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Dirty Questions to Ask a Guy

10 Dirty Questions to Ask a Guy

Women look for plenty of ways to turn up the heat for the night. Sometimes asking the right question is just the trick to achieve this and an appropriate question can lead to pretty hot action that a woman might just want.  To spice things up, you have to get ready some dirty questions to ask your boyfriend however, this should be approached with extra caution as it can make or destroy a relationship. Asking dirty questions early in a relationship leaves a negative impression about you for most people except for those who are just in a relationship as friends with benefit. As we explore the 10 dirty questions to ask a guy, note that you can use this to figure out about the sexual orientation of your spouse and where you can possibly move things around in the relationship. For a well planned romantic night with your spouse, ask any of them and watch the night unfold into an evening of paradise and maybe a little bit of much needed romance. You can never know until you try and see.

Dirty Questions to Ask a Guy

Dirty Questions to Ask a Guy

1) What Is The Sexiest Body Part You Love to Kiss? With this question you are getting into those love secretes of his. You are getting the juice on his sexy moves that he loves to do. This can just be the kick to get the night started for the both of you. To spice up your relationship you can see this article on dirty would you rather questions to ask your boy or girlfriend

2) What Is The Craziest Place You Have Had Sex? Live a little because we all live once right? With this question you will know if he loves variety. You will also get a sense of his love for adventure and risk. What is life without that little bit of risk after all? however, you have to be sure that you are emotionally stable to talk and taking some of his past romance before asking this question.

3) You Think You Know How to Pleasure a Woman? This is one of the Dirty Questions to Ask a Guy especialy if he has been cocky all night claiming this and this. Challenge him and have him finally prove it. Let him prove himself and get things going by asking this question. Okay scratch that. Get things going by presenting this challenge to him.

4) How Does He Show How Much He Cares During Sex? This can help one know if he shows his heart and caring nature during sex. See if he can show a romantic side during a hot time. Does he just know wild sex when the balls get put into play?

5) What Turns You On Instantly? Every woman has to know the answer to this question as this is one of the most subtle yet dirty questions to as a guy. Women should all know how get their man from wanting another drink to wanting you right now. Nothing can be sweeter than knowing how to make things hot quickly for the night of passion.

6) What Is Your One Secret Fantasy? Let him reveal his secret wish to you. This lets him know that you are willing to hear it. In a way this will get him thinking if you can pull the wish off and make it happen. If you can, things are bound to get steamy.

7) What Is The Favorite Position? Get the temperature rising and the flames burning. Find out if the crazy position focuses on the woman or if he likes thing intimate? Does the position involve that wild side and make things crazy. If you know his favorite position let it work to your advantage.

8) Do You Love The Lights On Or Off During Sex? Does he want to make love to you visually or mentally? Either way can be great and hot. However if he has a preference play to it because make the great experience the best experience each time it happens.

9) What Is The One Place He Wants To Have Sex At? Ask him this question for sure. Have him share his fantasy with you. No feeling is better than feeling that you are the one that makes it true. Make his wish a reality and he is bound to love it.

10) What Is The Most Orgasmic Thing Ladies Can Do? This question is bound to seal the deal and everything that come with it. He is bound to surrender for you after answering this question for you and you are both bound to a wild and romantic evening. What can be better than that?

Try out these questions on your spouse and watch them work wonders for the night and you are bound to ask them again to get the same effect wanted. There is more good news to consider. These are just ten of the questions and there are plenty of more that one can try out. The list is endless and women should use it for their advantage. Have this one wild night and look forward for many more to come. Lust and romance make a wicked and sweet combination that all women should have.

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