Mama Esifiho is a 191-year-old Isoko woman from Delta state in Nigeria; she precisely lives in Edhemoko Akaluba street, in Ellu Local Government. It is a fact that many old people in Africa who are not even as old as Mama Esifiho, have no knowledge of their birth records, thus the difficulty in estimating their ages with historical events, things and persons that existed at the time. It is from a reliable source that Mama as a matter of fact is acknowledged as the oldest in Ellu community which is inhabited by well over 10,000 people. Ellu community was founded in the 18th century, in other words, by simple arithmetic, Mama Esifiho is just as old if not older.

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From the scriptures to African culture and traditions, old age is a blessing. Living to see your children, grand children, great grand children and in this particular case, great great grand children is best described as a cup of an overflowing blessing. Information obtained from Mama Esifiho’s grandson, Mr.Avuefeyen, strongly implies that it is possible that Africa might be looking at one of her oldest or better put, the oldest person to be publicly known at the moment.



Mama is incredibly old but looks absolutely gorgeous for her age I must say. In a time when both young, old and even babies lose their lives in an alarming high frequency, Mama’s life is indeed good news. Makes one wonder which times is the best? then or now?

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