2go: How To Download, Open and Use a 2go Account

2go is a mobile messenger application for mobile phones and PCs which allows you to communicate freely with your friends on 2go network or Facebook. It allows you to chat and share with your friends and the technology has recently upgraded to include listening to and downloading free music courtesy of Iroking. Your 2go account also allows you to set up your profile, meet new people, share files and pictures and communicate with millions of other people. It requires a network connection for which your mobile network operator would charge you a small amount, however, this costs much less than the price of one SMS.

With a 2go account on your mobile phone, you can chat with all your friends anywhere and anytime. It can also connect to other chat networks including Facebook, Google Talk and MXit.

How to create a 2go Account

If you want to use 2go mobile chat for your Blackberry, Nokia phones, Samsung or any of your mobile phones, you will have to open a 2go account. You can use your mobile phone to register a free 2go account.  Once you have successfully registered, 2go mobile software will be automatically installed on your mobile. Below are the steps to open a free 2go account:

  • Visit wap.2go.im with your mobile phone
  • Confirm your country in the welcome message
  • Select your language on the next page and click Go.
  • Click on the”Download 2go” link
  • Enter your phone number on the next page and click Go
  • Enter your personal details including your username in the following pages

How to Download 2go for Mobile Phone

You would see a download 2go link when you have taken the steps above and your phone type will be automatically detected and the 2go software installed. Once installed successfully, you will be logged in and you can start adding and chatting with your 2go friends. When you are done with the above steps, you can search for friends on 2go using their phone numbers.

Once you have registered, downloaded 2go and logged in, you can perform other tasks like editing your 2go profile, joining 2go chat rooms, connecting with your friends, and changing your 2go profile picture. Note that you can also download and use 2go for PC

How to use 2go with Friends on Facebook

After you are done installing the 2go software on your mobile phone, navigate to “settings”, then, “gateways” and click on “Facebook” This enables you to enter your Facebook login details: your username and password. At any time your Facebook friends come online, you would be notified and you can start chatting. One important thing to remember is that your Facebook Username on 2go is not the same as the email address you use in logging in to Facebook account.

To get your Facebook username, visit www.facebook.com/username. This is the username you would use to login to your 2go chat application for Facebook. However, the password remains your normal Facebook password which you would have to enter in the appropriate field.

Additional Information on How to Use 2go: 2go Credits

You can get 2go Credits which give you access to some additional features in the application such as games and competition, chat rooms, styles, star levels, however, you do not require 2go credits to chat with your friends individually. Credits also enable you to share files and interact more exclusively with friends. 2go credits don’t just fall from the sky, you have to buy them. This is why some people are able to navigate through some exclusive features on the platform while some can not.

This brings us to another searched query on Google; how can I buy 2go credits. There are different ranges of 2go credits available for purchase online.  These ranges will appear on your phone screen open 2go chat and goto => My Profile => Edit => Get GoCredits. You can then choose the range you want at the specified price. here are the different 2go credits prices and ranges.

  • 300 2go credits – 30 naira
  • 525 2go credits – 50 naira
  • 1100 2go credits – 100 naira

To purchase the 300 2go credits, simply text the word “2go Credits” to 32120. For 525 credits you can SMS the same word to 33120. To get 1100 2go credits, SMS the same word to 35350.

2go can run on any phone that supports Java and 2go application supports the following mobile phone manufacturers: Blackberry, Nokia, Samsung, HTC, Imate, LG, Mio, Motorola, NEC, O2, Palm, Qtek, Sagem, Sharp, Alcatel, Siemens, Sony-Ericsson, Vodafone as well as Android phones.

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