Nigeria Sentences Bolivian Foreigners To 12 Years Imprisonment Each

Nigeria recently sentenced 3 Bolivian convicts to 12 years imprisonment each for illegal drug dealings in the country.

The threesome – Reuben Jorge, Yhugo Moreno and Yerko Dorado – operated in partnership with 2 other Nigerians identified as Basil Ikechukwu Uzoka and Uba Ubachukwu Collins. The 2 harbored the Bolivians, thus faced extra charges for being accomplices.

The drug crime and arrests happened  in February 2013. They were arrested by NDLEA officials on Daily Times Estate, Satellite Town, Lagos State. They were caught producing illegal Ephedrine and Methamphetamine.

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NDLEA prosecutor, Mr Abu Ibrahim, obtained evidences such as the certificate of test analysis, drug analysis reports and statements which were written in English and Portuguese and other languages.

The Bolivian culprits, who faced a 2-count charge each, pleaded guilty to the crime as their attorney, Benson Ndakara pleaded with the court for a lenient sentence, given that the offenders had been in detention since the arrest in 2013.

In compliance with the NDLEA Act, the presiding judge, Justice Oguntoyinbo sentenced the 3 Bolivian nationals to six years on each of the two counts. The Judge said the sentence would start from the day of their arrest.

The drug agency stipulated that the foreigners violated Section 22 (a) of the NDLEA Act; thus, were liable to be jailed for life or imprisoned for not less than 25 years.

3 Bolivian convicts

For the mitigated sentence, the 3 Bolivian convicts were excited.

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Facing a 3-count charge were the 2 Nigerians involved, for allowing their properties to be used for storing the drugs, and for aiding and financing the convicted Bolivians in the production of the drug.

Basil Ikechukwu pleaded not guilty to the crime and his trial adjourned till December 12, 2016.

The NDLEA has ordered for the destruction of the seized drug by the officials. This will be done in the presence of the counsel to the accused.