25 Fulani Tribal Braids Every Lady Must Try

Many women around the world have taken to keeping and grooming their natural hair which really looks good on them. Even black women with their natural 4c and 4d ‘fro have embraced the goodness that’s natural hair. However, one major concern for all women is how to rock the natural hair neatly and stylishly. There are many protective hairstyles to choose from but a common fave has to be the Fulani hairstyles; luckily, there are many variants of Fulani tribal braids to choose from.

As the name implies, Fulani hairstyles originated from the Fulani or Fula people in West Africa. The Fulanis are a large group of people mainly into nomadic lifestyle; they can also be found in the Sahel Region. The Fulani women of old were known for their beautiful and luxurious hair which they wore in lovely protective hairstyles. The original hairstyle of the Fulani women is not to be confused with Vikings braids which look like it but is more of a single loose braid in the center and a long slim braid on either side.

Over the years, the Fulani braid has evolved and has been modernized into different looks. Hair extensions are now being added during the making of the style to give the long look. We give you 25 Fulani tribal braids every lady must try in 2021.

Fulani Tribal Braids with Middle Parting

1. The Original Fulani Braids

The original hairstyle worn by the Fulani women consisted of five side hanging or looped braids with a small or large coiffure in the middle. The braids were styled with beads, cowries, and even pieces of ornaments and precious stones from the family heirloom. The intent of the decorative pieces was to show the lady’s heritage or simply accentuate and show off her beauty. Best believe the Fulani women are beauties to behold!

2. Waist Length Fulani Braids

There’s bound to be an extra zing to your steps when you wear your hair down. The zing goes even a bit extra when you wear Fulani tribal braids at waist length. Picture a pretty lady with her hips and braids swaying as she walks; now that’s certainly one sight to behold.

3. Fulani Braids with Curls

Which lady doesn’t love her hair with some curls? Imagine having the sleekness of Fulani braids with curls added for more drama. This is definitely one style to try in 2021 like this gorgeous lady.

4. Braids with Bantu Knots

This style is a unique blend of Fulani tribal braids in the top half of the head and single braids done in Bantu knots at the back. It can be parted by the side or in the middle.

5. Fulani Braids in a Zigzag Pattern

This zigzag pattern trended about a decade ago but who says you can’t style your Fulani tribal braids like this? Definitely not us! What’s not to love in this zigzag Fulani braid that can be done as a side or middle part.

Fulani Braids with Side Part

6. Braids with a Bang!

Bangs, bangs, bangs! If you are a lady with a square or oblong shape of a face, then you can never go wrong with a bang! Yes, you can style your Fulani braids with bangs like this. This style could work very well with a side parting.

7. One-sided Braids

Another cool way to rock this braid is to style it to one side; it could be simple, a wrap-around, or all the way complex, but one-sided.

8. The Wrap-Around Style

Rather than have your Fulani tribal braids go all the way back in a regular straight pattern, you can have it wrap around your head as Rihanna wore it here.

Fulani Braids with Ponytail

9. The Ponytail (Suku) Style

There’s a ponytail for every face shape. All you need to do is find which works for you and have your stylist work it into a Fulani braid ponytail. The Yoruba people of Nigeria call this style suku.

10. Braids in Two Ponytails

If you can do a ponytail, what’s stopping you from a double ponytail? Nothing, right? Go, girl! Go double!

11. Braids in a Bun

If you are not a fan of long braids or simply don’t want your braids messing with your face or make-up, this style in a bun is the way to go! Not exactly a ponytail but it’s much similar to it.

12. Double Buns Braids

You can jazz the buns up some more by wearing this style in two buns.

Fulani Braids with Beads

13. Waist-length Braids with Beads

If you want to rock the look above, why not throw in a little more zing for added effect? Try out the waist-length Fulani braids with some beads strung at the end of each braid. This is one look that’s bound to make you stand out or rather sound out just like the McClure Twins and their momma.

14. Braids In Front of the Ears

Another beautiful way to style your Fulani braids is with a front-facing braid or more on both sides of the ears. Beads are always added to the single braids but you may do without them if you wish.

15. The Large Braids

If you desire a more casual but classy and protective look, styling your hair in large Fulani tribal braids is for you! For a wow effect, add some large wooden beads.

16. The Thin Braids

The traditional Fulani braids were about 4-5 strands on both sides of the head but you can go with more. You could wear your hair in many thin braids and look elegant, you can include some beads of course.

17. Half in a Bun and Half Down

This is a classy way to wear your braids. You can add beads or cowries to the half-side down.

18. Braids in a Mix

Hey ladies, you can totally have it all! You can have all the styles mixed into one and slay the look with all the hair accessories you can think of. Well, just try to look good while at it and who knows, you may as well break the net.

Other Fulani Braids Styles to Try

These styles can easily be worn in any of the previous categories: with a side/middle parting, beads, or in a ponytail, and a little bit of artistry.

19. Braids with Twists

Every naturalista has at one time or the other worn their hair in twists. It’s the go-to style that follows many wash days. Well, twists aren’t made for just wash days. You can spice up your Fulani braids by throwing in a handful of twists at the back or ending the braids in twists.

20. Braids in a Wave

Hair extensions always look good in waves; an exotic way to wear this look is to combine it with the Fulani braids. You could look as beautiful as Deidre with this look.

21. Thin and Large Braids

You may have tried this hairstyle in either large or thin braids, but have you tried a mash-up of both styles? If you’re wondering how it will turn out, this is a perfect example.

22. The Ombre Braids

The regular way to rock this Fulani hairstyle is in one color, say black or brown, or your natural hair tone. But you can do a mix of two colors in an ombre fashion.

23. Braids in a Bob

Wearing your hair in a bob always looks chic, you should give it a try.

24. The Rainbow Braids

If your aim is a dramatic look, you may try a mash-up of hair extensions in many colors and/or shades.

25. Shoulder Length Braids with Loose Curls

Fulani tribal braids
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Picture yourself wearing Fulani braids that end in loose curls right on the shoulders like the pretty lady depicted above.

Whichever way you decide to rock the Fulani tribal braids, you can never go wrong; it is unarguably a style for queens. So go ahead, choose from one of these 25 styles every lady must try in 2021, and let us know how much you loved it!


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