Will This Really Be The Last Of Jose Eduardo Dos Santos As President?

Angola’s ruling party, People’s Movement for the Liberation of Angola (MPLA) has not named the 2017 MPLA presidential candidate.

The party elected party leaders for the upcoming elections in 2017 over the weekend. The only vacant space however is who will run for the office of the president.

Angola’s long serving President Jose Eduardo Dos Santos has said that his resignation is by the corner.

Jose Eduardo Dos Santos has ruled for a stretch of 33 years since 1979. He says he will retire in 2018.

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The People’s Movement for the Liberation of Angola (MPLA) conducted an election from 17 – 20 August. The election took place during the first ordinary meeting of the new Central Committee that emerged from the 7th Ordinary Congress.

Working with his anticipated retirement, the incumbent president who has served for years in office has been re-elected as the party leader. He retained his position in the party.

Another interesting turn up from the event was the election of Angola’s current defense minister, João Manuel Gonçalves Lourenço  to the position of Vice President.

Manuel who is a retired army general has always seemed like a potential Presidential figure. However he was elected for the position of a Vice President. It is still not known who the 2017 MPLA presidential candidate will be.

As seems to be the trend in systems with dictatorial leaderships, it is largely speculated that the successor of the soon-to-leave president might be no other than his little girl, Isabella Dos Santos.

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Not long ago the wealthiest female billionaire in Africa was appointed the chairwoman of the Angolan state oil company-Sonangol, by her father.

Many see this move as an indicator that Isabel could be the yet unknown 2017 MPLA presidential candidate.

Recall that Angola is Africa’s largest oil producing African nation at the moment. It is the 3rd largest producer of diamonds and by the end of last year became the top most oil-producing nation in Africa. It is equally home to treasures like iron ore.

With no officially known 2017 MPLA presidential candidate, there can only be random guesses till a name for the position is made public.