Top 10 Best Universities in Kenya (Latest Ranking)


Africa is a continent that longs for education and East Africa has not relented in meeting this need. Kenya is one of the countries to be looked up to in Eastern Africa. Recently, Kenya has been on the spotlight as the East African IT hub and there is no doubt that the education system is part of what is driving this. There are several universities in Kenya including: 22 Public (government funded) universities, 14 Chartered Private universities and 12 universities with Letter of Interim Authority (LIA) bringing the total to about 48 universities and with this large number, it is challenging to pick the best universities in Kenya however, Webometrics uses certain parameters including online presence and authority to rank the best universities in Africa and across the world. It is normal for some universities to lag behind using this parameter however, the aim is to facilitate the web presence, research and publishing of universities overall. Below is the list of some of the top universities in Kenya.

Best 10 Kenyan Universities

10 University of Eastern Africa Baraton

University of Eastern Africa Baraton

The University of Eastern Africa, Baraton (UEAB) is a private chartered institution of higher learning (chartered by the Government of the Republic of Kenya on March 28, 1991) that was started by the Seventh-day Adventist with the main campus located at Baraton, Nandi County, Rift Valley Province-approximately 50 kilometers from Eldoret or 35 kilometres from Eldoret International Airport. The university aims to function in the provision and advancement of a holistic Christian quality education for the youth with the aim of equipping them with necessary skills for service for God and humanity.