40 Long and Short Dreadlocks Hairstyles for Ladies

Women’s love for dreadlocks hairstyles has only kept growing in recent years but it has been in existence right from ancient times. They understand the power of self-expression behind the long and short dreadlocks hairstyles for ladies, the more reason there is a surge in the number of women going for them. Out of the numerous locs styles in vogue today, we’ve selected 40 of the best long and short dreadlocks hairstyles for ladies.

Short Dreadlocks Styles For Ladies

A dreadlock is classified as short to medium if the length of the lock strands is within the range of 2 to 7 inches. Short dreads are perceived to be more comfortable to wear and easier to manage. Here are some of the famous and creative styles in this category.

1. Side Swept Messy

First on our list of short and long dreadlocks hairstyles for ladies is this side-swept messy dreadlocks style for ladies. With its nature of ease and simplicity, one can’t overlook the existence of this cool chic hairstyle which is becoming more popular and preferred by many ladies nowadays. The dreads are twisted braids of medium length, which are separated into two bunches. The main bunch is pushed or swept to the left side of the head, while the rest are packed to the back for a casual and messy look.

This locs style is suitable for ladies that have an oval or triangular face. Also, ladies with oblong, round, or pear faces can wear this dreadlock style comfortably with a befitting look. This superb hairstyle, coupled with earrings, necklace or chain, and bangles will make for a charming and irresistible look.

The locs style isn’t a difficult one to maintain or manage, as it does not weigh down heavily on your scalp. With seldom shampoo wash and oil spray, your dreadlocks stay fresh for a long time.

2. Baby Locks

Dreadlocks hairstyles for ladies

Baby locks are often known and called the beginning phase of growing locks. It is usually a tough phase for anyone starting out on locks. Nevertheless, baby locks can be styled in different forms to make the style more attractive. With a few inches long, the strands are tiny and flow downwards freely, spreading out to the right and left sides, and also to the back of the head. Nothing can be simpler and more comfortable than this.

You need not break a bank to maintain this reasonable style, as ordinary shampoo washing and oil spray are all you need to keep it clean, cool and shining. Wondering if this locks style will work for you? Yes, it will, as it fits perfectly for any face shape, triangular, oval, round, oblong, rectangular, square, pear, and even diamond face, just name it. You can also rock this style with long earrings, a neck chain, and bangles.

3. Dreadlock Blonde Hair

For an unusual locks style that will define your personality, bring out the definitive and relaxed nature of your identity while you step out with confidence. Blonde locks are chic, with an excellent blend of formal and party-style signature. This is a sure style to consider, as a trial will definitely get you convinced.

In this style, the dreadlocks are short to medium, tiny, and pulled backward in a ponytail. The locks have a dip-dye look, as they are dyed blonde from the middle half, making the style formal and fit for everyday office time, as well as special occasions like weddings, birthdays, get-together events, and more.

An oval, oblong, triangular, round, diamond, or pear-shaped face will cruise this style flawlessly. Also, long or short earrings and a fine neck chain or necklace will ride perfectly with this hairstyle. It is one of the dreadlocks hairstyles for ladies and you can get creative with your attire to complement it.

4. Tiny and Curly Dreadlocks

Dreadlocks hairstyles for ladies

Are you currently bored with straight, tiny dreads and looking for something new to try out? This is a style to fall for. Here, the short and tiny strands are curled and pulled together along the center from the front backward into a thick ponytail at the back of the head. The dreads maintain a naturally curly and dark look.

Undoubtedly, this style can be rocked by ladies with triangular, oval, oblong, round, pear, and diamond-shaped faces. Rocking the style with short or long earrings and a short neck chain makes a perfect fit.

5. Goddess Locs Bob

No other locks can get you in line and put you in charge as this style does. With its simple and cool appearance, you can never underestimate its power of control when it comes to the expression of beauty and personality.

This style is made up of medium-length thick dreads which flow downwards to both sides and back of the head. The strands are black and glossy with radiance. You can rock this style with a necklace or neck chain. Also, ladies with round, rectangular, square, and pear-shaped faces are sure to cruise this style perfectly.

6. Mohawk Braids Style

Dreadlocks hairstyles for ladies

This style rocks it any day with its simplicity, firmness, and charming look. You will love to wear this style considering the manner in which it is neatly braided and firmly packed for comfort. 

The impression says it all, starting with the brown and black mixture of semi-thick and straight strands, which are packed to the center from the front and braided all the way to the rear to give mohawk sides. 

