10 Gorgeous Braid Styles Every Lady Must Try

African braids are the in-thing now. Braids which were once used as an indicator of a person’s community, wealth, age, marital status, social position and so on have become more of a fashion statement. And like all fashion pieces, they evolve over time.

Braids can be made with different materials, with the most common being yarn (wool), kanekalon, or Marley/afro/kinky hair. Are you tired of the usual single braids and curious about trying a new look? Or do you have a lady in your life who you think should try a new look? Then this is the post for you.

kanekalon, kinky and yarn
Kanekalon, Marley/Kinky hair, and yarn.


bob braids

Bob braids are the latest trend. They are chic and suitable for any face shape. The braids are tight, hence giving it a bob shape. The braids can be as short as chin length or as long as a shoulder length.


kinky marley twists

Kinky twists are twists that are done with Marley hair/Kinky hair. Unlike Kanekalon, the kinky hair blends with the natural afro hair. They are funky and give an afro-centric look.


senegalese twists

Unlike Kinky twists, Senegalese twists, also known as ‘ropes’ are made with Kanekalon hair. This classic style is called ropes because the twists look and feel like that.


ombre braids

Weaves are not the only way to rock ombré. The fade can be rocked with braids as well. Some companies sell ready-made ombre extension but it can be improvised by adding the second color (extension) as the first color ends.


ghana braids

These are pretty much corn rows but with a style that allegedly originates from Ghana. Unlike conventional corn rows, they are braided with extensions to give it a more solid and neat look. They are chic, easy and less time-consuming.


side ways cornrows beyonce

There are different ways to style cornrows/plaits, but this style has become popular since Beyonce rocked it in Michelle William’s music video. The corn rows are tiny and braided sideways. For a full look, single braids are made underneath the corn rows.


micro braids

These are mini sized braids. They take eons to complete, but the finished look is always worth the long hours. Just be careful not to flip your hair incessantly because your edges might come off with it.


crotchet braids

For comfort, time management, and ease, crotchet braids are go-to. The style is installed with a crocheting pin and an extension. Unlike normal braids that require all sections of the hair to be made, crotchet braids are installed on cornrows. They can be weaves, locs, even box braids.


jumbo braids

These are like the plain box braid, only bigger, chunkier and require less time to be made. This style is funky, you should go for it if you are bold for it.


faux marley locs

They are faux (false) because you don’t have to twist your hair, loc it in gel and never plan to comb it. Faux locs, also known as wraps can be installed using wool(yarn), kanekalon hair, Marley hair and so on. Regardless of the extension used, the outcome is always fabulous.


switch up your look

Gone are the days when the kanekalon extension used for our box braids came only in black and brown. Now there are a lot of colors to pick from. Don’t be shy to experiment with these colors. Also, Any of the above-mentioned styles can be combined or switched up for a different. Locs can be Ombré and bob as well as micro braids can be made with kinky hair. Faux locs can also be made with yarn and kanekalon.

Don’t be scared to try new looks because life is too short to have boring hair.