20 Most Shocking Celebrity Breakups, Divorce and Splits in Africa

Marriages or even just the start of a relationship between celebrities are one of the most anticipated things in any place because of the media buzz that usually accompanies them. There is no gainsaying that popular singers, actors, athletes, and other celebrities are loved by many and their fans often look out for when they tie the knot or start dating. Usually, when two celebrities get married or start a relationship, it gets a lot of attention as fans of both lovers keep tabs on the union. However, not all celebrity marriages or relationships end well as many have ended up in breakups and divorces.

In Africa, there have been many instances of celebrity breakups and splits over the years. Some of these breakups shocked people, mainly because no one saw them coming as the couples involved appeared to be very much in love. In no particular order, we present you with some of the most shocking celebrity breakups that rocked the media.

The Celebrity Breakups and Divorces That Got People Talking in Africa

1. Cassper Nyovest and Boity Thulo

Cassper Nyovest and Boity Thulo

The story of how Cassper Nyovest and Boity Thulo fell out is one of South Africa’s most unexpected celebrity breakups. Cassper Nyovest, one of South Africa’s biggest rappers, and Boity Thulo, a South African television personality, used to be one of the hottest celebrity couples in the country. The couple started dating in 2015 and kept their romance low-key for some time before finally announcing that they were together in July the same year.

When they confirmed their romance, the news thrilled fans and social media was agog. However, their romance was very short-lived because just one year later, they parted ways in 2016. Boity announced their breakup during an interview and explained that they had to leave each other because they rarely had time for themselves. She said they were so busy with their individual jobs that it was impossible for them to commit to a romantic relationship.

However, Cassper Nyovest later gave some insight into the real reason why he and Boity Thulo broke up when he released a song titled “I Wasn’t Ready for You” in 2017. In the track, Cassper admitted that he cheated and was disrespectful. He also went on to wish her well in all her future endeavors.

Part of his lyrics went:

“I started giving the side b*tchs your side of the bed. That sh*t was so disrespectful and I don’t have an excuse. I look at myself in the mirror like‚’ Dawg‚ what happened to you?”

2. Davido and Chioma

Celebrity Breakups
Davido and Chioma

World-famous Nigerian singer Davido and Chioma’s relationship made some of the biggest entertainment news headlines across Africa. They were, as a matter of fact, among the most popular celebrity couples in the entertainment industry. Their romance was made even more popular because of Davido’s constant profession of love for Chioma and the way she reciprocated the gesture publicly. This was why their fallout made headlines as one of the most stunning celebrity breakups in Africa.

The couple got together sometime in 2016 after meeting at Babcock University. Their romance waxed strong and they welcomed a son together in 2019. The same year, Davido’s people went to meet Chioma’s family for their introduction. They also got engaged and fans were looking forward to their wedding day. Things, however, turned sour in early 2021 when Davido was caught on camera kissing American Instagram model, Mya Yafai, at a party in the US. The photos went viral, sparking lots of reactions on social media with speculations that Davido and Chioma’s relationship was no more.

The couple did not come out to address the issue but Chioma appeared to confirm their split when she deleted all photos of Davido from her Instagram page soon after the photos of him kissing someone else emerged.

3. Elikem Kumordzie and Pokello

Elikem Kumordzie and Pokello

Elikem Kumordzie and Pokello’s romance was a very interesting one that caught a lot of attention around the African continent. The reason for this was the fact both Elikem and Pokello met as housemates during season 8 of the Big Brother Africa reality show in 2013.

The couple fell in love in the Big Brother Africa House and their romance pleased many fans of the show who felt they made a perfect match. After they both exited the reality show, Elikem Kumordzie and Pokello continued their romance outside with many people rooting for them. It seemed that everything was going really smoothly and the couple proved this by getting married in June 2015 to the huge admiration of their many admirers. The couple soon welcomed a baby girl in 2016. Theirs appeared to be a match made in heaven which was going to stand the test of time.

However, shortly after this, rumors began to spread that the couple had broken up. At first, this was not confirmed as the couple kept mum on the matter. Eventually, by 2017, it was clear that Elikem Kumordzie and Pokello’s romance had hit the rocks, breaking the hearts of their many fans. At this time, the exact reason for their marriage packing up was not established. It was in 2020 that Elikem spoke about the matter. According to him, his marriage folded up because he was too young at the time he tied the knot with Pokello and this affected the way he did things leading to their divorce. He also explained that distance contributed to their fallout because, at a time, they were far apart. He said:

“There was this long period of time where things just went off. She has to be there [Zimbabwe] and I have to be here [Ghana ] and we just fell off”.