There is the need to also inform you that the style can be rocked by ladies of all face shapes. But, ladies with a plump and oval, triangular, oblong, or diamond face will look more glamorous and charming wearing the style.

It is also worthy of note that the style can be combined with a long or short pair of earrings, a necklace, with bangles to match. 

Maintaining this style of dreads comes with ease, as it just requires you to wash it with shampoo often, towel-dry, and apply hair cream or an oil-based hair spray. 

7. Halo Dreadlocks

If you call this a royal crown, you are not far from the truth, considering the manner in which it was made. This is indeed creativity with a high taste of finishing touches to bring about excellence in beauty and fashion.

The locks are a combination of straight thick and thin strands, bunched together and weaved round in a circle to make a halo, such that the wearer seems to have a crown on her head. This style is undoubtedly going to get people’s attention focused on you.

You can rock this style either with long or short earrings and a neck chain, it can also be cruised without jewelry. Your beauty will flourish extremely in this style if you are the type with an oval, oblong, diamond, triangular, or pear-shaped face.

8. Short Upfront Dreadlocks

40 Long and Short Dreadlocks Hairstyles for Ladies

Another magnificent style you can try out as a locks lover. Its simple, cozy, and stylish features distinguish and define its strength in getting that awareness you desire.

For this style, the locks are thick, short, and straight, with full coverage. A portion of the locks is flaunted towards the forehead, while the remaining part is pushed backward. With this style, you can wear your long and midget earrings, and even neck chains. Also, any type of face will flow well in this style, as it rocks well with round, oval, triangular, oblong, diamond, pear, square, and rectangular faces.

9. Curly Coloured Dreadlocks

Dreadlocks hairstyles for ladies

Many times you need to get on your thinking cap and use your ingenuity to get the world around you awestruck by fiddling with colors complementing your skin complexion. This incredible style can get you motivated.

The tiny and short locks are divided along the center to the right and left sides of the head, one side is colored black and brown and the other side is black and red. The dyed locks on either side are then curled. This style can be rocked by ladies with oblong, triangular, diamond, pear, round, or oval face shapes.

10. Bantu Knots Dreadlock

Creativity in its own class, give it to the originator of this stunning dreadlocks style. You can try this out if what you want is something special, outstanding and captivating, while you are still within the frame of your budget. 

Here, the thin, short, and straight strands, which are of two colors (brown and black) are arranged into groups of four and tied to make cute and tight Bantu knots which look admirable any time of the day. You can rock this style with earrings (small or large) and neck chain. You may even decide not to use jewelry, you will also look gorgeous without one. 

Ladies with long and wide faces will rock this style like fire. Face shapes like triangular, diamond, oval, rectangle, oblong, oval, pear, and square will also be suitable. 

11. Space Buns Locks

Dreadlocks hairstyles for ladies

This style is cool, modest, and comfortable to wear, yet classic and effective enough to wield that power of beauty to your side. Give this exciting and cool style a trial and you’ll be glad you did.

This style has the short dreads divided into two portions and molded into separate messy buns, one to the right side and the other to the left side, while two strands fly down the forehead freely. The style can be worn perefctly if you belong to one of these face shapes: triangle, oblong, oval, round, rectangle, square, diamond, and pear.

Do you feel incomplete without your jewelry on? You can rock your neck chains and necklaces with this hairstyle, as well as your long or short, big or small earrings to match up. This is one of the dreadlocks hairstyles for ladies that goes well with kids too, thus, it is also a kids hairstyle you can try out for your daughter.

12. Half-Up Afro Dreads

The uniqueness of this locks style is in the sparsely infused multi-colored strands that create an amazing and unexplainable effect with the twisted bunch of dreads facing up, while the remaining dreads flow around freely.

Wearing this style won’t be complete without your jewelry to balance things up as you never can explain the perfection this will bring to your look.

If you are wondering if this style will be suitable for you, try out this style if you have a triangular, round, oblong, oval, pear, diamond, square, or rectangular face.

13. Palm Tree Dread Ponytail

Dreadlocks hairstyles for ladies

This dreadlocks hairstyle depicts exactly what it is called. This is yet another unimaginable way you can express yourself.

The style contains short, tiny, and straight dreads weaved to the center towards the rear of the head and packed into a messy ponytail, in which the faux locs stand for the root and the short dreaded pony represents the crown.

A large or small earring with a neck chain goes perfectly with this style. Moreso, a triangular, oval, oblong, diamond, or pear-shaped face will perfectly match this style.

