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10 Ridiculous Reasons People Are Having Sex With Animals

Worldwide, many cases of humans becoming intimate with their animals have become more prevalent. The truth is that many more people are going on extra level with animals believe it or not and the worst part is that many of them actually enjoy this act such that some even prefer animals over their fellow humans. Why is this so? What’s so special with animals that make humans all of a sudden develop a fetish desire to have such an intimate interest in them?

To answer these queries, an on-line case study was conducted and several people had to anonymously share their views on the reasons why people are finding romantic love in “hopeless places” (if I should borrow a line from one of best selling Rihanna’s songs), and the results were shocking. Several people publicly confessed to becoming intimate with animals — especially dogs. Some even went a step further to justify their acts and at the same time give reasons to support their actions and channel their love to animals. To cut it short, we combined a list of the top 10 reason’s why people love to sleep with animals. And most of the reason’s people gave were just ridiculous. Here is the list for you to read:

10 Insane Reasons People Have Sex With Animals

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1. Animals don’t kiss and tell

One of the reasons why people love sleeping with animals is that they don’t kiss and tell. The secret of the intimacies between you and your animal will always remain vaulted between the two of you unless you’re caught red handed during the act. In fact, several women have publicly confessed to have used their animals to reach the highest level of excitement. How many of you even know about this? Unless you decide to snitch on yourself, an animal should be the least of your worries when it comes to the leaking of your private life with the general public. (…At least that was what some people thought). [See Also: Challenges of being a Sex Teacher]

2. Animals are actually good in the business

A man who was recently caught pants down with a pitbull, publicly admitted to have enjoyed himself. He went ahead to say that he had enjoyed the intimacy with his dog than he had ever enjoyed with a female human. Furthermore, he admitted to have slept with the pitbull 400 times within a time frame of 5 years. Some women, on the other hand, narrated how their desires could only be satisfied with a donkey, dog or a horse, but not a man. “Donkeys and horses have bigger “instruments” and they are the best to use if you want an treat of a life time”. (…What a way to receive a treat!)

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3. Animals know how to clean themselves, humans don’t

If you actually thought that sleeping with an animal is unimaginable then doing it with a fellow human is just gross. Well! To start with, human’s private properties are always wrapped in clothes. This limits the circulation of air in the areas down below which, in turn, leaves them exposed to several infections. On the converse, animals’ will always be exposed to fresh air. As a result, they will always be cleaner than those of humans when kept under proper hygiene.

4. Humans are more disgusting

First, girls generally use pads to contain secretions coming from down below however, at the end of the day, this juice will still be absorbed while their animal counterparts will have theirs exposed and the juices trickle down, leaving them comparatively cleaner than that of humans.

5. Animals depend on us for love

Animals depend on us for love, and physical intimacy is a perfect way to show animals that we love them and they are part of our families. It’s a perfect opportunity to show our animals that we’re ready to erase the line between animals and humans and at the same time allow them to be part of our human life. (…just wondering whoever thought of this)

6. Animals also enjoy humans

We protect and care for our animals but without being obligated to satisfy their desires, then our love for animals is hypocritical. This is because animals too enjoy deep physical intimacy with humans (…which animal told you that?).

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7. Animals have generously graced the human world with their own styles

One of the most adored positions among humans was borrowed from dogs. Some people believe that if humans can borrow such an amazing style from dogs, we should be ready to equally go all the way to experience it with them. (…this is just utterly insane)

8. There’s no risk of being infected with HIV/AIDS

Animals don’t carry HIV. As a result, those who sleep with their animals should be less worried of being infected with HIV/AIDS. The fact that they can be monitored and controlled reduces the chances of promiscuity which further reduces your chances of being infected with STDs. (…that’s what you think but what about “animal” STDs?)

9. No risk of unplanned pregnancies

The fact that the combination of humans and animals cannot reproduce offers a perfect opportunity to explore their desires without being limited by the fear of early or unplanned pregnancies. (…now this is one of the most ridiculous reasons ever!)

10. There are no strings attached at the end

At the end, a cow or a goat will go back to grazing and your dog will not demand for a day out or a romantic love letter. You will not be left with the stress of having a girlfriend to nag you around. In fact, you can repeat anytime you feel like. (Now you need to watch those imaginations because there is a very thin line between “SANITY” and “SANITY” with the “in”

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