4. Ubi Franklin and Lilian Esoro

Celebrity Breakups
Ubi Franklin And Lilian Esoro

Nigerian record label executive Ubi Franklin and Nollywood actress Lilian Esoro are among the celebrities whose love story and breakup stunned many and got tongues wagging. The couple started dating in 2015 after meeting at a mutual friend’s party. Things happened quickly and by the end of the year, they were already married. The wedding was a high-profile and flamboyant one with popular faces in attendance.

In July 2016, the couple welcomed a baby boy named Jayden in America, sparking an outpouring of love from fans. However, shortly after this, in October that same year, rumors began to spread that they had separated. By December, it was clear that their marriage had crashed. They were married for only one year. The couple never spoke plainly about why their marriage crashed but in a 2018 Instagram post, Ubi gave some hint when he wrote:

“When we put up with each other without love, then the result is grudges, resentment, hate, and a general dislike for others.”

Different reasons were given for the split, including that Ubi Franklin was not present enough for Lilian. Other reports cited domestic violence and infidelity as the cause of the breakup. Their divorce lingered for a while but in February 2021, the marriage was officially dissolved by a court.

5. Yvonne Jegede and Olakunle ‘Abounce’ Fawole

Celebrity Breakups
Yvonne Jegede and Olakunle ‘Abounce’ Fawole

Popular Nigerian actress Yvonne Jegede and her actor ex-husband, Olakunle Fawole a.k.a Abounce, caused a stir with their split shortly after they got married. The couple tied the knot as husband and wife in February 2018. Theirs was a simple but classy wedding ceremony. From the onset, it looked as if Jegede and Abounce’s union was made in heaven. However, just months after their wedding, rumors began to spread that all was not well with the marriage.

In November 2018, the couple welcomed their son Xavier but shortly after this, in early 2019, reports emerged that Yvonne Jegede and Abounce were no more together. Yvonne Jegede eventually confirmed this sad development. According to her, they started having issues when she was about three months pregnant and they were never able to resolve their differences until the split. She said:

“We started having issues before the birth of Xavier. I think I was about two to three months pregnant when the issues came. Immediately the issues came, there was never a dull moment, it just kept going up and up and it got worse and it got bad and today here we are.”.

A number of reasons were reported to be the cause of their split, including the fact that Abounce doubted the paternity of their child and suspected she was cheating. However, the actress has strongly denied this, insisting that Xavier is 100% Abounce’s son.

6. Pearl Thusi and Robert Marawa

Pearl Thusi and Robert Marawa

South African actress, model, television host, and radio personality, Pearl Thusi is one of the most famous names in South Africa. The actress started a relationship with South African journalist Robert Marawa in 2015. They tried to hide it away from the public at first but later admitted that they were dating in 2016 and South Africa was agog with the news.

The couple made their first public appearance together at the annual Vodacom July event in 2016 and continued to constantly show each other affection publicly after this. However, in early 2017, reports began to filter in that the much-loved couple was having problems with their relationship and that they were on the verge of separating. The couple quashed this rumor by appearing together on May 20, at Pearl’s birthday party. They seemed very happy together and fans were reassured they were going to stay together for a long time. But this did not continue for long because in July that year, more reports quoting authoritative sources claimed Pearl Thusi and Robert Marawa were fighting a lot and had parted ways. Finally, in August, Marawa confirmed their split in a post he made on Twitter.


7. Blossom Chukwujekwu and Maureen Esisi

Celebrity Breakups
Blossom Chukwujekwu and Maureen Esisi

This is also one of the celebrity breakups that caused a stir in Nigeria. Nigerian actor Blossom Chukwujekwu and skincare entrepreneur Maureen Esisi were once the most favorite couple on social media. In fact, they appeared to be perfectly designed for each other, judging by how sweet they acted towards themselves.

The couple started dating in 2015 and three months later, on September 11, 2015, they got engaged. By December that year, the duo were married. After their wedding, the couple endeared themselves to their fans by posting many loving photos and videos of each other on social media. It was clear that Blossom Chukwujekwu and Maureen Esisi were madly in love. This was why it came as a huge shock when in September 2019 reports emerged that their marriage had crashed.

Both Blossom and Maureen unfollowed each other on social media as more reports poured in on why the marriage of three years crashed. Some of such reports claimed that Blossom was in another relationship with someone else and others claimed that he caught Maureen with another man. However, Maureen has denied all these rumors. While they were together, they had no kid.