14. High Dreadlock Bun with Bang

Dreadlocks hairstyles for ladies

For your simple yet attractive and highly classy locks style that makes the statement and puts you on the line, you’ve got to give this style a trial.

Here, the dreads are short, thick, and straight, they are packed into a high bun in the middle of the head, with some cute bangs to the front. The high dreadlock bun with bang cute style can be combined with jewelry. Also, it can be worn by ladies of any type of face.

15. Short Bold Dreadlocks

The short bold dreadlocks style has its origin traceable to South Africa. The dread fits perfectly with women with short hair, a rectangular or diamond-shaped face. With light or heavy makeup, your dreads will bring out your face and beauty, especially when you have them in black. Though dying your dread into a bright color can go for some people.

However, it is a tad difficult to maintain this dreadlocks style as they easily tangle into a mess. The solution to this is to always have your dreads well oiled and brush them often. You can also use a hairpin to part and hold some dreads together into a style you love.

16. Short and Mini Bun Dreads in Blonde

Dreadlocks hairstyles for ladies

This is just a variant of the Bantu knots dreadlocks style, while the former has a black and brown color mixture of multiple knots covering the head, this style (short and mini bun dreads in blonde) has a single knot in the center of the head, and it is blonde.

Some face types will rock this style better, such as square, rectangular, oblong, diamond, and round faces. Your jewelry will blend smoothly with this style too.

It is also good to know that this style is easy to maintain. You don’t have to break your backbone before you can perfectly manage the hairstyle. With a shampoo rinse and hair spray, you are good to go.

17. Short Afro Dreadlocks

For a simple dread style that is stylish and multi-engaging, with both formal and informal looks, let this style do the job perfectly for you. You will look beautiful in this style, no matter your face type, oval, round, square, pear, diamond, rectangular, oblong, or triangular, you are going to look gorgeous.

You can also rock the style with or without bold jewelry, your natural beauty will absolutely manifest. The style is just as simple to describe to your stylist as it is. The dreads are short, tiny, and straight with full coverage on the head, the strands are often standing alone and the more clustered together they are, the prettier and lusher your dreads will look.

18. Rainbow Inserts for Short Dreads

Dreadlocks hairstyles for ladies

Get yourself the hairstyle with the definition of personalized beauty and cuteness. You need no one to define your beauty for you but with this style, you are going personal and totally unique. It’s a style that opens your wild imagination of possibility.

You can communicate with these thick, short, and straight twisted dreads with a bit of spice, and I mean changing the norm by getting some colorful strands knitted in, to give a multicolor rainbow-like effect.

You can rock this style if you have a plump, broad, and even long face. The following face shapes will be more suitable for this amazing hairstyle: square, rectangular, oblong, diamond, or round shape.

Long Dreadlocks Styles for Ladies

Dreadlock style is termed long if its length is above 8 or 9 inches. Long dreads can be super exciting to rock if well maintained. Below is a list of some of the trailblazers in this category.

19. Thin Mohawk Dreads

With this thin mohawk dreads, you will never go wrong, as it is another hairstyle that defines self-expression of beauty. The personality branding you want is presented in this style, while it remains simple and comfortable to wear, with cheap maintenance cost.

With a short to medium length of locks, which is straight and contain some sparse multicolor strands (such as yellow, red, and even brown), a huge mohawk is formed by packing the dreads towards the center and braided together along the apex from the front end down to the rear end.

You may not need to bother yourself about your type of face, this style has got you covered as it fits into any face type. You can also cruise this style with earrings, be it long or short, pin, small or large, or ring type, they all go well with the hairstyle. However, this style is simple and easy to maintain, as it is neat, smart, and well packed. A constant shampoo rinse and oil-based air spray will keep its form intact, cool and radiant every time.

20. Goddess Faux Crochet Dreadlocks

There are no two words to qualify this locs style as a confidence booster. Wearing these goddess faux crochet dreadlocks boosts your ego and expresses your personality in a sophisticated, and classy manner

For this style, the locs are tiny and long, some are then packed together and folded or wrapped in two horns, forming a high bun. This style is suitable for ladies who have one of these types of face structures: oblong, square, diamond, oval, and triangle.

Ladies that are not fond of using jewelry can rock this dread style without one, yet their beauty will shine and command attention. Jewelry lovers too can rock the style for a stunning look, and your makeup should be well detailed to enhance the beauty of this dread styles.

