4 Good Reasons You Should Not Neglect Drinking Water

It might be surprising to find that only few people in the world drink enough water, but that is the truth. Many hardly drink water and this is either owing to the fact that there are millions of other ‘water substitutes’ or ignorance of the benefits of drinking water.

Water is not just good for quenching thirst, if that was the case Cola sodas or other drinks would make the perfect substitute because they come in different flavors and can be momentarily satisfying.

Once again that is not the case because water does a lot that carbonated drinks (which contain a lot of sugars) can not.

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Weight Loss and Energy

Drinking water improves body metabolism (the rate at which foods are broken down and converted to energy). Hence aiding in weight loss and staying fit.

Maintain Balance Of Body Fluid

The body is made up of up to 70 percent water so it is only right that we drink enough water to maintain this balance. Not drinking enough water will cause the body system to malfunction, bringing all the symptoms of dehydration including headaches with it.

4 Good Reasons You Should Not Neglect Drinking Water


Water gets things moving along in your digestive system. Most times when people take in tablets and feel them stuck in their throat, they drink more water to make it easier for the tablet (drug) to go down.

A similar thing happens during digestion, some foods which are difficult to digest can get flushed with water thus preventing constipation.

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Glowing Skin

Not drinking water causes dehydration and dehydration definitely shows on the skin. Drinking water will keep the skin moisturized and looking young.

The same happens with the hair, drinking enough water will positively affect the health of your hair, and healthy hair means longer hair. To get the best of this, have a glass of water with a balanced diet.

Water has other immense benefits so do not wait until you actually feel thirsty to drink water. Cut down on the soda and have a glass or two of water instead.