In a post she made in 2020, she explained she didn’t see the divorce coming. She wrote:

“Yes, I was the last person to know my marriage was over and no, I didn’t see it coming. Like one day I woke up and viola!!! It was over. E shock me.”

8. Gbenro Ajibade and Osas Ighodaro

Celebrity Breakups
Gbenro Ajibade and Osas Ighodaro

At some point, Gbenro Ajibade, a Nigerian actor, and Osas Ighodaro, a Nigerian American actress and producer, were among the most admired celebrity couples in Nigeria. The way they carried themselves and the love they showed each other was too real to falter and fans referred to what they had as the ideal celebrity marriage. The couple who first met as co-stars of M-Net’s soap opera, Tinsel, dated for about three years before finally tying the knot. During this time, they stunned fans with their sweet dedication to each other.

Gbenro Ajibade and Osas Ighodaro got married in June 2015 in what has been described as a fairytale wedding. As a matter of fact, it was so glamorous that many mouths watered because of it on social media with some calling it the ‘wedding of the year’. Gbenro and Osas’ wedding was such a big deal that it was actually televised live on television. The event, which held in New York, attracted many popular figures. Fans were sure that theirs was a match made in heaven.

In June 2016, the couple welcomed their first baby, a girl. Everything seemed to be working out perfectly. However, nearly three years later, rumors of a problem looming in their marriage began to spread after Gbenro publicly accused his wife of neglecting their child. Gbenro eventually confirmed their divorce in a chat with media personality, Ebuka Obi-Uchendu.

“We are no longer together. We are divorced.” he said.

In November 2019, Gbenro granted another interview saying the crash of his marriage has taught him many valuable lessons and that he has learned a lot from it. He also stated that he will always be there for his daughter. Gbenro and Osas’ fallout is considered one of the most unexpected celebrity breakups out there.

9. AKA and DJ Zinhle

AKA and DJ Zinhle

One of the most recognized rappers from South Africa, AKA used to enjoy a truly glorious romance with DJ Zinhle, a South Africa Disc Jockey. The couple kickstarted their relationship when Zinhle reached out to AKA on Instagram. Interestingly, they started dating in 2012 but only made it known to the public in 2014. The couple won the admiration of many people because of the way they handled their relationship as they very frequently made sure they publicly displayed their affection for each other.

On the 8th of July, 2015, AKA and DJ Zinhle welcomed a baby girl together. At this point, many fans swore the couple was going to spend the rest of their lives together. However, this was not to be as just a few months after the birth of their daughter, they parted ways as lovers. This caused a lot of stir in South Africa because both AKA and DJ Zinhle are very popular personalities and their romance seemed to be a very perfect one. Their split inadvertently got many tongues wagging and came across as one of the unexpected celebrity breakups.

The main cause of the breakup was revealed to be infidelity as DJ Zinhle had accused AKA of cheating on her with popular South African television presenter, Bonang Matheba. Talking about her breakup afterward, Zinhle explained that her relationship with AKA was still fine even after their breakup. She said:

“Kiernan, my mom and I, everyone is just getting along. Our break-up hasn’t broken up the family. It doesn’t have to be a romantic relationship to make a family work and that is what we are trying to do now.”

10. Mofe Duncan and Jessica Kakkad

Celebrity Breakups
Mofe Duncan and Jessica Kakkad

Popular Nigerian actor and TV host Mofe Duncan and Jessica Kakkad, a skincare entrepreneur, tied the knot as husband and wife in August 2015. The couple’s wedding caused a stir on social media and their wedding hashtag, #MOjess2015 trended on Twitter and Instagram with photos of the couple in their wedding outfit floating all over the place. They looked as if they had it all together and were going to last forever as a couple.

Duncan and Kakkad were fond of posting each other’s photos on social media following their wedding as they showered each other with sweet words of admiration. They also celebrated their anniversaries online with loving words expressing their deep affection for themselves. However, they soon started having problems and in 2019, reports emerged that they had gone their separate ways.

The reports of their separation caused a stir online as fans were shocked about the development. Kakkad confirmed the split during an InstaStories questions and answers session with her fans. On his part, Mofe Duncan confirmed the split in an Instagram post and even explained that the marriage had been over for a whole year already. In 2020, Duncan hinted at why his marriage crashed while answering questions from fans on Instagram. He insinuated that his wife may have stopped wanting the relationship. He wrote:

“You cannot dance with someone who doesn’t want to dance, no matter how you try.”