21. Extra Long Dreads

Dreadlocks hairstyles for ladies

Do you want to step out with that gorgeous look? That’s what this locs style is all about, especially if you are a black, curvy beauty, you just have to rock the hairstyle.

You can rock this style if you are having a triangular, oblong, oval, round, and diamond face. The style could also be rocked along with jewelry.

22. Brown to Blonde Ombre Long Dreadlocks

You can let your dreadlocks color tell your fascinating story of beauty and fashion sense. This is another magnificent way of expressing yourself through your colored hairstyle. This is a braided or twisted ombre locs of wool extensions to make tiny to medium-sized, long-colored locs. The base of the locs is often in your natural hair color while from the middle to the tip are in blonde color.

Ladies with long and broad faces should rock this style beautifully, like oval, triangular, rectangular, diamond, and round faces. If you are naturally curvy, you will definitely make lots of sense wearing this style. Also, your choice of jewelry must be elegant.

23. Dyed Long Dreads in Multi-color

With bold and long dreads, you can be assured of that stunning look you’ve always wanted. The locs strands are heavily long and dip-dyed in multiple colors, such as blue, honey-blonde, pink, and black. This all depends on your choice. You can come up with your color combination for an unbelievable color effect.

Moreover, for a superb combination, you can wear your carefully selected short or long earrings to match your dread style. Your face type for a perfect fit should be oval, triangular, diamond, oblong, pear, or rectangular. Both slim and busty body types will rock these locs beautifully.

24. Long Curly Dreads 

This is another proof of how beautiful a lush dread can be. An inclusion of colors to spice up your dreads won’t be a bad idea. In this locs style, the strands are thin to medium-sized, long, and curly. No doubt about it, this will definitely turn heads.

You can complement the locs style with your befitting earrings, pendants, neck chains or necklace. Rectangular, square, oblong, pear, and diamond faces will be best suited for the  style. Also, this style fits the majority of body types.

However, the maintenance of these dreads should be carefully done with thorough washing after long use. Ensure that your dreads dry out completely before your next use so they don’t smell. You can also do light shampoo rinsing, towel-dry and spray an oil-based hair spray.

25. Thick Mohawk Dreads

You will go casual and chicky with this locs style and stay on top of your game while your days remain fresh as you exhibit that confidence to express your beauty and fashion sense. This locs hairstyle gets you covered with its dread strands weaved and pulled together towards the center of the head and is weaved down.

Rocking this style with jewelry such as earrings, necklaces, neck chains, or trinkets will boost your beauty and fashion sense the most. Face shapes ranging from triangle, round, square, oval, diamond, pear, and rectangle are all suitable for this locs style. Also, fat, slim straight, and curvy body shapes can rock this style perfectly.

26. Burgundy and Red Micro Dreads

Dreadlocks hairstyles for ladies

You can go all red for your locs and make an imprint in the minds of your admirers because there are no two ways about it, you’ve got to be admired by those who see you. The dreads here are thin, long, and straight with a burgundy color. This style is flashy and captivating.

You need not worry whether the style will be suitable for you or not, it suits all types of face structures. Also, you should be fine in the style, no matter your body type. 

27. Sideways Curly Dreads

Dreadlocks hairstyles for ladies

This style has a lot to offer you more than you think, from comfort to simplicity, not forgetting the beauty that comes with it. Rocking this style revives your charming look and gets you close to your beauty goal.

Here, the strands are thin, long, and curly, they are divided along the center of the head from the front end to the rear end of the head and swept to both sides of the head, hanging down freely.

This hairstyle is suitable for virtually all types of face, and you will look good in this style regardless of your body type (slim, fat, curvy, straight etc). You can also rock the style with trinkets, earrings, neck chains or necklace.

The maintenance of this style is not hard, shampoo rinse and hair spray will be perfect to get your hair healthy, fresh, neat, and cool all the way. It is also one of the dreadlocks hairstyles for ladies that is easy to maintain.

28. Long Hair Locs with Curly Ends

This is royal class, elegance, and simplicity in a simple definition. Rock this style like a queen, and you will always come out with confidence and dignity.

Your stylist won’t have to be stressed to get you in the path of royal beauty, with a fix of long, thick, and straight strands of locs which are curled a few centimeters at the end, you are already there.

You wear this locs hairstyle regardless of your face shape (oval, oblong, rectangle, pear, triangle, square, or diamond) or body type (slim, curvy, fat, straight etc). You can as well rock the style with jewelry, it makes you more charming.

