4 Next Level Alarm Apps That Will Make It Hard For You To Snooze

Most of us already know that those extra 10 minutes of sleep we squeeze out in the morning is bad for us but it still does not stop us from hitting the snooze button on our alarm clocks which are now mostly contained on our smartphones.

Well, if you are finding it too hard to get with the programme, your smartphones (android/ iPhones) have some hilarious, sometimes overly harsh alarm apps that may just do the trick. But even if you find them too sadistic, you can just wonder along with us at the inspiration behind their creations.

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Morning Routing (free):

You will find morning routine in the google app store and this alarm app allows you to choose different ways to shut off the alarm. The most outrageous is probably it’s option that will only turn off the alarm after you get out of bed and scan the barcode of items around your house.

So in essence you may have to stand up, walk to your kitchen, pull open your fridge and scan any pre-selected items from there. There’s almost no way you go back to bed after that.

Alarm Apps

Sleep If U Can (free):

Has been selected as one of the most annoying alarm apps in the world and it is for good reason. To shut off this alarm, you have to do any of; photo mode (which forces you to get out of bed and take a picture of a registered place to turn the alarm off) or math problem mode (which requires you to solve a math problem for the alarm to stop ringing).

BetterMe (free):

BetterMe bases its entire reputation as one of the most sadistic alarm apps and its ability to wake you up on public humiliation. Every single time you hit snooze, the app posts a message to your Facebook timeline informing your friends, in the simplest terms, that you are a lazy human being. If you use Twitter more, Okite uses the exact same technique and after being shamed for a few days, you might be more reluctant to hit the snooze button.

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Wake N Shake ($1.99):

Forces you awake by making you shake your phone to shut off the alarm. A recent update also adds a competitive layer to challenge your friends to get up earlier, earn achievements, and includes a leaderboard. It might not sound that evil to have to shake your alarm clock in the morning, but once you try it you’ll realize how annoying it actually is.

Alarm apps

Worthy of special mention is the iPhone’s wake up and smell the bacon alarm app (it was a limited offer app, so you probably won’t find it anywhere). What makes it so special? You can actually smell it.

When the alarm clock goes off, you are treated with the amazing scent of sizzling Oscar-Mayer bacon. This is accomplished by using a tiny docking device paired with the app. What is inside the device is a bacon mystery for the moment.