K-pop groups that disbanded in 2018
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Each New Year heralds the dawn of new k-pop bands which promise to blow our minds with awesome music. Unfortunately, each New Year also witnesses the demise of some of the bands that we have come to love. Their disbandment could be as a result of scandals, contract squabbles or the departure of some members. Some could also disband because they just weren’t talented enough. Read on and discover the k-pop groups that disbanded in the year 2018 alone?

10 Popular K-pop Groups That Disbanded In 2018

K-pop groups that disbanded in 2018
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Stellar (2011 – 2018)

Stellar was a four-girl band that debuted in 2011. The group initially pursued a brand of music that was all cute and cuddly. They, however, moved to more risqué materials in later years, starting with their commercially-successful single, Marionette. Stellar later disbanded in February 2018 and this was connected to the fact that the girls were uncomfortable with the erotic direction of their songs.

K-pop groups that disbanded in 2018
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JBJ (2017 – 2018)

JBJ is a k-pop project group that debuted in 2017. The six-man ensemble dropped several singles and EPs including Fantasy and True Colors. They also won the rising star award at the 2017 Asia Artists Awards. JBJ held its final concert in April 2018 and thereafter disbanded. The disbandment did not come as a surprise given that they were originally intended to be a short-lived project group.

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Homme (2011 – 2018)

Homme was a two-man band that debuted in 2011. The duo comprised of Lee Hyun and Lee Chang-Min and were signed to Big Hit Entertainment. Homme released several singles, one mini-album as well as a full-length album. They also received several awards including the best ballad song at the 2011 KOMCA Music Awards. The duo disbanded in 2018, and Lee Hyun is now pursuing a solo career under Big Hit Entertainment.

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K-pop groups that disbanded in 2018
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Fiestar (2012 – 2018)

Fiestar is another female k-pop group that disbanded in 2018. The 6-member band had released several hit songs such as I Don’t Know, One More and Apple Pie. They also won several awards including best rookie at the 2012 Seoul Success Awards. The group later disbanded in May 2018. The party line was that their contract had expired. It, however, emerged that the ladies were not happy with their slavish contracts.

K-pop groups that disbanded in 2018
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TAHITI (2012 – 2018)

TAHITI was a five-member girl group founded by Dream Star Entertainment in July 2012. The group made their debut with a reality-style TV show before going on to drop several EPs and singles. The ladies and their management later reached a mutual agreement to part ways on the sixth anniversary of the band’s existence.

K-pop groups that disbanded in 2018
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1NB (2017 – 2018)

1NB (1 New Best) was a k-pop group which were renowned for their horror concepts. Signed to Trivus Entertainment, the girl band comprised of five members namely Jayeon, Leeda, Shin Hye, Hajung and So Jung. 1NB managed to drop two singles before disbanding in April 2018. The members stated that they were still signed to Trivus but would now concentrate on solo work.

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BESTie (2013 – 2018)

BESTie is another k-pop group that disbanded in 2018. The girl group comprised four members namely Hyeyeon, Uji, Dhaye and Haeryung. They released some decent tracks including Pita Pat, Thank You Very Much and Hot Body. The group however suffered a setback after lead vocalist, Uji, and lead dancer, Dahye, left in September 2017. Hyeyeon also followed suit in 2018. The group naturally disbanded after that last departure.

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K-pop groups that disbanded in 2018
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Boys Republic (2013 – 2018)

Boys Republic was truly one of the most successful bands in the k-pop world. They not only dropped several chart-topping singles but won several accolades. The band also toured various parts of the world and received endorsement deals from several brands. Boys Republic sadly announced their indefinite hiatus in September 2018. No reason has been given for this decision.

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K-pop groups that disbanded in 2018
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Secret (2009 – 2018)

Secret is a defunct k-pop band which were renowned for their retro style. Formed in 2009, the girl group comprised of four members. They dropped several hit singles, including Shy Boy, Starlight, Moonlight, Magic and Madonna, and also won many awards. There was however legal disputes with their management company as the ladies alleged that they were not being paid. The group eventually fell apart in 2018.

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Uni T (February 2018 – October 2018)

Uni T is another k-pop group that disbanded in 2018. The short-lived band comprised of nine female members. They debuted their first EP, Line, in May 2018. They followed it up with the ironically-titled sophomore EP, Begin with the End, in September 2018. The group subsequently disbanded on the 12th of October 2018.

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