29. Soft Crochet Dreadlocs

Soft Crochet Dreadlocks start from the front and take your hair all the way back without putting stress on your hair. This makes your hair look naturally relaxed yet thick.

Ladies with diamond, oblong-faced faces should rock this dread style. They will also look all the more pretty with big earrings and colorful makeup.

30. Thick Rough Dreads

You can never miss it with this hairstyle, it is the foundation of all dread styles and is often won by artists. The dreads are notably rough and look old yet healthy. They are thick and mostly flat and a strand of dread might interlock with another strand halfway down their lenght. The thick lumps of dread bangs hanging down the sides of the head tells everyone that your dread is not just the basic.

Ladies with round, plump, triangular, oval, oblong, diamond, rectangular, or pear-shaped face can wear this dread style. Also, your curvy, slim, or fat body shape will go well in this style. This is one of the most ancient and detailed dreadlocks hairstyles for ladies that will stand you out.

31. Long Full Blonde Dreadlocks

Dreadlocks hairstyles for ladies

You will be amazed by how far you can go in exploiting the possibilities of numerous locs styles currently available. This is yet another game-changer when it comes to dreads.

Just get this on if you have the curvy, fat, or slim body type, you will stand out radiant. Also, if your face type is round, square, rectangular, oblong, pear and diamond, your beauty and look will be astonishing.

This full blonde of thick, straight and long dreads give you all the tools you need to experiment with your style by tweaking it to what best suits you. This is one of the dreadlocks hairstyles for ladies that never goes out of fashion.

32. Long Wavy Dreadlocks

Long wavy dreadlocks particularly fit slim curvy ladies with oblong face. With this dread style which typically goes all the way down the abdomen or stop at the bust level, you will easily style it and turn yourself into a pretty girl. Taking care of these dreads is also a breeze as all you need to do is to give it a brush.

33. Half Up Twisted Dreads

Dreadlocks hairstyles for ladies

Imagine how creative and artistic your dreads can look if you do this. An incredible artistic hybrid of flat braids and drooping dreads having metallic red dip dye towards the tip ends.

The interesting thing about this style is that it fits into all situations. If you are busty, round, curvy, or flat, you’ve got your beauty secured. Is your face type round, rectangular, oblong, diamond, triangular, square, or pear? you will surely radiate in this locs style.

Wearing your jewelry with this style won’t be a bad idea, as it adds to your beauty and takes it to the next level.

34. Uneven Long Dreadlocks Style

This style of dreadlocks is simple yet classy. It is a combination of various uneven long dreads at various lengths. The hairstyle looks best when you affix beads to some or all of the dreads.

Your type of face should be round, rectangular, oblong, diamond, and square to rock this style perfectly. Also, this style fits any type of body. You can as well wear your bold jewelry with the locs style.

35. Colored Spiral Dreadlocks

It is thick, spiral, bold and at the same time has a unique color to it. The color should ideally be something that is cool yet quite noticeable. Dark blue, dark green, and dark brown are some of the colors these spiral dreadlocks appear best in.

In wearing this hairstyle for an effective result, your face type should be either of the following: oblong, diamond, triangular, and round. This is one of the dreadlocks hairstyles for plump ladies that will show your true Africaness.

36. Rasta Dreads Style

Dreadlocks hairstyles for ladies

This hairstyle is not new in the game and is gaining popularity by the day due to its bizarre allure. It is an exquisite locs style that can be made by crocheting or naturally. The versatility of the locs, which makes it styleable into any desired look boosts its general acceptance among ladies that rock dreads. Also, the greyish color makes it unique in its entirety. Won’t you give this a trial? It will certainly fit you, as it suits all face shapes and body types flawlessly. You can as well rock this style with your jewelry in moderation. This is one of the dreadlocks hairstyles for ladies that older women typically love to wear.

37. Different Dreads with Beads

As different dreads form different looks, tiny curly dreads with full head coverage can be more fascinating to look at than you ever could imagine. The most incredible thing about this style is its dynamic nature as a result of the square parting it has.

The style can be worn any way one deems fit (either swept to one side, packed up and down, or split in the middle), not forgetting that the strands have beads on them which make the beauty outstanding. This style will be suitable to Wear by all face shapes and body types, also, your jewelry should be moderate for a perfect display of beauty.

38. Blonde dreads in a mohawk Braid

Dreadlocks hairstyles for ladies

You can always bank on this style for the protection and styling of your hair every time. The blonde tints make it fun to wear, coupled with the chubby mohawk top which is firmly twisted in two long braids that runs from the front to the rear of the head.

