Mugabe At 93: ZANU-PF To Slaughter 150 Cattle For This Year’s Bash

As Robert Mugabe’s 93rd birthday draws near, his supporters are urging the public to donate at least 150 cattle to celebrate the nonagenarian’s birthday.

Mugabe who has been in power since 1980– Zimbabwe’s independence from Britain turns 93 on February 21. Mugabe’s lavish birthday parties which usually cost thousands and millions of dollars have been criticised for being insensitive to current economic trends in the country.

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The state-owned Herald published that the organizers of this year’s birthday–the 21st February Movement– are looking to raise 150 cattle for Mugabe. The cattle is supposed to feed about 100,000 guests at the birthday party.

Never Khanye, a ZANU-PF MP stated that the cattle for Mugabe are meant to be largely voluntary, but large-scale farmers in Matabeleland South, the venue of the party must donate a cow each.

“We have set a target to raise 150 cattle for the event. We are appealing to well-wishers to do so willingly and not to come again tomorrow and say we were forced.

“All A2 farmers who got offer letters must donate a beast each for this event and those that will fail we will take it that they don’t appreciate what the president has done for them,” Khanye reportedly said.

Last month, the leader of the ZANU-PF youth league, Kudzai Chipanga urged Zimbabweans to revere Mugabe’s birthday as Christians revere December 25.

“I don’t want to be blasphemous, but in my humble view, President Mugabe is second to Jesus Christ. He is our saviour, so his birthday means a lot for us the youths of Zimbabwe, ” Chipanga said.

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He went further to chastise Zimbabweans for using Mugabe’s old age to discredit his ability to rule. He said that Mugabe being old benefits Zimbabweans as the long-time ruler will lead with “divine wisdom”.