10 Cars You Shouldn’t Consider Buying In 2016

The four-wheeled self-powered motor vehicles used for transportation are designed to primarily convey people on roads. 1886 was regarded as the birth year of the modern car, when German inventor Karl Benz built the Benz Patent-Motorwagen. Back in those day, cars were not widely available to all until early 20th century. Today, a car is not only used as a means of transportation but also for luxury and show of wealth.

However, when buying a car, a lot of things should be put into consideration. The car should be comfortable, fuel conservative, affordable, efficient, durable and should also have second-hand value. The cars below are magnificent in their looks, but it goes beyond looks in making the huge investment of purchasing a car. For your own good, do not consider spending your money on the following cars.

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1. Chevrolet Spark


Chevrolet Spark looks small and portable and may be a good choice for you, but have a rethink before you buy it. The size of the car has certainly placed it on a disadvantaged side as a car that is not comfortable for family use. Aside that, the car has a noisy engine and overall bad quality of materials. It is not good/safe for long distance journeys and it has very low resell price.

2. Smart Fortwo


This car can be very unstable, which makes it unsafe for highway rides. It doesn’t have enough power to quickly overtake other cars. In fact, this car has the least power of all cars. Most owners are not happy with the fuel consumption. For some, driving Smart fortwo is convenient because it is so tiny and easy to park.

3. Dacia Duster


Dacia surprised everyone when they made this car that looks like a serious SUV. They shocked us more with this car that has an Air Conditioner that drives you nuts, especially the rear unit vent… and there’s no climate control. Then the car is majorly made of plastics, which makes it very fragile as though it will break at any point. It also has bad sensors and hard clutch and it’s stability is questionable. Obviously, this is a poor man’s SUV.

4. Hyundai I10


If this is all you can afford, and you really want it – that’s OK, but be prepared for the downsides. First, don’t expect too much comfort. People who own this car are not happy with the fuel consumption, they find the steering quite hard, they complain about the car’s reliability. Therefore, its not suitable for long rides. Also, if you ever want to resell it, be prepared to cry. You will get very little money for it.

5. Scion IQ


This car is not that bad, if you are looking at buying a vehicle that’s easy to park and drive around the city. However, you have to consider several things, first of which is safety. Yes, the car has enough airbags, but “safety” is not just about airbags. There are things like stability, weight, sturdiness. This little thing is fragile! It is not good enough for highway and long rides in general. Acceleration is bad, so passing other cars will only cause unnecessary stress. And it is noisy, especially while trying to accelerate. The interior has way too much plastic, although it’s not as bad as in some other cars. Scion IQ is only a good choice if you plan to drive it around the city. Otherwise, you can buy a better and sturdier car for the same money.

6. Dodge Grand Caravan


If you compare it to some other minivans on the same price range, you will probably see that it is not that great. Tall owners are complaining that they don’t have enough room for their legs, and that there is also lack of space for those in the back. Driving on bumpy roads is extremely annoying – the shock absorbers need an upgrade.

7. Vauxall (Opel) Adam


This tiny car might look cute, but that’s all there is to it. It is incredibly slow. It doesn’t deliver much torque and power, so you won’t enjoy the ride too much. They did a good job making it attractive on the inside, but don’t fall for that lie. It reflects on the rear mirror and it will annoy the hell out of you as soon as it gets dark outside. And this is not something you can fix. Another downside is not enough space in the back, so it will not be a good choice for those who travel a lot.

8. Mini Countryman


This car doesn’t look bad, but it is not the best car you can get at that price. First, there is an issue with the automatic transmission: people who have tested this car say that the automatic transmission is very slow and the cargo space is not very impressive, although it has enough space for people inside.

9. Mitsubishi Mirage


You might be attracted to a cheap car with the word ‘Mitsubishi’ on it, but don’t rush into it. This is not a great car for the road. It has issues with acceleration and passing other cars. Too much plastic inside the car makes it look even cheaper. There is not much space for those riding in the back, and that is another reason why it is not good for long rides. All in all, it is not the worst car, but you can buy something better for the same money.

10. Volkswagen Beetle

The first limitation to this car is its inefficiency for long rides. It could be good enough for you if you don’t travel much or you just plan to drive it around the city. The manual transmission is more responsive than the automatic transmission, and therefore a better option. If you are a Beetle fan and like the old classic style (that reminds you of the old Beetle), then you might be happy with this one. If you’re not, you should consider other cars in the same price range.

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