200+ Cute and Unique Baby Girl Names and Meanings

Parenthood is very sweet, the expectation of a baby is always that of so much joy for both parents and well wishers, but one of the greatest challenges parents face is that of choosing a name for the baby. In choosing a name for the baby many things are put into consideration. In Africa for example, it is believed that the name a child bears has a level of influence on him/her so they take their time to choose the best name for the baby.

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Here, we have made a compilation of cute and unique baby girl names and their meanings for you to go through when choosing your baby girl names. Have a look:

1. Abbey:  Intelligent and beautiful

2. Abby:  My father’s delight

3. Abela:  Breathing

4. Abha:  Brightness

5. Arabella:  Lovely, elegant.

6. Abigail:  A father’s joy, beautiful.

7. Abha:  Ray of beauty

8. Atiya:  gift, present

9. Ahd:  knowledge

10. Akuti:  princess

11. Adrika: celestial

12. Alisha:  protected by God

13. Aa’eedah:  Reward

14. Aadila:  Honest and equal

15. Abeer or Abir:  Fragrance

16. Afaaf:  Virtuous, pure and decent

17. Aashi:  smile

18. Amolika:  priceless

19. Amodini:  Joyful

20. Bai: Person of purity

21. Bailey:  Governor, bailiff

22. Barbie:  Stranger, foreigner

23. Barbora:  Stranger, foreigner

24. Baako:  Baby first born

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25. Babette:  Promise of God

26. Babs:  Stranger, foreigner

27. Baby:  Infant human

28. Barbra:  Stranger, foreigner

29. Bambi:  Little girl

30. Banu:   Lady-like

31. Bao:  Gem

32. Cajsa: Chaste, pure

33. Calandra:  Lark

34. Cadence:  Beat, rhythm

35. Caelan:  Thin

36. woman

37. Caitlin:  Chaste, pure

38. Caitriona:  Chaste, pure

39. Calista:  Woman of most beauty

40. Calanthe:  Pretty flower

41. Calfuray:  Flower of purple

42. Damayanti:  Subjugating

43. Dale:  Living in a valley

44. Damaris:  Little calf’s friend

45. Damiana:  The taming one

46. Damla:  Drop of water

47. Damhnait:  Young dear

48. Dana:  From Denmark

49. Danae:  Running dry

50. Dallas:  Living on a clearing

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