20 Highest Paid African Presidents For 2015

Did you know that African leaders are among the highest salary earners in the world? Generally, politicians or those at the hemp of leadership in different countries have varied recipes or ways of making large money in form of benefits, perks and basic salary. Though, some think a lot of world leaders including African leaders should receive incredible salaries for their dedication, perseverance and hard work, some others believe African leaders particularly seem to be earning much for doing nothing. So not only do they conveniently enjoy power, they also enjoy extreme wealth. In actuality, politicians are supposed to be at least fair, objective and fully dedicated to their work of serving their Nation.

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But some of African’s leaders have turned politics into a profitable business rather than being accountable for their actions. They never indulge in thinking globally and acting locally. Politics in Africa is no longer selfless obligation of dragging Africa as a continent into a greater height, but an opportunity to either take part in looting the public funds or enjoy continuous salary hike and other fixed/variable benefits. People no longer join politics in Africa to save their country’s economy or to make a name for themselves instead they do so for “cash. Oh yea!, money is hugely the attraction lately. Politics has so turned into a lucrative career to embark upon so if you are searching for a lucrative career, you better start considering politics.

Well, my only pain here is that today’s African political leaders make huge money in a continent where many live below $2 per day. Read on to see for yourself.

Note: Most of the incomes below represent only their basic salary and as such do not include some of their fixed and variable perks.

Highest Paid African Presidents (Jeune Afrique and MyWage)

20. Robert Mugabe


Robert Mugabe is the current President of Zimbabwe, who has been in power since 31 December 1987. He was elected as Prime Minister, then head of government in 1980, and served in that office until 1987 when he became the country’s first executive head of state. He earns $18,000 every year as his basic salary without considering his other presidential benefits and perks.

19. Peter Mutharika


Peter Mutharika is the current head of state and head of government of Malawi who ousted Joyce Banda. He leads the executive branch of the Government of Malawi and is the commander-in-chief of the Malawian Defence Force. He earns a basic salary of US$ 42,000 p.a which is outside several fixed and variable benefits.

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18. Ali Bongo Ondimba


Ali Bongo Ondimba is the President of Gabon since October 2009.  According to a report by Daily Mail in 2010, he spent a whopping $129 million (£85m) on a lavish townhouse in Paris but his basic salary is at $65,000 per year.

17. Ian Khama


Ian Khama is the president of Botswana who elected in 2008. Ian Khama received a three per cent salary increase in 2012 and now earns $66, 713 per annum without any consideration given to other benefits and perks accruing to his position.