10 Must Know Rules Of Target World For First Time Visitors

Target World has been operational for almost 35 years now, offering both shooting ranges to practice with firearms and gun stores to purchase your preferred firearm at.

Their goal is to provide a safe environment for shooters to sharpen their skills along with a store for all your shooting and gun-related needs. They have a state of the art shooting facility with climate control that keeps the range nice and cool in the summertime and warm in cold weather months. They also offer a wide variety of resources that cater to every type of shooter whether beginners or experts at the game.

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In their gun stores, one can find a  wide and reliable selection of pistols, shotguns, rifles and everything in between. They not only provide the shooting range to practice but also have firearms training available for shooters of all levels and background.

The staffs who are experts are able to tailor lessons to fit the needs of customers whether they be first time shooters who are looking to target shoot or already experienced gun owners looking to practice their skills on the next level.

target world

Anyone in the market for a shooting range with 12 25-yard indoor handgun lanes and 10 25-yard rifle lanes will find that provided at Target World along with all the target practice that they will need to hone their skills in a safe environment.


As with almost every establishment, Target World has some rules that guide range users and make the shooting range and gun stores safe for every potential user.

Here are 10 important rules and shooting range etiquette guidelines at Target World:

Signing In:

All potential customers who enter Target World Inc. are expected to check in at the counter where they will then fill out paperwork before they can use the range. As a first timer at Target World Inc., the customer would be required to fill out a one-time insurance form.

Sign The Waiver:

To ensure your safety, read all of the range rules and sign the liability waiver.

Age requirements:

Shooters looking to use the shooting range must be 21 years or older to use the range individually. Shooters who are aged between 12 and 20 years would be required to shoot under the constant supervision of their legal parent or guardian in the same lane. In case it bears mentioning, people under the age of 12 are not expected to use the range or engage in shooting of any type.

Firearm use:

At the shooting range, shooters are expected to use only permitted firearms and ammunition ONLY which means that no steel ammo, bird or buck shot, or tracer rounds are allowed. You should not handle guns unless you are at the firing line (inside the booth in front of the red line) and must always treat every gun as a loaded gun. Guns should never be pointed at anything you do not want to shoot and so always keep the muzzle pointed downrange at all times. NO rapid firing or holster drawing!

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Wear Protection:

Bring ear and eye protection, or use the available protection at the range to keep your sight and hearing safe.

Renting guns:

To rent a gun you must be 21 years old and above and you should not remove your gun from the basket until at you’re in your lane at the firing line. When you are done, place the gun back in the basket with chamber flag in the gun at the firing line. If any problem with the gun occurs at the firing line, place it down on booth tray in your lane, pointed downrange, and come see a Rangemaster.

Be Legal:

If you are older than the age of 18, you must not have any legal restrictions on using or owning a firearm as mentioned before, those under the age of 18 must be accompanied by a legal guardian at all times. Obey all directives from the Rangemasters.

target world

Target rules:

You should hang your target between orange lines so that your bullet path will enter the trap between the orange lines and then you should not shoot above or below the orange lines, any range damage will be subject to additional fees. You are required to place one target at a time on the cardboard.

Clean up:

When you are done, clean up your brass. Although this is necessary, do not cross the yellow line – you may either pick up and remove your brass or use the squeegee to sweep it beyond the yellow line (downrange). Then, remove all empty boxes and used targets from your booth/cardboard and place it in the wastebasket.

Check Out:

When your range time is up, check out at the counter.