20 Golden Signs That You Are No Spring Chicken

Each birthday is a reminder that you have been given yet another beginning; a mark that you are gaining more than you did in the wisdom department. Growing is not just about adding years and getting bigger than you were, or advancing in education. They all contribute but not in the full sense of it. As a child, birthdays are special days you just can’t wait to come, so you can dance, have some ice cream, cakes and receive presents from loved ones. However, as you grow, you automatically stop wanting Barbie dolls and truck toys. There are not just physiological changes but psycho changes too. There are times birthdays become serious points of reflection and evaluation of your life. If at the age of 40, you throw tantrums over every little thing, then something is obviously amiss. That means someone is not and has clearly not been living the real age.

20. Initial Denial


First off, you begin to have funny signs- physical, biological and psychological- but you don’t want to believe it’s just about that time to put on the grey cap. You are religiously spending a fortune on anti-aging creams but the wrinkles and stretch marks just won’t budge. Don’t fight it, embrace it. I guess they lied when they said 30 is the new 20. The best you can do is to retreat, evaluate and accept the current phase of your life. It’s not a death sentence, it’s golden and beautiful. Maybe taking the statistics of mortality rate in your community will give you a reason to be thankful.

19. More Intuitive


You sincerely do not feel the external  energy anymore and find yourself giving more of the follow your heart advise. You find that you are calmer and keener on issues, from politics, to religion to pretty much everything about life. You sleep over issues before giving a concrete answer; apparently not as spontaneous as you used to be. The new intuitive trait gives you an opportunity to effectively practice the virtue of patience. Following your instincts might have never been your strong points, but now that’s the only way to be. You see beyond the eyes and hear beyond the ears.

18. “Good Old Days”


It is true that some adults sometimes  act like they missed out on their childhood but that is not always so. When you are getting older you tend to appreciate the good old days but not to the point of dressing like a 30 going on 13. That would give an awful taste. I haven’t yet seen any Grandma who says the “good old days” were not better than now. In any case, I dare to say that what makes your good old days worth it are the memories of a life well spent, a fulfilled life;  not necessarily the economic status of the society. If that were so, then a lot of people would clearly not have anything good about their days when it gets to their turn to use the perfect  and proper ‘good old days’ cliché.

17. Best Bed Time Story-Teller

A bedtime story --- Image by © Royalty-Free/Corbis

If it gets to that time when you are the best bed time story-teller, then someone is warming up for more grey hairs. In many parts of the world, grand parents carry out the role more often. They have a thousand and one folklore and cool animal stories to tell you.  Some how you just know the trick in telling a pictorial and believable story, enough to get the children either excited or quiet and yawning. You also know some amazing stories about traditions, family secrets and values; you are now the ‘go-to’ historian in the home.

16. Subtle Becomes The New Confident

Older woman having cup of coffee. Image shot 2011. Exact date unknown.

Welcome to the other side of the coin, when bright colors which used to make you bold and delightful becomes noisy and actually blinding. When you are getting older, too much all of a sudden becomes too little, contrary to the youthful concept of being assertive. The society actually teaches you to show off what you got- your skills, talent, intelligence, physical beauty. Showcasing these attributes are expected to get you some sort of better spot in life. You use what you have to get what you want or need and I mean that in the most positive way possible. Every given chance is an opportunity to show off what you are made of. However the clock ticks and things no longer feel the same. You find more value on the inside than the outside. The funky hair style/cut you used to love suddenly becomes belittling and probably distracting in your perspective. You know your worth and that’s it, whether anyone notices or not does not disturb you. Your are super cool with yourself.

 15. You Act Like ‘You Know’

old teaches young

One beautiful thing about getting older is that you tend to effortlessly strike a balance between your emotion and reason- the head and heart tend to harmonize into one wholesome agreement. As much as your sentiments come into play, you know when to draw the line between what is needed and what actually isn’t. At a younger age, your feelings tend to call the shots, “I don’t feel like doing this”, “I want burger” but when you are older you go ” I know I have to do this”, “I like burger but I don’t want it because it gives me gas”. Your nephew thinks you are the coolest and smartest man alive because you have all the tips to be cool and all the wisdom to be successful. All thanks to your bright and dull experiences; all the “had I known” moments.

14. You Become Self-Compassionate

self compassion

This is where you say no to pressure; let go of past mistakes and finally see the hidden lessons and treasure they have become. Dancing to the tune of the latest trends becomes absolutely childish and unnecessary. Some how you have begun to tap into the peace within you- accepting yourself for who you are. You cannot be nagged or lured into something that obviously does not do you any good. You just don’t care what anybody thinks about what you say or how you decide to look. You clean up the closet and accept life and yourself just the way you are. Old people have the trick to anti- depression.

13. Look Who’s Blunt


At an older age, most expressions are spared and pondered in the heart; or communicated non-verbally. But the deal is that if it needs to be said, then it will be said, if not don’t bring it up. Grey hair in some traditions signifies not just wisdom but truthfulness. It is expected that the older you get, the less lies you tell or rather the less pretenses you accommodate. You practically become anti-hypocritical- a spade is a spade and not a garden tool per say. There is no time or need to sugar coat any matter or mistake a flimsy excuse for a fact. It is what it is, and if you must tell it, then tell it like it is, period.

12. Simple Things Begin To Make Sense Again


Simplicity becomes the latest sophistication in town. From the blues, you find reasons to drop all complications and adopt a simpler pattern of living. Flowers become beautiful again and cartoon characters become philosophical and mental teasers. There’s always a God-knows-why reason why every little occasion demands a ceremony. A routine family and friends get together is definitely not a bad idea. You know the Dolly Patton’s Coat of many color songs- every stitch is sown with love. And no matter how many designer jackets you have, you just feel super amazing in the hand-knitted master piece, probably from a loved one.

11. Cheapskates Or Just Being Frugal?


Either way, they want a justification for spending as much as you want them to. Old people are the only set of people who can go Scot free without paying a complete bus fare or buy with outrageous discounts. Why? Because they know the value of every penny in the ‘good old days’. Secondly, there’s this attitude that says, “Don’t you get I don’t work anymore?” ” I could be your grandmother’s age you know?” With a nice word (or otherwise) to accompany it, they just overwhelm you. I mean, courtesy demands that you be nice to the elderly, there are blessings attached. And by the way, safe box banking is the best.