18 Astounding and Mind Blowing Facts About Twins You Never Knew

Twins are two offspring produced by the same pregnancy. Twins can either be monozygotic (identical), meaning that they can develop from just one zygote that will then split and form two embryos, or dizygotic (fraternal), meaning that they can develop from two different eggs, each are fertilized by separate sperm cells. Twins are really amazing double bundle of joy. A lot of people dream to have twins because of the amazing and intriguing things they are known for. On the other hand, others do not as a result the extra stress and labour. All the same, we cannot deny the fact that having a twin is a really amazing thing. There are a lot of things you’ve never discovered about twins. This article will open your eyes to at least 18 Fascinating and astounding facts about twins.

1. Do You Know That A Set of Twins Can Be of Different Biological Fathers and Races?

Before you shout, this is absolutely possible in the case of fraternal twins. Though it is a very rare occurrence, but it happens when two eggs released from a woman’s ovaries are fertilized by sperm cells of two different men, especially when the lady has more than one sexual partner. Since the ova has the ability to survive few days after release from the ovary, they can possibly be fertilized by two different sperm cells from two different men on two different consecutive occasions of sexual intercourse. Another striking point to make here is that if the two fathers happen to come from different races, the twins will also be of differing races. Check out the twin below…a typical example!


2. One of a Twin can significantly outgrow the other

Though this could raise some alarm or anxiety, especially in the mother. But it has been discovered on several occasions that both survived and carried on well to adulthood, though the favored twin on most occasions remain bigger than the other. In fact I have a friend who happened to be a victim of such. She is a twin, and was so small at birth that her mum thought she gave birth to a baby and a rat! Check out the photo below, one baby is about three times bigger than the other.


3. No Matter how Identical, Twins do not have the same Finger Prints

No two individuals ever have the same finger prints. It is one of the most unique ways to tell between two different human beings even when they are the most identical twins ever.


4. Have you  heard? Trained Sniffer Dogs Can Identify Identical Twins!

In case you come across people who are having serious trouble differentiating between a set of identical twins. Suggest the employment of the services of a sniffer dog, it will help.


5. You Better Pray for Twins Today Because You will Live Longer!

Research has shown that women who gave birth to twins tend to live longer than their counterparts who did not. It is believed that for a woman to be able to give birth to twins, she is generally much more healthy than another woman who did not have twins. See this amazing coincidence of identical twin mothers that gave birth same day, one still gave birth to a twin! Aren’t they looking very healthy?


6. Twins Interact With Each Other in the Womb

Just as twins are very close to each other when they are born, that’s exactly how they were in the womb. The University of Padova recently discovered this. According to their discovery, as early as 14 weeks from conception, twins were seen reaching for each other. Four weeks later, twins in the womb touched each other more often than they touched their own bodies. The twins were gentle to each other and made distinct gestures towards each other. But I do not  believe they talked…


7. Siamese Twins Can Hear each other’s thoughts and See through each other’s eyes!

Siamese twins is another name for co-joined twins. This happens mostly when they are joined in the head. Though nobody prays for this, but this is also one of the things you should know about twins.


8. Identical Twins Give Birth to Siblings Who Are at the same time Cousins! Check out how….

This happens when a set of identical twins marry another set of identical twins. Their children will officially be cousins but biologically, they are actually siblings. This is because two children are genetic siblings if the chromosomes both children received were derived from the same pool. Since the genetic pool of identical twins are identical, these two sets of parents would produce children from identical pools.


9. Another Way to tell between Identical Twins is their Navel (Belly Buttons)

Just as with finger prints, no two human beings have the same pattern of scar after the healing of the cut umbilical cord, (belly button). So is the case with Identical twins. Their individual navels heal in different and unique ways creating another means of telling them apart, especially when they are still very young and much more identical.


10. Dreaming of having Twins? then you’ve got take more Dairy products

It has been discovered scientifically that mothers who take in a lot of milk and other dairy products stand better chances of giving birth to twins than their counterparts who don’t – the difference is about a ratio of 5:1. This is because cows, like humans, also produce IGF and release it into their milk, which the women consume. This could also be related to the belief that taller women stand more chances of giving birth to twins than the short or average ones. But don’t forget that too much milk consumption is not ideal for an adult.


11. Body temperature Adjustment

The body of a twin mother has the ability to naturally and automatically adjust to varying degrees of temperature to suit the needs of each twin whenever she is carrying them. This happens most when she is breastfeeding them.


12. Maybe you’ve noticed – Twins are more likely to be left-handed than single babies

It has been noticed that left-handedness is more common among twins than it is with single children. I know of one my self. It hasn’t yet been discovered why it is so.


13. Though a set of Twins grew up apart, they maintain highly similar behaviours

Twins have the ability to still behave in stunningly similar ways when they grow up even if they were separated at birth. On several occasions, it has been noticed, they grew up to love the same career, pets, colours, etc. For instance, Jim Lewis and Jim Springer were four weeks old when they were separated, with each of the twins going to different adoptive families. It was later discovered that their lives shared some truly remarkable similarities. Both had a dog named Toy as kids. Both married twice, first to women named Linda and second to women named Betty!


14. Twins invent their own Language

A majority of twins develop a unique language of interaction between each other right before they acquire their first language. They can understand each other’s blabbing and gestures and interact freely in their own world before they learn how to speak. This could really be thrilling and amazing if you get an opportunity to observe a set of twins doing it.


15. A Fraternal Twin will likely give birth to a Fraternal set of Twins

If a mother is a non-identical twin, there’s every possibility that if she gives birth to a set of twins, they’ll equally be non-identical. Also, if she had given birth to fraternal twins earlier, she may not give birth to identical again but only fraternal. All the same, it is not an absolute rule.


16. Twins Can be born in two different Years

So many people think that a set of twins must be given birth to the same day but this is not always the case. It is this belief that make people have the impression that all twins are of the same age and share the same birth days. Some twins are born apart with the time difference ranging from days to months. Records have shown that some twins were born about 85-87 days apart which is approximately 3 months gap. And the most striking thing here is that if the first happened to be born towards the end of a year, the other will eventually be born the next year! This was the case of a 41-year-old Romanian woman who gave birth to her first daughter in November 2014, but the other was born seven weeks later in January 2015. In the photo below, the twin boys, Alexandre and Ronaldo were born 24 days apart.


17. A set of twins make a good pair of Mischief-makers

Having a set of twins in the house can really be tasking, especially the identical ones. It does not matter their age. Once they are up to some kind of mischief, it’s always difficult to notice on time or to stop them. They could keep on committing one atrocity or the other and playing pranks on people by shifting the blame between one another. And on several occasions, when the real culprit could not be identified, both are allowed to go scott free. If care is not taken, they could even grow up to become deadly crooks.


18. Central Africans Give Birth to Twins The Most

When it comes to having twins, not all regions are created equal. Central Africa snags the record for the highest twin birthrate, while Asia and Latin America have much lower rates of twinning, according to a new international study and global twins database. According to same study, the central African country of Benin has the highest national average of twinning, with a whopping 27.9 twins per 1,000 births.


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