Churches in Africa and the oldest in the world are also found in our country, with a confirmed 70 million strong Christians. You are dreaming. What benefits us Africans is stop dividing within ourselves to enrich the western military industry and gun dealers over the blood of our brothers and sisters in the name of tribe, religion etc…..No sane religion promotes hatred and genocide. So, Mr Oromo guy, when you plan to slaughter us, God prepares your soul for hell. Don’t expect to sleep with dozens of virgin women in the heavens for killing Christians, paradise is not a brothel or a bar where you pick women from my friend. Thanks

  • Olight

    Why should Nigerians even bother themselves comparing Almighty Nigeria to Ethiopia for any reason? Most people have never heard of the country Ethiopia. In fact, I never knew of their existence until I heard the name in a Ragae music. Nigeria is better than the entire East Africa in every ramifications. Kill the comparison please!

  • Ndurya

    Oliver, Egypt has numbers but is being fed 4billion dollars yearly by US like a woman! They failed to scare Ethiopia over the Nile and Ethiopia us building the renaissance dam but you Ethiopians stop bragging, Eritrea is independent because you failed to sop them, south Africa please don’t talk, Seleka rebels killed your forces and you left Bangui. Kenya don’t talk, we have no submarine, I live in Mombasa, we don’t have. Nigeria clearly you have no intelligence gathering and synthesis mechanism that’s why the girls taken in Chibok are still in captivity. A good military has to have the arms, numbers, supplies of arms, food and water and intelligence, not to mention strategic alliances with neighbors. If Egypt attacks Kenya for instance, Ethiopia, will defend coz of military partnership and vice versa if Ethiopia is attacked by Egypt over the Nile Kenya will send its 300k to war. That how you measure strength. Afrika hoyee!!

  • nelson

    I don’t understand why you Africans chat like that. I thought you guys are United states of Africa! But now I know my grandfather’s really messed you guys up. Just be Africans one nation that is all.

  • Brook

    First of all, Ethiopia is the only country in Africa known as a country way before Egypt with the earliest civilization. If you have never heard of Ethiopia who has defeated Italians two times, the Ottomans, the Sudans, Egyptians…..throughout her history, it means you live in a cave. Because of Ethiopia, the rest of the African countries gained their independence from their European colonizers including your Nigeria. Your country never even had a name as a country before the Europeans colonized you and made people like you wash their asses. Do you have your own alphabet, real language and proud culture? Did you even attempt to fight another country that offended you and proved your manhood? We Ethiopians are real heroes. If you ever fight with us, you will be a toast. You little chimpanzee

  • kayumba

    rwanda is one of the best and motivated army on the continent

  • Demiss

    Military budget doesn’t decide the out come of war , corageous men do! For that there is no comparison to the fighting men and women of Ethiopia , as for the Nigerian dummy who suggested not hearing about Ethiopia just read the simple bible . When you were in the jungle we were civilized , when you were colonized we were free but you still pupets of the west and the most corrupted nation on earth. It is a matter of time before you disintegrate in to 500 states , so stop bragging because you are inferior to Ethiopians in every thing immaginable . We have so many primates in our zoo similar to your chatracters the only difference is they don’t talk. If we have a war we can smoke any country by surprising them with our courage and resilience that is what it takes to win a war not piling machines and aircraft.

  • philip

    Doubt Ethiopia n south Africa…strength ain’t number of assorted arsenal but trategies that leads to success with least casualties. South Africa suffered highest number of casualties when sent to restore peace in CAR same to Ethiopia in the hands of Alshabaab… Kenya is no question the strongest army in the world let alone Africa. Russia n America tried to salvage but embarrassingly defeated.. who managed to passivefy the situation? Your guess is as good as mine

  • Goddard

    Its all b****s***t,your mibds are babylonians mids

  • nicholas

    The ranking should be Egypt, Algeria , Kenya, South Africa etc. Nigeria should no. 20. They have the numbers but no quality coz they have failed to crush a mere militia in the name of Boko Haram. Ethiopia were beaten wen they entered somalia if not for Kenya who saved them. Kenya was the first country ti carry out amphibious assault on Kismayu code named ” operation sledge hammer” in Africa.

  • oban

    Normally all citizens shud support its country. However, we ve to undstand dat d pblem wuit Boko Haram is like finding invisible oxgen inside air. How can u fight boko Haram wen de live among civilians. Frm d statistics of military hardware, 2014 Nigeria has stock up its hardware supplies frm Russia n china. Dis shud improve its strenght over countries like South Africa and Egypt

  • TMoney

    Pls all u guys saying rubbish about the Nigerian force should go have a mental check up, if u are well informed u should know that terror attack is different from a normal war situation. For those who’s military men were fortunate enough to have a Nigeria soldier beside them during a peace keeping mission should ask questions before blabbing…

  • obedience

    Peace not war guys,I hate to see innocent people die.don’t praise war