11. Damilola Adegbite and Chris Attoh

Celebrity Breakups
Damilola Adegbite and Chris Attoh

Ghanaian actor Chris Attoh and Damilola Adegbite, a Nigerian actress, model, and television personality, used to be a really adorable couple who caught the attention of many people with their love. As if to assert the true extent of their love, the couple tied the knot as husband and wife on Valentine’s Day – February 14, 2015. The wedding held at La Villa Boutique Hotel in Accra, Ghana, and was the talk of the town. It was described by many as a fairytale union because of the fact that both Adegbite and Attoh are actors and so would understand each other perfectly. It was hoped that this understanding would help them keep their marriage alive.

However, in 2017, rumors began to spread across entertainment media that the couple was having problems in their marriage. These rumors were not confirmed because both actors refused to comment on them. However, it was clear that something was amiss especially because of the way they stopped their usual show of affection for each other on social media. Eventually, Chris Attoh confirmed the sad development, revealing that he and his ex-wife would forever remain friends to take care of their son whom they had before they got married.

Talking about her crashed marriage in a 2017 Instagram post, Damilola Adegbite gave hints on why the marriage crashed. She wrote:

“2017 was a tough year for me. One of the toughest of my life. My trust was betrayed in heartbreaking ways and I had to go through some very painful overwhelming changes. But in all this, I am eternally grateful because who I am became crystal clear to me.”

12. Juliet Ibrahim and Iceberg Slim

Celebrity Breakups
Juliet Ibrahim and Iceberg Slim

Juliet Ibrahim, a Liberian actress, film producer, and singer who is also of Lebanese and Ghanaian descent, used to be in a super-hot romance with Iceberg Slim, a Nigerian singer and rapper. The couple took over social media with their infectious public show of affection. Photos of the couple striking loving poses together were all over the place. In fact, Iceberg Slim was pictured grabbing Juliet Ibrahim’s behind in different snaps and this sparked an argument on social media about whether this was proper or not.

Iceberg Slim and Juliet appeared to be the perfect couple as they thrilled their many fans with their romance. However, in mid-2018 reports started to emerge that the couple had broken up, but nothing was sure yet. Eventually, Juliet Ibrahim confirmed this sad development, explaining that it was mutual.

Following their breakup, there were different insinuations about what may have caused their split. Finally, Iceberg Slim cleared the air, revealing that it was his fault. According to him, he cheated on Juliet and lied and this led to the crash of their romance. He wrote:

“You loved me unconditionally, even at my lowest points and only wanted loyalty and honesty in return…I lied, I cheated, I took your love for granted and in turn brought ridicule and shame to you.”

13. Nadia Buari and Michael Essien

Celebrity Breakups
Nadia Buari and Michael Essien

At a time, Nadia Buari and Michael Essien were the most admired couple in Ghana. Essien, a Ghanaian former professional footballer, and Buari, a popular Ghanaian actress dated at a time when social media was not widely in use but they managed to make a lot of headlines as entertainment media outlets strove to get insight into their love life. They were often spotted together in public places and gave fans something to talk about.

The exact time that the couple started dating is not certain but they were together for a while, waxing stronger together and making headlines every now and then. Their romance caught a lot of attention because, at the time, Michael Essien was at the peak of his powers as a footballer and was among the most recognizable faces in Ghana. Also, Nadia Buari was making seriously long strides as an actress, landing popular roles and endearing herself to fans. So, naturally, people wanted to see how far the couple could go as lovers. It is noteworthy that many people thought they were eventually going to marry.

Things, however, went haywire in 2009 when reports began to circulate insinuating that the power couple had parted ways. In July 2009, soon after reports began to spread of the couple’s split, Nadia Buari spoke out, denying that she had broken up with Essien. Sadly, it turned out that the reports were quite true because, in 2010, it was confirmed that Nadia Buari and Michael Essien were no more together.

A number of reasons were given as to why the couple parted ways. Some reports claimed that Michael Essien cheated and so Nadia Buari cut off ties with him because of this. However, other reports claimed that it was Michael Essien who broke up with Buari because she cheated. None of these allegations were confirmed.

14. Princess Shyngle and Gibril Bala Gaye

Celebrity Breakups
Princess Shyngle and Gibril Bala Gaye

Gambian actress and producer Princess Shyngle caused a stir on 30th January 2021 when she announced that she had gotten married to her best friend. That man was later found out to be Gibril Bala Gaye. The actress stunned people with her announcement because before this time, no one knew she was even dating the man.

