200 Corrupt Police Officers Fired In Rwanda

200 corrupt police officers in Rwanda have been fired. This follows the approval of the termination of the 200 corrupt police officers on Friday, February 3, by a cabinet headed by President Paul Kagame.

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Rwanda is the third least corrupt country in Sub-Saharan Africa, according to Transparency International. The Transparency International, Rwanda chief, Marie-Immaculée Ingabire says Rwanda’s place on the ranking is due to the East African country’s willingness to fight corruption. She added that there was room for improvement as eradicating corruption will require a total change of the mindset in the country.

“We should not take pride in being the fourth least corrupt country on the continent or the number one least corrupt country in East Africa. We should rather take pride in putting up more stringent measures that would rank us number one least corrupt on the global scale.

“I know it’s hard to change [the] perception in terms of corruption. It takes mindset change, but it’s possible. Until we score high and above a perceived clean society that is free from corruption, there is more to be done,” she said.

In 2016, 200 Rwandans were arrested for giving bribe to police officers.

Rwandan police spokesperson Theos Badege reiterated that corrupt officials in the police unit will face the full hand of the law if they are caught in corrupt malpractices.

“It is a national policy to ensure zero tolerance to graft,” Badege said, urging the police officers to be accountable and have integrity.

Corruption in Africa

The African Union estimates financial crimes and corruption rack up to $50 billion annually in losses on the entire continent. According to a report released by Transparency International earlier this year, the organization stated that African countries could be the most corrupt in the whole world.

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According to the report, no African country dominated the first 30 spots. The least corrupt country on the continent, Botswana was ranked at 35 with 60 points, the second least most corrupt African country was Cape Verde at 39 with 59 points. Mauritius and Rwanda ranked third on the continent with 54 points.

However, African countries filled up the bottom 30 (the most corrupt countries), with South Sudan and Somalia being the bottom two.