Africa Looks On As South Africa’s Municipal Election Takes Place

The 2016 South African local elections had been a cause of worry to many.

There has been a lot of political drama from within and outside the ruling ANC particularly.

The ANC is the first prominent political party to be established after the apartheid government was subdued. It is the party of the great Nelson Mandela. The ANC has been the ruling party in South Africa since 1994.

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Heightening the recent doubts of the people about the competency of the Party was the scandal and controversies that seem to be hovering around the incumbent SA president, Jacob Zuma.

To a large extent, Zuma successfully made the ANC miserably unpopular. It has been speculated that the ANC may lose a couple of major municipalities in this South African local elections. The 3 areas include: Pretoria, Johannesburg and Port Elizabeth.

Prior to the 2016 South African local elections which takes place today, report says that about 12 politicians from the ANC party were murdered. This further increases both the internal and external tension of the party and the people as well.

2 days ago the opposition leader, Julius Malema payed the former SA president and ANC patriot, Thabo Mbeki a visit. It is largely believed that his visit was to persuade him to vote for the Economic Freedom Fighters (EFF) party.


According to Mbeki, the EFF leader requested a meeting and he granted him audience.

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“The EFF asked to see me, so I meet anyone who asks even mayoral candidates who want to come because you can’t chase people away. Can you?”


In the same way the media met up with Mbeki, Rossalin Chinsamy who is a ward candidate and and Johannesburg mayoral candidate Parks Tau.

“The candidates here came in to say two things; one that I must vote. So I’ve agreed with that, I’ll vote tomorrow. The second message was that I must vote for the ANC and I told them that’s a secret.”

Sharing his sentiments, the former president urged registered voters to go out and fulfill their civic rights during this 2016 South African local elections.