Flood In Ghana Leads To The Death Of Many

Many have been left dead as a result of the flood caused by a four-day heavy rain in southern Ghana.

The streets of Accra are currently submerged in large pools of rain water caused by the heavy rains.

June is said to be the wettest month of the year bearing an average rainfall of 178mm. On Sunday, the western African nation was hit with 185mm of rain — this being much more than the average rainfall in June.

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President John Mahama has surveyed the areas which have been affected by the heavy rains, allegedly on a motorcycle.

10 people are said to have died in Cape coast, central Accra.

“In all we have 10 to 12 who lost their lives during this rainy period,” Sandy Amartey the national disaster management organisation regional co-ordinator said.

Some days ago a video showcasing the impact of the heavy downpour in a street turned river went viral on social media.

The person who took the video, Jeffery Ntoriankansah could even be heard saying:

“It ain’t even funny man, people losing their lives. It’s crazy, it’s crazy, and this is where you gotta live”

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Last year the news surrounding Ghana at this time was similar. As usual heavy rainfall began in June causing the suspension of commercial  activities in the western African country. At least 20 people were found dead while over 200 died as an indirect result of the flood.