In a post that she made on her verified Instagram page to make the announcement, Princess Shyngle described Girbil Bala Gaye as her childhood crush, her forever crush, and her gossip partner. She revealed that Gaye was the only man that she had ever hit on several times and that he had been her friend for over ten years. According to her, Gaye was the love of her life and that being married to him was a blessing.

When Princess Shyngle announced that she was a married woman, it caused a stir on social media as media outlets rushed to pick the story. It was sensational because no one saw it coming. Also, the sincerity and excitement with which she made the announcement gave many the impression that the love between her and Gaye was made in heaven and that it was going to last forever. Of course, fans were very happy for her and people filled her comment section with congratulatory messages.

However, only about 8 weeks after she announced that she was married, Princess Shyngle shocked fans when she revealed that her marriage to Gibril Bala Gaye was over. This fresh announcement shocked everyone because it was just a few weeks after her marriage and she was already done with it. Considering how excited she seemed when she announced the wedding and how much she showered praises on her man, no one saw the crash of their union coming at all.

Princess Shyngle accused Gaye of domestic violence. According to her, she left him because he hit her and even pulled a gun on her. She called him a mistake and explained she was done with him. She wrote:

“You’re a fu*king mistake. I’ve divorced your as* so leave me the f*ck alone,”

15. Shatta Wale and Shatta Michy

Shatta Wale and Shatta Michy

One of Ghana’s most popular, wealthiest, and successful artists, Shatta Wale, used to enjoy a very hot romance with Shatta Michy, a fellow musician. The duo dated for some time and were once considered to be one of the hottest power couples in Ghana. They appeared on stage together and were pictured lots of times at functions publicly displaying their affection for each other. Fans were sure that the couple would end up together as man and wife.

In 2015, the couple welcomed a son together and named him Majesty. Shatta Wale excitedly announced his son’s birth to fans. It was clear that all was going well with the couple as Shatta Wale stunned Shatta Michy by proposing to her on stage and in front of his fans during the launch of Reign, his third studio at the Fantasy Dome inside the Trade Fair, Ghana in October 2018. It was a very romantic moment that stunned Shatta Michy and the fans watching and it appeared to prove that the couple were very much in love and were going to take things to the next level.

However, in a shocking turn of events, the couple broke up a few months later, startling fans and industry observers. The exact reason for the breakup was not certain until Shatta Wale opened up about it. According to him, his relationship with Shatta Michy was smooth until he decided to impose his will on her as a man. This led to serious friction between them and eventually crashed their romance. He admitted that it was his fault and that his actions led to Michy being very unhappy which made her leave the relationship. Their fallout shocked fans and is considered to be one of the most stunning celebrity breakups in Ghana.

16. Vanessa Mdee and Jux

Vanessa Mdee and Jux kiss on stage

For a time, Vanessa Mdee and Jux were one of Tanzania’s most admired couples and were even described by many as Tanzania’s Beyonce and Jay Z. Their romance was a well-known affair and the couple never hid from expressing their love and affection for each other. Therefore, their fallout made headlines as one of the shocking celebrity breakups.

Vanessa Mdee, a Tanzanian singer-songwriter, and Jux, a fellow Tanzanian artist and songwriter, dated for a while and made sure to let everyone know they were completely head over heels in love for each other. This prompted the entertainment media to shine a spotlight on their romance. The couple’s love appeared to be rock-solid that they were dubbed Tanzania’s Power Couple by the media. The couple went on music tours together and were often seen engaging in different public displays of affection.

However, in mid-2019, reports emerged that the couple had split up. Indications that the couple had been having issues with their relationship emerged in early 2019 when Jux posted a video of Miss Tanzania 2017 Julitha Kabete singing to his song and Vanessa had replied to the post with a comment that read: “Your Type”. This raised eyebrows and it was later confirmed that they had broken up.

Talking about the situation later, Jux explained that when they broke up, they made up their minds not to let the public know about it. However, Vanessa broke their agreement and revealed on social media that they were no more together. He also explained that it was Vanessa who wanted the breakup. He said:

“I don’t understand why she kept blasting me after I moved on yet in the first place she is the one who told me she wants us to break up.”

