10 Most Scary Urban Myths and Legends Around the World


Urban legends are usually fairly extreme stories told as supposedly true (although they never happen to anyone personally known to the storyteller) and are usually just plausible enough to be believed … All around the world, there are lots of urban legends that had been told most of which are centuries old but are still as popular as ever today. The scary nature of these urban myths and legends fuel the drive making these stories to live long enough to last through decades while impacting on any individuals and characters including geographic locations mentioned in such legends. If you love legends and are even more fascinated in retelling them, this article provides a selection of ten of the most scary urban legends from across the globe to frighten your friends with!

Scariest Urban Myths and Legends:

10. The Backseat Killer

Backseat killer

Image Credit: Mikkel Sørensen

This is one of the most fascinating but scary urban myths and legends which started around the 1960s and still circulating now in the usual many variations, this story tells of a woman out late at night in the middle of nowhere whose car is running low on fuel. She finally finds a little gas station and the attendant agrees to fill up the tank, although she feels he is acting a little strange. When she offers her card to pay, the attendant says she has to come inside to sign – and once inside, blocks the door so she can’t leave. Thoroughly afraid now, she winds up to scream, but the attendant shushes her and says, “A man has climbed into the backseat of your car and is hiding there, I didn’t want him to know I’d seen him”. They call the police and the man turns out of be a serial killer who’d intended to make her his next victim.

Although the story itself is an urban legend, it’s an object lesson in always remembering to lock your car, and to check your backseat before getting in!

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