40 Latest Long Ankara Gown Styles for Ladies

The term Ankara originates from a city in Turkey named Ankara, which is the country’s capital. On the other hand, the same name is used for a rampant fabric common among Africans. This fabric, formerly known as Dutch wax, is currently styled into different long Ankara gown styles and worn by most people worldwide. The Ankara fabric is worn by all genders and ages in Africa, as long as the tailor styles it into the desired size. Recently, the material has also been styled into modern clothes that can be worn for all purposes. The fabric, when worn, conveys elegance, culture, and respect, irrespective of the age of the person rocking it. Ladies are mostly seen rocking the fabric in stunning styles and that is why we rounded up some amazing styles for them.

The Evolution Of The Ankara Fabric

The Ankara fabric, originally known as Dutch wax, was first produced by the Dutch with the notion of selling to the Indonesian textile market. The West African culture and lifestyle were highly represented in the patterns and motifs, making it more valued in West Africa than in Indonesia. With this value placed on the fabric, the Dutch diverted their production to the African markets. Initially, the Ankara fabric was styled into buba and wrapper for the ladies and agbada, kaftan, jumpers for men who made many people ignore the fabric. In recent years, the fabric has been modified into making English gowns, jackets, handbags, earrings, suits, shoes, and many other accessories.

Though the main fabric comes in cotton material, it has been modified by fabric producers to come in materials like spandex, chiffon, silk, and many more. Overall, the Ankara fabric has been on top of the game in the fashion world globally, with the way designers make it into outstanding outfits for celebrities to rock. In Nigeria, occasions are a chance for people to display their perfectly styled Ankara because it fits in perfectly for every occasion.

Ankara Gowns For Ladies

The Ankara gown for ladies comes in stunning styles, ranging from long, short, and flare gowns. It fits in perfectly for all ages and can be rocked to any occasion, depending on the style. Below is a list of Ankara gown styles for ladies:

Ankara Straight Long Gown Styles

1. Plunge V Illusion Neck Sleeveless Slit Gown

This stunning long gown has its upper part designed with a matching black sequence material and its lower part made of straight-cut Ankara with a slit. The gown perfectly fits all body structures with well-toned arms and average to busty ladies. One can wear it with a gold chain, dangling, round or simple earrings. High heel sandals or slippers are best to rock the gown with a matching purse or small handbag. Top celebrities who have been seen to dazzle in this style of straight gown are Toke Makinwa, Tiwa Savage, Tonto Dike, Mercy Eke, Destiny Etiko, and many others.

2. Strapless Turtle Neck

The handless turtle neck is designed to have its neck serving as a holder for the gown. It looks stunning in slim, fat, and chubby bodies. Celebrities like Diane Russet, Anita Joseph, Mercy Aigbe, Juliet Ibrahim are known to have rocked this style. The gown is best worn without any necklace but goes well with matching earrings, bangles, heel sandals, slippers, wedges, and a purse.

3. One-Sided Ankara Gown with Balloon Sleeves

This long Ankara gown style is designed with one bulb hand beautified with matching chiffon material. The prints on the upper part of the gown were done using the same Ankara material but you can improvise with whatever you like. It looks good on a chubby and fat body structure. Celebrities like Rita Dominic, Omotala Jalade Ekeinde, Iyabo Ojo, Mercy Aigbe, and others are known for rocking this style. It is best worn with matching earrings and bangles, wedges, heel slippers and sandals, mules, stiletto.

4. Ankara Gown With One-Sided Off Shoulder And Funnel Sleeves

This stylish gown is designed with only one shoulder covered. The matching red material is used in styling the neck and the big funnel sleeves. Chubby and fat ladies can wear the styled fabric. Tonto Dike and Iyabo Ojo, have kept it classy with this style. The Ankara style is best without necklaces and goes well with gold, silver, or coral earrings, a matching purse, and any high heel footwear.

5. Ankara Gown with Surplice Neck and Funnel Sleeves

The gown is made up of two colors of Ankara prints. From the neck down to the hips is designed with printed black Ankara, and the lower parts and hands are designed with colorful Ankara. It looks stunning with the long Ankara bow-tie places in front. The style fits all body structures and skin colors. Tonto Dike, Mercy Johnson, and many female celebrities are known for this style of gown. You can wear the gown with a silver or gold chain, earrings, matching heels, handbags, or purses.

