These Are The Most Peaceful Countries In Africa

2016 Global Peace Index has compiled the list of Africa’s most peaceful countries.

According to Forbes, an estimated 60 million people around the world have become refugees between 2007 and 2016.

Taking up 1% of the global population, these millions of people have been displaced from their homes by such reasons as political instability, terrorism or regional conflicts spanning over years.

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With the current state of Syria now, it is rated as the least peaceful country in the world. On the reverse, Europe is the most peaceful part of the world for 2016.

On that note we recognize that there are countries in Africa who have experienced a near or similar fate as Syria. Nevertheless, there are still countries that are acknowledged as considerably peaceful.

According to the 2016 Global Peace Index, some Africans have been found to be in a ‘high state of peace.’ The study analysed and compared the peaceful state of 163 countries.

The report showed that majority of the most peaceful countries in Africa are in southern African countries. North Africa was represented by a couple of countries in the Global index.

Ghana and Sierra Leone represented West Africa. Courtesy of the Boko Haram insurgency, there has not been much peace experienced in the region.

Côte d’Ivoire, which was one of the most peaceful countries in the 2015 Index, is currently ranked at the 118th position in the 2016 Global Peace Index.

[The] March 2016 terrorist attack carried out in an Ivorian seaside resort unmasked the fragile security situation in the country and in the region.”- Forbes

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The least peaceful African countries according to the 2016 Global Peace Index were South Sudan, Democratic Republic of Congo, Libya, Sudan and Central African Republic.

These are Africa’s Most Peaceful Countries:

10. Equatorial Guinea

Global Rating: 62nd


9. Tanzania

Global Rating: 58th

SSA Tanzania

8. Namibia

Global Rating: 55th


7. Malawi

Global Rating: 45th


6. Ghana

Global Rating: 44th


5. Sierra Leone

Global Rating: 43rd


4. Zambia

Global Rating: 40th

Zambian women sing at the Lusaka international airport

3. Madagascar

Global Rating: 38th


2. Botswana

Global Rating: 28th


1. Mauritius

Global Rating: 23rd


According to the 2016 Global Peace Index, Mauritius tops the list of Africa’s most peaceful countries at the moment.