10 Types Of Boyfriends That Can Never Be Faithful To You

This article intends to showcase the types of boyfriends that will always cheat on you. Normally, when it comes to infidelity, two related excuses will be given. The first explanation is probably the most commonly known: Partners cheat because of problems in their relationship which is because something is just not there anymore, might be that the initial passion has faded, partners now feel lonely, or one or both partners have found someone who treats them better or who appreciates them more than their current significant other.

While the other explanation borders on the fact that they are only “human” and as such aren’t perfect. However, this list of boyfriends that are likely to cheat on you gives you the insight to spot unfaithful boyfriends just in time.

Although you might skip some, you really need to do the needful when you notice any foul play in your relationship especially when is becoming alarming. Honestly, there are some brilliant, handsome, sweet guys out there, who can’t just wait to sweep you off your feet. So why waste time? You deserve a better treat!

1. The one who gets angry and feels you are cheating on him when you speak with other guys


If he always checks your call logs, your messages, your emails, and always wants to have the slightest idea of your life’s every last detail, watch it, sister, he might be a cheater! Odds are, that he’s not free of the same act. He could be doing so behind your back and pictures you to be doing the same out of guilt. So whenever he starts being a monitoring spirit, it is possible that he is either distracting you from ever knowing his hands are also dented by the same act, or he is scared you might be fooling him as he is.

2. The one who is annoyingly secretive about every little detail


Okay, some guys might need you to not tamper with their privacy or their personal life, but being unnecessarily secretive is somewhat over the board. It is one thing to want your private life and space secured, but it’s another to be defensive and on your guard all the time. If you always get “mind your business” or “I don’t know” for an answer each time you ask these simplest questions as “what’s up?” or “where are you?”, you shouldn’t take it for a joke, really, you have something to worry about. And if he likes it when you stay in your lane, he might be masking a lot from you, so find out what!

3. The guy who is going out with you only because you are beautiful


For this kind of guy, winning you was more of a target or conquest for him more than real love. Now that he is with you, he no longer cares! You have turned into nothing more than an conquered territory and you can be assured he is hunting for the next in line lady already. If he changes and no longer does things that would buy your laughter, he probably buying out someone else’s laughter. So when he no longer concerned about your happiness, please don’t stick around because he might be cheating already.

4. The one who acts like you are a total stranger or acts like he is just your friend in public.

If he does not want people to know about your relationship just yet and you have known him for some time, what might his reasons be? And if he does not come clean in the presence of friends, and often introduces you as a friend…you are so in a wrong relationship. How about if he does not speak to you right as a lady and you hardly go out on a date with him because he is an indoor person, wake up sister, he might be hiding from something. He always hides you from everybody that knows him and never gets to address you as his lady, there is a huge reason behind the scene. Find out while you can.

5. The guy who appears to be closer to your girlfriends than he is to you


If you barely keep in touch with your girlfriend and as such know little about the latest details in her life, while he knows much about her, could he be helping you to keep up with your friend? And again, when you can’t say for sure where your best friend was last night, yet somehow he is aware of the exact thing she did and exact place she was, down to the very last detail. It is time to pay attention to where he is going and who he is seeing.

6. The one who just wouldn’t give up on his “harmless flirting” with other girls.


This kind of guy lets people know he is in a relationship, but he never stops going after other girls. If he’s flirting away with no respect for you, you’re probably dating the wrong kind of guy. It is possible he is no longer happy with you but don’t know how to tell you off because many people already know about you two. He is only being with you because you two have come a long way and since he is not happy in the relationship anymore, he finds it elsewhere while letting you answer his.

7. The one who never lets go of the opportunity to abuse you.

You think he’s been too mad at you or has started hating on you for nothing. Thoughts like maybe he is tired, may not keep looming over your head. You might even think he just can’t wait to be out of the relationship, but odds are, he’s using the petty fights as an excuse to go out there and spend some real-time with his other girl. Just maybe he puts up fights to be miles away from suspicion especially when he goes out there to be in the arms and warmth of another lady.

8. The one who never allows you to go out with his friends or family.


When your boyfriend gets angry when you spend little time talking to his friend or family it is possible he has a huge bone in his cupboard. And what if he is not comfortable leaving you with his friend or family like there is something he is hiding from your grip. Well, know that he might be two-timing you with a girl who his friends are more familiar with.

9. That guy who emotionally manipulates you almost all the time.


If your relationship now weighs in more on what your guy wants more than what you want because he is being a man, wake up darling, he is certainly robbing you of your right to speak up about his cheating attitude. If the entire activities in your relationship are lately less about your happiness and more about what your guy wants from you, if have to watch it. He asks you to run his chores, follow-up on all his work while he is away and that makes you feel special? You even take on some of his professional commitments! Wait a minute and ponder on what has kept him busy all that while?

10. The guy who has cheated before and shamelessly boasts about it.


You felt sorry for him, and you’re convinced that things will be different this time. Unfortunately, though, your love can’t change a person and make them what they are not. Habitual cheaters will remain that way, no matter what you do.

Have you had any experience with any of the above kind of guys? Share them with us in the comment section below, but most importantly, know that these types of boyfriends can never be faithful you and if you are trying to make him, you are fighting for a lost cause.

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