220 Cute and Unique Baby Girl Names and Meanings

Parenthood is very sweet, the expectation of a baby is always that of so much joy for both parents and well-wishers, but one of the greatest challenges parents face is that of choosing a name for the baby. In choosing a name for the baby many things are put into consideration. In Africa for example, it is believed that the name a child bears have a level of influence on him/her so they take their time to choose the best name for the baby. Here, we have made a compilation of cute and unique baby girl names and their meanings for you to go through when choosing your baby girl names. Have a look:

1. Abbey:  Intelligent and beautiful

2. Abby:  My father’s delight

3. Abela:  Breathing

4. Abha:  Brightness

5. Arabella:  Lovely, elegant.

6. Abigail:  A father’s joy, beautiful.

7. Abha:  Ray of beauty

8. Atiya:  gift, present

9. Ahd:  knowledge

10. Akuti:  princess

11. Adrika: celestial

12. Alisha:  protected by God

13. Aa’eedah:  Reward

14. Aadila:  Honest and equal

15. Abeer or Abir:  Fragrance

16. Afaaf:  Virtuous, pure and decent

17. Aashi:  smile

18. Amolika:  priceless

19. Amodini:  Joyful

20. Bai: Person of purity

21. Bailey:  Governor, bailiff

22. Barbie:  Stranger, foreigner

23. Barbora:  Stranger, foreigner

24. Baako:  Baby first born

25. Babette:  Promise of God

26. Babs:  Stranger, foreigner

27. Baby:  Infant human

28. Barbra:  Stranger, foreigner

29. Bambi:  Little girl

30. Banu:   Lady-like

31. Bao:  Gem

32. Cajsa: Chaste, pure

33. Calandra:  Lark

34. Cadence:  Beat, rhythm

35. Caelan:  Thin

37. Caitlin:  Chaste, pure

38. Caitriona:  Chaste, pure

39. Calista:  Woman of most beauty

40. Calanthe:  Pretty flower

41. Calfuray:  Flower of purple

42. Damayanti:  Subjugating

43. Dale:  Living in a valley

44. Damaris:  Little calf’s friend

45. Damiana:  The taming one

46. Damla:  Drop of water

47. Damhnait:  Young dear

48. Dana:  From Denmark

49. Danae:  Running dry

50. Dallas:  Living on a clearing

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Cute and Unique Baby Girl Names 1

