30 Cheesy One Liners That Will Have You In Tears

The best way to start a conversation with a stranger is by telling one liners. This way, you get to capture the attention of the person, whether it’s a girl or boy or a group of people. A good one liner leaves the recipient wondering how good your imagination is, thereby creating room for further conversations that could lead anywhere you want to take it.

Good one liners are the perfect ice breakers to make a memorable first impression. Unfortunately, it could also be a tell-tale sign for your bad taste in jokes and humor.

One liners can turn a first encounter into something wonderful that could grow into a lasting, valuable friendship or partnership. However, it could also be a recipe for disaster and an embarrassment for everyone involved, further scarring the initiator while giving them social anxiety.

It is best to know the best one liners to use and we have come to your aid here. Below is a list of ice breakers that can get the conversation going. But since you know comedy is subjective, we are not responsible for your failures. Good luck!

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List Of One Liners

  1. If I had a dollar for every girl that found me unattractive, they would eventually find me attractive.
  2. Q: What do you call the security outside of a Samsung Store? A: Guardians of the Galaxy.
  3. You know you’re ugly when it comes to a group picture and they hand you the camera.
  4. Just read that 4,153,237 people got married last year, not to cause any trouble but shouldn’t that be an even number?
  5. Relationships are a lot like algebra. Have you ever looked at your X and wondered Y?
  6. Strong people don’t put others down. They lift them up and slam them on the ground for maximum damage.
  7. It’s amazing how a person can compliment and insult you at the same time. Recently, when I greeted my coworker, she said, “You look so gorgeous, I didn’t recognize you.”
  8. Life is like toilet paper, you’re either on a roll or taking shit from some asshole.
  9. Today a man knocked on my door and asked for a small donation towards the local swimming pool. I gave him a glass of water.
  10. Why doesn’t Mexico have an Olympic team? Because everybody who can run, jump and swim are already in the U.S.
  11. Moses was leading his people through the desert for 40 years. It seems, even in Biblical times, men avoided asking the way.
  12. How does Moses make his coffee? – Hebrews it.
  13. When my boss asked me who is the stupid one, me or him? I told him everyone knows he doesn’t hire stupid people.
  14. Teamwork is important; it helps to put the blame on someone else.
  15. My Dad used to say ‘always fight fire with fire’, which is probably why he got thrown out of the fire brigade.
  16. Regular naps prevent old age, especially if you take them while driving.
  17. Alcohol is a perfect solvent: It dissolves marriages, families and careers.
  18. I hate people who use big words just to make themselves look perspicacious.
  19. My wife told me: ‘Sex is better on holiday.’ That wasn’t a very nice postcard to receive.
  20. Jesus said to John, “Come forth, and you will receive eternal life.” But John came fifth and won a toaster.
  21. I need a girl’s opinion about something I was just discussing with a friend who broke up with his girlfriend. He made out with another woman straight after his relationship break up. Is he a jerk?
  22. Who lies more: men or women?
  23. Is it wrong to break up with a text message?
  24. I want a man’s/woman’s perspective on this. I was just talking to a friend who broke up. His girlfriend keeps calling. Why does she do it?
  25. You caught my attention because you’re cute so I had to come talk to you.
  26. Can I help you?
  27. Hmm, are you friendly?
  28. My mum says never to talk to strangers, but you don’t look like a stalker, or like you’d kidnap me. Would you?
  29. Are you alright?
  30. That’s a great shirt you have on. Could you tell me how I might get it for a friend?
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