10 Most Endangered Animals in Africa

African Penguin

There are many endangered animals in Africa today, and the reason for the many  decreasing number of such African animals ranges from poaching and loss of habitat and a host of other human factor that comes in the form of deforestation and displacement have contributed to these animals in Africa facing a very high risk of extinction. Displacement can destroy a species quicker than so many other disturbing factors. In a bid to conserve the threatened animal species, many nations have implemented laws offering protection to conservation reliant species. Untamed human factor has resulted in quite a lot of endangered animals in Africa and among the most affected include the list below.

List of Endangered African Animals

10. African Elephant


The African elephant is among the most endangered animals in Africa. There are approximately a little over 600,000 African elephants accounted for , they are on the endangered animals list due to poaching and loss of habitat which nearly pushed these animals to the point of extinction. The African elephant, aka- Savanna Elephant, is the largest living terrestrial mammal in the world. They usually travel in groups or family units and they live off of a diet of shrubs, fruits, branches, shoots and leaves.

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