10 Popular South African Foods You Must Eat


South Africa is one of the best holiday destinations in Africa offering a highly diversified safari for your entertainment however, your enjoyment would not be complete without having a taste of South African food. South Africa food is one of the most nutritious in the continent that will not only excite your taste buds but will at the same time, provide more nourishment than you bargained for. Whether you are in South Africa or still planning to make a visit for one of your holidays, create a chance to grab a bite from some of the most amazing foods of south Africa we will share below. From the meat stuffed dishes to the more conventional but highly customized diary South African food, they will all give you a delicious memory to cherish for an entire lifetime. Answers Africa brings you some of the most amazing yet popular foods in South Africa.

10 Popular And Delicious Foods in South Africa

10. Chakalaka


Chakalaka is a traditional Southern African food with an easy to prepare recipe that leaves you a lot of leeway for creativity. Make a gravy from chopped tomato and onion. Add plenty of grated carrot, chillies, garlic, a bit of grated cabbage, baked beans and/or cauliflower (diced). Cook until soft. Chakalaka is a classic relish of tomatoes, carrots, baked beans and chilies with hot curry powder that is served almost ubiquitously with every meal. Generally in South Africa, Chakalaka is a required component for serving barbecues.