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When the 1Team debuted in March 2009, it was yet another remarkable addition to the K-pop genre of South Korean music. The South Korean boy group was formed under Liveworks Company and consists of five members, as of this writing. They debuted with the release of their sensational album, Hello, on March 27, 2019. Hello, as it was rightly titled, introduced the group to a waiting Korean and non-Korean audience and also sent shockwaves throughout the Korean music realm.

The album peaked at #23 on the Korean music charts and made over 4,000 sales. As the group gears up for its next release due in November 2019, it will be their third album within eight months of existence. You may be wondering, who are the faces behind these voices. If those are your thoughts, then this piece holds your answer. We walk you through the profile of the five 1Team members and other quick facts you need to know. Enjoy!

1Team Members Profile


1TEAM Rubin

Born on August 16, 1995, Rubin (birth name: Lee Hae-Joon) is a South Korean singer whose public musical stint dates back to 2017 when he joined his first idol reality survival show BOYS24. He was also a member of the group, BOYS24, before their debut. Although Rubin was a member of the show’s Red Unit, he failed to make it into the top ranks and was eliminated by fans vote.

Nevertheless, Rubin parleyed his popularity on the show to join another idol reality survival show in October 2017, MIXNINE, where he made it to the top 9 ranks with plans to debut into a new boy group. For reasons we’re yet to know, MIXNINE’s debut was canceled. It is believed that the decision to cancel stemmed from disagreements concerning contract lengths between YG and the individual companies of the trainees. In December of the following year 2018, Rubin was unveiled as the lead vocalist of the five-member, boys-only group, 1TEAM.



BC was born—Jin Sung-ho—July 18, 1994. It is believed that BC stands for the initials of his other names, Bryan Chin. He debuted in 2013 under the stage name Ra.E. Then, he was part of the all-boys group I-REX signed under Tarzan Entertainment. I-REX had a lot going on at the time it was newly formed and even released its debut album, Rush To The Top, which became its only album released before disbandment in 2014. In 2017, BC contested alongside Rubin on the idol reality survival show, BOYS24, and like Rubin, he was also a member of the pre-debut boy group.

Results from fans’ vote put BC as one of the nine finalists on the boy group. BC later left the group owing to opposing musical points of view. Like Rubin, BC also appeared on MIXNINE and emerged in 15th place when he got eliminated in the 13th episode of the show. On December 17, 2018, he was introduced as a rapper on the boys-only group TEAM LWZ (later known as 1TEAM).



Jinwoo is a vocalist who, on December 17, 2018, got introduced as a member of the then-upcoming boy group TEAM LWZ (now 1TEAM). The singer was born on February 20, 1996, and officially debuted with 1TEAM on March 27, 2019; when the group released its first mini-album, Hello!

Je Hyun

Je Hyun

Je Hyun is the stage name of the South Korean singer, Moon Je-Hyun, who is signed under Liveworks Company. Before he was introduced as a member of the boy group, 1TEAM, Jehyun hasn’t been on any known musical band. His first credited release was with the group on the unveiling of their first mini-album, Hello, in March 2019. Je Hyun also worked with fellow group members in the release of their second album Just, in July 2019, and will feature in their soon-to-be-released album in November 2019.



Lee Jung-hoon is a South Korean rapper who goes by the stage name Junghoon. Born on June 4, 2000, Junghoon remains the youngest member of the quintet. Alongside his four counterparts, Liveworks Company announced him as part of 1TEAM on December 17, 2018. Junghoon officially debuted with the group on the release of its first mini-album, Hello, on March 27, 2019.

1Team’s Discography

Since 1TEAM came on the scene in December 2018, the group has done incredibly well in putting out two major hits, with each one doing better than the former. So far, they have released two mini-albums with the third coming in November 2019. Here are a few details on each.

1. Their first release titled Hello came on March 27, 2019 under the Live Works Company, Kakao M. It was released in CD, digital download format and was even available for online streaming on platforms such as Spotify. The album pegged at #23 on the Korean peak chart and sold over 4,343.

2. The second was released on July 11, 2019, and was an instant success. It came on CD but is also available in digital download format and online streaming platforms. It peaked at #21 on the peak chart and sold over 5,000.

3. Their third album is expected to drop on November 6, 2019.

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Quick Facts About 1Team

1. Music Genre: Although their music sounds so much as pop, it isn’t. 1TEAM is propagating a relatively musical genre known as K-pop. K-pop is a musical genre peculiar to South Korean which sprung up in early 2000.

2. Origins: The group is currently based in Seoul, South Korea and operates from there.

3. Social Media Presence: Although all group members are active on social media, the 1TEAM group runs an Instagram account that has a following of 58.2k followers. On Twitter, the group commands a following of over 42.3k.


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