18 Astounding and Mind Blowing Facts About Twins You Never Knew

Twins are two offspring produced by the same pregnancy. Twins can either be monozygotic (identical), meaning that they can develop from just one zygote that will then split and form two embryos, or dizygotic (fraternal), meaning that they can develop from two different eggs, each are fertilized by separate sperm cells. Twins are really amazing double bundle of joy. A lot of people dream to have twins because of the amazing and intriguing things they are known for. On the other hand, others do not as a result the extra stress and labour. All the same, we cannot deny the fact that having a twin is a really amazing thing. There are a lot of things you’ve never discovered about twins. This article will open your eyes to at least 18 Fascinating and astounding facts about twins.

1. Do You Know That A Set of Twins Can Be of Different Biological Fathers and Races?

Before you shout, this is absolutely possible in the case of fraternal twins. Though it is a very rare occurrence, but it happens when two eggs released from a woman’s ovaries are fertilized by two different men, especially when the lady has more than one sexual partner. Since the ova has the ability to survive few days after release from the ovary, they can possibly be fertilized by two different sperm cells from two different men on two different consecutive occasions of sexual intercourse. Another striking point to make here is that if the two fathers happen to come from different races, the twins will also be of differing races. Check out the twin below…a typical example!


2. One of a Twin can significantly outgrow the other

Though this could raise some alarm or anxiety, especially in the mother. But it has been discovered on several occasions that both survived and carried on well to adulthood, though the favored twin on most occasions remain bigger than the other. In fact I have a friend who happened to be a victim of such. She is a twin, and was so small at birth that her mum thought she gave birth to a baby and a rat! Check out the photo below, one baby is about three times bigger than the other.


3. No Matter how Identical, Twins do not have the same Finger Print

No two individuals ever have the same finger prints. It is one of the most unique ways to tell between two different human beings even when they are the most identical twins ever.


4. Have you  heard? Trained Sniffer Dogs Can Identify Identical Twins!

In case you come across people who are having serious trouble differentiating between a set of identical twins. Suggest the employment of the services of a sniffer dog, it will help.