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How To: Airtel GPRS Browsing Settings Configuration

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Airtel is a household name in telecommunications in Africa. The telecom giant provides various services including GPRS/ 3.75G, Data/ mobile internet browsing capabilities on their network. If you have a mobile device on an Airtel network, you may want to configure it for internet and data capabilities. Usually, once you insert your Airtel sim card into your mobile device, the settings are sent to you immediately and you would be required to save it in your phone and this sorts you out. However, some mobile phones may not be able to receive these settings and would have to be manually configured to be able to access internet data.

Airtel GPRS Settings configuration for Internet Browsing:

How to Configure Airtel GPRS Settings for Internet and Mobile Browsing

Airtel Nigeria GPRS Configuration Settings for Browsing (Airtel GPRS): 

You would need to activate your AIRTEL sim before you are abe to browse and this in done in 2 ways:

1. Online at while the second method is done by calling their customer care service through 111.

2. Text internet (space) Phone model (space) Phone model number as SMS to232.
For example, if you want to receive an automatic configuration settings for a Nokia 6300, You will text Internet Nokia 6300 as SMS to 232.

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Airtel GPRS Manual Settings

APN (Access Point Name) :
Username : internet
Password : internet

Settings for mobile internet browsing:
APN (Access Point Name) :

Username : wap
Password : wap
Homepage: or any site you want

Airtel Ghana GPRS Configuration Settings for Browsing:


1.   Go to Menu Tools Settings Connection Access    points options

New Access points Use default setting. Enter details for    the following parameters.

  • Connection name: Airtelwap
  • Data Bearer: Pocket data
  • Access point name: wap
  • User name:<none>
  • Password:<none>
  • Authentication: Normal
  • Homepage:

Press Options then select Advantage settings. Enter    details for the following parameters:

  • Network type: Ipv4
  • Proxy serv. Address :
  • Proxy Port number: 9201

2.   Go back to the main menu, select Web, and    press Options then Settings. Choose Airtelwap as the default access point.


Go to Menu Tools Settings Connection Access points Options New Access point

  • Use default settings. Enter details    for the following parameters.
  • Connection name: Airtel Internet
  • Data Bearer: Packet data
  • Access point name: internet
  • Username:<none>
  • Password: <none>

Authentication : Normal


Go back to the main    menu, select web, press options then settings

Choose Airtel Internet as the default access point

Airtel Kenya GPRS Configuration Settings for Browsing:

APN: internet

Username: Leave Blank

Password: Leave Blank

IP Address:

Bearer: GPRS first

Port: 8080 H


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