Ladies with broad and round faces can try out this style, as well as ladies with body types such as plump, slim, or curvy.

39. Long Blonde Ponytail Dreadlocks

With this long blonde dreadlocks that are long and straight, you can style up by knotting your dread into an easy ponytail. It is that simple. Having said that, you can be sure to rock this style no matter the type of face you have. Also, a slim body type will be perfect for the locs style.

40. Up Down and Sideways dread Buns

Dreadlocks hairstyles for ladies

The up-down and sideways dread buns dreadlocks hairstyles for ladies is just an expression of beauty with art. Who says you can’t style your dread as you wish? This is a style that inspires you to think of your unique style that depicts the true you. They are long, thin, and curly strands in which a portion is tied facing up to form a high bun, while the remaining portion flows downwards, to the sides and back of the head.

This style will be suitable for ladies with square, round, rectangular, and pear-shaped faces. Also, you are good to go with this locs style if you have a round, plump, curvy, or slim body shape.

Recap of Long and Short Dreadlocks Hairstyles for Ladies

Short Dreadlocks Hairstyles for Ladies

1) Side Swept Messy

2) Baby Locks

3) Dreadlock Blonde Hair

4) Tiny and Curly Dreadlocks

5) Goddess Locs Bob

6) Mohawk Braids Style

7) Halo Dreadlocks

8) Short Upfront Dreadlocks

9) Curly Coloured Dreadlocks

10) Bantu Knots Dreadlock

11) Space Buns Locks

12) Half-Up Afro Dreads

13) Palm Tree Dread Ponytail

14) High Dreadlock Bun with Bang

15) Short Bold Dreadlocks

16) Short and Mini Bun Dreads in Blonde

17) Short Afro Dreadlocks

18) Rainbow Inserts for Short Dreads

Long Dreadlocks Hairstyles for Ladies

19) Thin Mohawk Dreads

20) Goddess Faux Crochet Dreadlocks

21) Extra Long Dreads

22) Brown to Blonde Ombre Long Dreadlocks

23) Kinky Curly Dreads in Multi-colour

24) Long Curly Dreads

25) Thick Mohawk Dreads

26) Burgundy and Red Micro Dreads

27) Sideways Curly Dreads

28) Long Hair Locs with Curly Ends

29) Soft Crochet Dreadlocs

30) Thick Rough Dreads

31) Long Full Blonde Dreadlocks

32) Dreadlock Tower

33) Half Up Twisted Dreads

34) Uneven Long Dreadlocks Style

35) Colored Spiral Dreadlocksa

36) Rasta Dreads Style

37) Different Dreads with Beads

38) Blonde dreads in a mohawk Braid

39) Long Blonde Ponytail Dreadlocks

40) Up Down and Sideways dread Buns

How to Ensure Dreadlocks do not Destroy Your Edges

Edges are fragile parts of our hair that can easily be damaged with dreadlocks if some measures are not in place and if one is not very careful. Some of the things to do to ensure that the edges are protected from being damaged by the dreadlocks we wear include the following:

  • Let your diets contain lots of vitamins and nutrients which the hair and edges require for growth.
  • Massage the edges with natural oils, this keeps them moisturized and boosts growth.
  • Reduce your use of extensions or styles that requires high maintenance. This exerts tension and pressure on the edges.
  • Don’t make your dread braids too tight on the hair, as it is putting pressure on the edges.
  • Don’t do dreadlocks successively, by this you will be maintaining healthy edges and be reducing the pressure and tension on the edges.

Do Dreadlocks have any Spiritual Connotation?

Dreadlocks have some spiritual meanings attached to them, both in religious and traditional settings. However, these spiritual connotations differ in meaning across cultures/traditions and religious beliefs.

Religious Meaning of Dreadlocks

Dreadlock is attributed to strength. In the Bible, the story of Samson easily comes to mind, his extraordinary strength is connected directly to the seven locks on his head, and he lost the power the moment the seven locks were shaved. There are other places in the Bible where God instructs priests not to shave their hair. In a larger sense, dreadlocks mean a connection to God and stronger/deeper meditation.

Traditional Meaning of Dreadlocks

In the southern part of Nigeria for example, children born naturally with dreadlocks are known to be spiritual humans, it is believed that their appearance in any family symbolizes the arrival of wealth and the symbol that depicts dreadlocks is cowries. It is even seen attached to some children’s dreadlocks. These children are well adorned, and it is only their mother that can touch their hair.

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