6. Zig Zag Slit with Boat Neck

The exquisite long Ankara gown style is designed with organza material at the top and a matching Ankara fabric split in a zig-zag pattern at the front. This is best for curvy chubby body structures and goes well with matching earrings and neck chokers. Some celebrities like Tonto Dike, Mercy Johnson are known for rocking this style.

7. Choker Square Neck

This stunning long gown is designed with chiffon material on the hand and body. The neck choker and square neck give it a unique look that doesn’t require a necklace. It can be worn by all body structures and rocked with bangles, wristwatches, matching handbags, and heel sandals or slippers. Tonto Dike, Ngozi Eze, Stephanie Coker, and many other celebrities are known for this style.

8. Square Neck Ankara Gown With Flare Sleeves

The square neck gown is made with just the Ankara fabric, and it is designed with a flared hand and pleated ends. This can be worn by all body structures and rocked with matching sets of beads and silver chains. A touch of matching heel sandals, slippers, handbags, and purses will make your look appear stunning. Mercy Johnson, Omotala Jalade Ekeinde mostly rock this style.

9. Ankara Gown With Illusion Neck and Slit

This gown is designed with organza, illusion, and lace material from the neck to the abdomen. The matching Ankara material is joined from the abdomen down with a suiting slit. The style can be rocked by curvy slim, chubby, and fat ladies with matching earrings, bangles, purses, and Ashoke material that will hang loosely on the hand or neck. The best footwears that it can go with are pumps, stilettos, high heel sandals, mules, and slippers. Celebrities like Ini Edo, Mercy Aigbe, Sharon Ooja, and others are notable for this outstanding style.

10. Three Steps Peplum Gown With Illusion Slit

This long Ankara gown style is a combo of two matching Ankara materials. The neck and hand are designed with a different material, with an illusion material demarcating it from the second material. The chest down to the illusion slit is made with different materials and designed with a three-step peplum. Slim, fat, and chubby ladies can wear it. It is best without a necklace but looks great on matching earrings, bangles, purses, handbags, heel sandals, and slippers. Ini Edo, Toke Makinwa, and many celebrities are known for this style.

Ankara Gowns For Teenage Girls

Young ladies between 13-20 years old can rock the following Ankara gowns:

11. Ankara Gown With V Neck And Loose Sleeves

The gown has a V neck, a loose hand, and is designed with a sateen material stitched to the side and wrapped around the waist. All teenage body structures can rock it with fitting jewelry sets, handbag, high heel shoes, sandals, and slippers. Tonto Dike, Nadia Buhari, Ruth Kadiri, and other celebrities are known to rock this style.

12. Strapless Flay Gown

Any teenage body structure can wear this stunning gown. It goes well with dangling or wheel earrings and necklaces or beads. A matching purse or handbag with any high heel sandals and pumps will give a perfect look. Nancy Isime, Vee, and many other celebrities are known for this outstanding style.

13. Ankara Gown With Simple Round Neck

The neck of the gown down to the chest is designed into a round neck with matching lace material. From the chest down is styled with Ankara and a matching sateen material stitched to the side of the gown. All body structures can wear it with a neck choker, matching earrings, wristwatches, bangles, purses, handbags, and any high heel shoe. This style is notably among many celebrities like Tonto Dike, Nancy Isime.

14. Long Sleeves with Balloon and One-Sided Off Shoulder

The long Ankara gown style, when sewn properly, can make jaws drop when worn. It looks great on any curvy body structure, rocked with a piece of matching simple jewelry, handbags, high heel sandals, slippers, or pumps. Osas Ighodaro, Rita Dominic, and many other celebrities always slay in this style.

15. Ankara Gown with Short Bulb Hand and Round Neck

This exquisite gown is made with a combination of lace, organza, and Ankara materials. The gown can be worn by curvy, slim, and chubby ladies. When rocking it, you can give it a touch with earrings, bangles, and any matching heel of your choice. Mercy Aigbe, Ini Edo, as well as many other celebrities are known for the style.

16. Two Steps Sleeveless Ankara Gown

Curvy teenagers of all body structures can wear this stylish gown. Anyone wearing the style can use earrings, bangles, chains, and matching heels to produce an outstanding appearance. Tiwa Savage, Nancy Isime, are celebrities who found the style outstanding.

17. V Neck Gown with Short Sleeve Balloon

This short-sleeve balloon hand styled on a V-neck gown fits any curvy body size. You can wear it with a chain with a loose pendant, earrings, bangles, and matching handbags and purses. The perfect footwear should come in high heel sandals, and slippers, pump shoes. Bimbo Ademoye and the bbnaija reality TV show star Katherina are mostly dazzling in this style.