17. Tanasha Oketch and Diamond Platnumz

Tanasha Oketch and Diamond Platnumz

Diamond Platnumz, one of Tanzania’s most successful and famous artists, has dated several women but Tanasha Oketch is one of the most well-known women who had been in his life. Tanasha, a Kenyan singer and radio presenter, began a relationship with Diamond in 2018. Diamond announced this himself on his Instagram page. The duo became one of the most talked-about couples in Tanzania and Kenya. At first, there were rumors that Diamond only picked interest in Tanasha because he wanted to break into the Kenyan market. However, this belief was quashed after the couple continued displaying deep affection for each other very publicly.

Diamond Platnumz and Tanasha Oketch took their romance to the next level when, in December 2018, they announced that they were getting married on January 14, 2019. Diamond even made the announcement on Wasafi Television, sparking excitement among fans. It was clear to everyone that this relationship he had with Tanasha was very special to him. However, in January 2019, the singer announced that his wedding date with Tanasha had been shifted to another date. According to him, he wanted the wedding to be really grand hence the need to shift the date.

In June 2019, the couple revealed that Tanasha was pregnant to the huge admiration of fans who bombarded the couple’s Instagram comment sections with congratulatory messages. They eventually welcomed a baby girl born on October 2, 2019. It was certain to many people that the couple was on very good terms. However, things took a very different turn in December 2019 when reports began to emerge that Tanasha had packed out of Diamond Platnumz’s house. The reports also said she was not on speaking terms with the man. In March 2020, she deleted all his photos from her Instagram page bringing an end to what was considered to be a really blissful romance.

Talking about why they broke up, Diamond Platnumz later explained that he and Tanasha could not agree on what the future of their family should be and so they had to go their separate ways.

18. Black Coffee and Enhle Mbali

Black Coffee and Enhle Mbali

Black Coffee and Enhle Mbali made so much buzz with their romance in South Africa. Black Coffee, a very popular South African DJ, and Enhle Mbali, a South African actress, TV presenter, and fashion designer, enjoyed a blissful relationship before going apart. During this time, they were one of South Africa’s favorite celebrity couples who had a lot of people rooting for them.

The couple first met in 2010 and started dating. Black Coffee did not waste time in getting her engaged to him as he proposed to her just a few months after they started dating. The following year, they had their traditional wedding which was witnessed by family and friends. In 2017, years after their traditional wedding, the couple proceeded to hold their white wedding in a grand way. It appeared that their romance was solidified.

However, in 2019, reports began to emerge stating that the couple was having issues and that they were on the verge of parting ways. The rumors became more rampant towards the end of 2019. Eventually, Black Coffee himself came out to confirm that he and Enhle Mbali were ending their marriage. He released a statement on Twitter to confirm this, revealing that they were in court.


19. Lerato Kganyago and Thami Ndala

Lerato Kganyago and Thami Ndala

South African TV presenter Lerato Kganyago and businessman Thami Ndala shocked South Africans with their divorce especially because their marriage is renowned to be one of the shortest unions in the country. The couple tied the knot as husband and wife in March 2020 in a very classy wedding ceremony. Even though their wedding was held in the middle of the coronavirus pandemic, they still managed to make it trendy while taking the necessary precautions to make sure the virus is not spread around. This caught the attention of the couple’s many South African fans who were thrilled by their union as man and wife. It, therefore, came as a shock when the couple announced their separation just two months after the wedding. Because they were married for only two months, their marriage is considered to be one of the shortest in South Africa.


Interestingly, Lerato Kganyago herself announced their separation on social media, explaining that she and Thami Ndala had different priorities which posed a huge hindrance to the success of their marriage, hence their decision to call it quits. She wrote:

“It is with sadness that we announce that Thami and I have decided to go our separate ways. We have come to realise that our different priorities and workloads have not afforded us the time to work on our relationship.”

20. Mona Monyane and Khulu Skenjana

Mona Monyane and Khulu Skenjana

Mona Monyane and Khulu Skenjana got married in 2016 and share two kids together. Ever since they got married, the couple has been known to speak glowingly of each other, heaping praises on one another in interviews and on social media. Mona Monyane has often talked about her husband’s support, explaining that if not for him, she would have found it difficult to navigate through the ups and downs of their marriage.

It, therefore, came as a shock when their separation was announced in March 2020. They had been together for four years. Interestingly, it was Mona herself who announced their separation. She made the revelation on Twitter acknowledging that she knew it would come as a shock to many people. According to her, the battles that they have been fighting had been too difficult for them to overcome together. She also asked fans to respect them by not sensationalizing the situation. She wrote:

“My husband and I have parted ways. I know this will come as a shock to many and I ask that you continue to believe in love and family. The battles we have met have been difficult to overcome together and I ask that you respect us by not sensationalizing our separation.”

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