Unique Names For Girls

51. Dalmatia:  From Dalmatia

52. Eavan:  Gorgeous gloss

53. Ebele:  Compassion

54. Earlene:  Noble woman

55. Eartha:  From Earth

56. Ebony:  Like dark smooth wood

57. Ece:  The Queen

58. Echo:  Woman of sound

59. Ealasaid:  Promise of God

60. Easter:  Feast of Easter

61. Edda:  Fighting a battle

62. Fabiola:  Lovely bean

63. Fairuza:  Woman of triumph

64. Fairy:  Fairy spirit

65. Fabienne:  Lovely bean

66. Faith:  Trusting, believing

67. Fang:  Pleasant-smelling

68. Fallon:  Leader’s daughter

69. Fan:  Lethal

70. FaTo:   send, pass

71. Fabia:  Lovely bean

72. Gaia:  From the Earth

73. Gail:  My father’s delight

74. Galilea:  Born in Galilee

75. Galina:  Woman of serenity

76. Gamila:  Gorgeous woman

77. Gala:  Woman of serenity

78. Galia:  Born in waves

79. Gabby:  God’s bravest woman

80. Gabriela:  God’s bravest woman

81. Gabrielle:  God’s bravest woman

82. Haley:  Meadow of hay

83. Halina:  Woman of serenity

84.Hadassah:  From the myrtle tree

85. Hadley:  Meadow of heathers

86. Haloke:  Salmon

87. Han:  Country

88. Hana:  Gracious

89. Ha:  Coming from the sea

90. Handan:  Full of joy

91. Halle:  Living in a manor

92. Idella:  Hardworking woman

93. Iekika:  One who can foresee

94. Iesha:  One who is alive

95. Ignatia:  Like a fire

96. Iida:  Hardworking woman

97. Iines:  Sacred, chaste

98. Ianthe:  Flower of purple color

99. Ibbie:  Promise of God

100. Ida:  Hardworking woman

Cute and Unique Baby Girl Names

Cute Unique  Girl Names

101. Ife:  Woman of love

102. Jacoba:  Following after

103. Jacobina:  Following after

104. Jacqueline:  One who supplants

105. Jade:  Gemstone

106. Jacey:  Unclear

107. Jacinta:  Hyacinth flower

108. Jadwiga:  Fighting a battle

109. Jackie:  One who supplants

110. Jaden:  Unclear

111. Jacomina:  Following after

112. Kahula:  Dancing

113. Kai:  From the sea

114. Kaija:  Chaste, pure

115. Kaimana:  Power of the sea

116. Kainoa:  The namesake

117. Kaia: Chaste, pure

118. Kaarina:  Chaste, pure

119. Kachina:  Dancing spirit

120. Kaelan:  Thin

121. Kaipo:  Darling

122. Ladonna:  Lady-like

123. Lady:  Woman of high manners

124. Lakeisha:  Cassia tree

125. Laken:  From the lake

126. Lacey:  Person from Normandy

127. Lachina:  Land filled with lakes

128. Lahela:  Sheep’s friend

129. Lala:  Tulip  flower

130. Lakshmi:  Observing

131. Lagina:  Queen

132. Maarit:  Pearl

133. Maartje:  Rendered to Mars

134. Mabel:  Adorable

135. Mackenzie:  Pretty, good-looking

136. Maaike:  Rebellious woman

137. Maaria:  Rebellious woman

138. Maarika:  Rebellious woman

139.Madeline:  Woman from Magdala

140. Macy:  Armed

141. Maddie:  Woman from Magdala

142. Nadezhda:  Filled with hope

143. Nadia:  Filled with hope

144. Nadine:  Filled with hope

145. Nadzieja:  Filled with hope

146. Naenia:  Elegy

147. Naeva:  Born at night

148. Naak:  Golden

149. Naamah:  Agreeable, lovely

150. Nabila:  Of noble character

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Unique Baby Girl Names

151. Nahia:  Longing

152. Odelia:  Riches

153. Odel:  lHill on which woad grows

154. Ogechi:  The greatest of God’s times

155. Ogechukwukama:  The greatest of God’s times

156. Oili:  Divine woman

157. Odessa:  Filled with wrath

158. Paithoon:  Cat’s eye

159. Palma:  Palm tree

160. Palmira:  Palm tree

161. Paloma:  Beautiful dove

162. Pakpao:  Flying a kite

163.Padma:  Lotus flower

164. Paige:  Young servant

165. Paisley:  From a glade

166. Pallavi:  New leaf

167. Qiana:  Soft, silky

168. Qiu:  Season of fall

169. Queen:  Female monarch

170. Querida:  Darling

171. Qadira:  Full of power

172. Quy:  Treasured

173. Qamar:  The moon

174. Qi:  Emerging

175. Quinn:  Wise, reasonable

176. Quartilla:  The fourth

177. Ragna:  Giving advice

178. Ragnhild:  Advising in battle

179. Rahel:  Sheep’s friend

180. Rachel:  Sheep’s friend

181. Rada:  Filled with care

182. Rae:  Sheep’s friend

183. Sable:  Black-haired

184. Sabra:  Sabra cactus

185. Sabrina:  From the River Severn

186. Sacagawea:  Dragging a boat

187. Sachi:  Blessed child

188. Sacnite:  Pasty blossom

189. Sabah:  Forenoon

190. Sabella:  Promise of God

191. Sabina:  From the Sabine tribe

192. Tai:  Vast

193. Taina:  Unclear

194. Takisha:  Healthy and alive

195. Talin:  Unclear

196. Talisha:  Fortunate woman

197. Tal:  Dewy

198. Valencia:  Strength, power

199. Valentina:  Strong and sound

200. Valerie:  Powerful, strong

201. Vana:  God is merciful

202. Wattana:  Advancement

203. Wednesday:  Mercury day

204. Wen:  Literate person

205. Wendy: Unclear

206. Wera:  Victory bearer

207. Wei:  The only one

208. Xandra:  Protector of humanity

209. Xanthe:  Fair-haired

210. Xaviera:  Brand new home

211. Xenia:  Woman of hospitality

212. Xiang:  Good luck

213. Ximena:  One who has heard

214. Yakira:  Dear, beloved

215. Yan:  Swallow bird

216. Yaroslava:  Spring glory

217. Yasamin:  Jasmine flower

218. Zaida:  To raise, boost

219. Zaina:  Lovely, pretty

220. Zaklina:  One who supplants

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