18. Ankara Gown with Queen Ann Neck and Off-Shoulder

The Queen Ann neck and off-shoulder leave an elegant look on all body structures if it is styled to fit perfectly on the body by the stylist. Its hands and chest is designed with flowers made from the material. You can wear a necklace with a pendant hanging loosely, matching earrings, bangles, high heel sandals, slippers, stilettos, pumps, wedges, a purse to give the style a unique look. Though no celebrity is notable for this style, it is a simple style that looks stunning when worn with the correct matching accessories.

19. Short And Long Sleeve Peplum Gown

The long Ankara gown style is a combo of two-hand styles, with the long hand part designed with black lace and the short one having a combination of lace and Ankara material. It also comes with a two-step peplum. All body structures and sizes can rock the gown. One can rock this without a necklace, but a bangle, earrings, high heel shoes, purses, and bags can make the look better. Tonto Dike and Mercy Aigbe are known for this style.

20. Off Shoulder Slit Gown

The off-shoulder slit gown is a simple gown that all body structures can wear. It looks beautiful with a set of jewelry, beads, high heel sandals, slippers, pumps, matching purse. Many Nollywood stars and Nigerian musicians, TV hosts have been seen flaunting this style.

Ankara Long Flare Gowns

Many African women have been seen keeping it plain with many Ankara flare gown styles. Flare gowns serve multiple purposes and can be worn to parties, churches, picnics, offices, markets, and many other places depending on the style. Below is a list of long Ankara flare gowns that keeps ladies classy:

21. One-Sided Off Shoulder Flare Gown

The one-sided flare gown looks amazing on all body structures and is best without a necklace. It looks stunning on dangling, bold earrings with a matching heel and bag or purse. Nigerian celebrities like Venita Akpofure are known to look cool in this style.

22. Halter Neck Sleeveless Flare Gown

This halter neck sleeveless flare gown is best for slim, chubby ladies that are tall with broad shoulders. With the halter neck, it doesn’t require a necklace. You can wear it with pieces of jewelry like earrings, bangles, wristwatches. The footwear that suits this is a wedge, high heel sandals, and slippers. A handbag of your choice or purse will give an exceptional touch to your appearance. Venita Akofure, Chizzy Alichigwe always dazzles in this flared style.

23. The Cross Neck Flare Gown

This style is best for slim and chubby ladies and can be rocked without a necklace due to the crossed neck. You can wear this gown with jewelry like earrings, bangles, and wristwatches. It goes best with any type of heels regarding the length of the gown and a purse. Chacha Eke and Yvonne Nelson have styled this with exquisite accessories.

24. Off Hand with Bulb Hand

This Ankara gown will never go wrong on all body structures and can be rocked with neck chains or neck chokers. It is a style that can serve multiple purposes and can be worn for parties, picnics, as maternity wear, and many more. You can use accessories like neck chains, earrings, bangles, wristwatches, hats to add more beauty to the gown. It goes best with flat slippers or flat sandals with a matching tote handbag or any handbag at all. Many female celebrities, such as Venita Akpofure, Chika Ike, Yvonne Jegede, and others, are known for this style.

25. Ankara Flare Gown With Bulb Long Sleeves

This luxury Ankara gown is perfectly designed with a stone velvet material from the neck to the chest, with the Ankara joining from the chest down. This fits perfectly on fat and chubby body structure. The type of Ankara used in sowing this style determines the necklace, earrings, bangles, and wristwatches to rock it with. It goes best with a matching mini handbag or purse. Footwears that can go with the gown are wedges, high heel slippers, and sandals. Celebrity actors like Patience Ozokwor, Sola Sobowale, Ebelle Okaro always stuns in this luxury Ankara gown.

26. V Neck Split Flare Gown

Though this flare Ankara gown looks simple, it can drop jaws if worn with the right accessories. This fits perfectly on slim and chubby body structures and serves for all purposes. A touch of simple jewelry set makes it look classy. You can wear it with flat footwear and heel sandals or slippers, wedge sandals or slippers, and a handbag.

27. One Hand Flare Ankara Gown with Slit

One can wear this simple Ankara gown on many occasions, such as birthdays, parties, picnics, and many more. This fits perfectly on all body structures and goes well with simple jewelry. Anyone can wear it with flat footwear and heel sandals or slippers, wedge sandals, or slippers. You can use a matching mini handbag or purse to make your look exceptional.  Paschaline Alex is known to dazzle in this style of Ankara flare gown.

28. Off Shoulder Ankara Flare Gown with Bulb Sleeves and Slit

This elegant style fits flawlessly on every body structure. A combination of simple jewelry will bring out its beauty. One can use footwear like flat sandals, slippers or heel sandals, or slippers, and wedge to rock this with a handbag of your choice. Stephanie Linus and Tiwa Savage are notable for this style of Ankara flare gown.

29. V Neck Off Shoulder Flare Gown With Plain Material

This combo of Ankara and plain material shows that the Ankara material fits perfectly with any material. The hand and edge of the gown are designed with the matching white material, while the other part is made with the African Ankara material. It can be worn with or without any jewelry and goes well with any heel. This serves the purpose of English and traditional wear, and many Nigerian celebrities like Funke Akindele and many others have been seen looking classy in this style.

30. V Neck Shirt Hand Slit Flare Gown

The simple but exotic flare gown fits greatly on the chubby and fat body structure. You can wear this with any jewelry of your choice with any matching heel and mini handbag or purse. Many female celebrities have been seen rocking this gorgeous and elegant style.

Ankara Long Gown Styles For Weddings

Weekends are always for weddings, and anyone can rock any of the following exotic and gorgeous Ankara gowns for any wedding.

31. Choker Neck Straight Gown

This elegant and gorgeous long Ankara gown will make necks turn at any wedding ceremony. All body structures can rock this gown with matching earrings, bangles, wristwatches, and heels of their choice, and a purse or mini handbag to match. Hitting the dance floor with this style won’t leave you disappointed. Chioma Akpotha, Tonto Dike, Stephanie Coker, and many celebrities have been seen stunning in this style.

32. Two Midi Strap Long Sleeves with Long Flare

Fascinating is the perfect word to describe this combination of Ankara and matching sateen material. It fits the medium body structure, and a touch of the right accessories like earrings will give a fascinating look. It can go with or without a necklace, and it is best with a purse and a stiletto. Chika Ike and Shaffy Bello have kept it classy and elegant with style.

33. Off Shoulder Straight Gown with Bulb Long Sleeves

A combo of the Ankara material and sateen always gives the best look for wedding parties. It gives all body structures the perfect fitting and can be rocked with or without a necklace. Matching earrings, bangle, wristwatches, handbags, heel sandals, slippers, wedge, or pumps make it more classy. Tonto Dike is known for this simple but classy style.

34. Off Shoulder Ankara on Long Flare

Ankara flare gown with a touch of polyester material is a great match. This gown is suitable for a curvy chubby, and fat body structure. To rock this to a wedding party, matching necklaces, earrings, bangles, wristwatches, mini handbags or purses, and a stiletto will make you look stunning. Mercy Aigbe is known for this gorgeous style.

35. Ankara Flare Gown With Net

The mixture of the Ankara and the net material is a definition of class and elegance. The gown is styled exquisitely and can be worn by all curvy body structures. It is best rocked without a necklace, but earrings, wrist accessories, heel pumps, sandals, slippers, and matching purse leaves it stunning. Tiwa Savage has made necks spin with this style.

36.  Straight Gown with Off Shoulder, Long Sleeves, and Slit

This Ankara straight gown is made exceptional with clothing accessories, a single cross neck, and a jaw-dropping slit. It fits perfectly on a tall, curvy, slim, chubby, and fat body structure. Matching accessories like a neck choker, earrings, high heel slippers, sandals, and pumps give a perfect look. Toke Makinwa has been seen rocking this style.

37. Straight Gown with Square Neck and Flare Hands

This cute long Ankara gown style with its flare long sleeves makes anyone rocking it look splendid. It is a great fit for slim and medium body structures and can be rocked with a complete set of jewelry pieces. You can use mini handbags or purses with heel sandals, slippers, pumps to add to the splendid look. Mercy Aigbe has been seen keeping it cool with this style.

39. Straight Gown With V Neck and Long Flare Sleeves

It comes simple but can be exotic when worn with the best matching accessories. It is suitable for all body structures and can be rocked with a complete set of ornaments, a matching handbag, heel sandals, slippers, or a wedge. Adesua Wellington has turned necks with this style.

40. Well Detailed Off Shoulder Straight Gown With Long Sleeves

This elaborate long Ankara gown style is designed with matching black velvet. All body structures can rock the gown. One can wear it with a jewelry set, high heel sandals, slippers, or a wedge with a purse or mini handbag. Mercy Johnson is known for rocking this style.


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