40 Modern Swazi Traditional Attire and Dresses

One of the bedrock of African culture is the rich and diverse outfits synonymous with the continent and Eswatini or Swazi people are not exempted. Like many things, the evolution of the dressing of the Swazi or Swati people has been constant while retaining elements of the tradition. A lot of the attires have been modernized to suit the current fashion while maintaining the originality of the distinct colors and fabrics associated with the Swazi culture. Swazi traditional attire and dresses can therefore be worn to all sorts of occasions.

Swati Attire For Women

Swazi women are very fashionable and have been able to convert their usual traditional fabrics to very modern high-class fashion pieces that can be worn to any occasion from casual to high-end events.

1. The Swazi Emahiya Traditional One Shoulder Dress

This outfit is really just a piece of the famous Emahiya fabric wrapped around a woman’s body in the very unique Swazi method. It exudes simplicity and elegance. Young Swazi women are increasingly wearing this outfit to both weddings and casual events. Paired with the traditional necklace and a beautiful brooch to hold it in place, this attire would give a unique blend of modern and traditional look.

2. Swati Off-Shoulder Pleated Dress

Made from the traditional Swati fabric with its iconic red color, this dress is perfect for casual outings. Paired with the beautiful feathered headdress, it is elevated into a couture dress that can be worn to any event, especially to weddings. This dress is perfect for slim ladies as it shows off the shoulders. The ruffle detailing in the neckline contributes to its overall classiness.

3. Mermaid Style Dress With Swati Fabric Combined With Yellow Crepe

This sleeveless silhouette style dress with the mermaid flare is stunning with its elegance and simple cut. The neck is cut high and the bodice is in a classic C style emphasizing the arms and shoulders. It is body fitted and ends in a dramatic mermaid flare from the knees, sweeping the floor. The combination of the vibrant yellow and blue patterned fabric gives this dress a rich array of colors.

4. Baby Doll Grecian Style Printed Dress

This casual fun dress is perfect for a date or brunch with friends. The red silk bow tie on the shoulder of its one hand contrasts nicely with the blue patterned fabric. The printed skirt of the dress gives a cute finishing. Accessorized with strappy heeled sandals with a pair of red dangly earrings, makes the outfit a total hit.

5. The Yellow, Black, and White Emahiya Traditional Dress

This outfit is a twist on the traditional Emahiya dress. Its made from beautiful yellow Swati fabric and paired with a printed underskirt and feather cloth hung across one shoulder. For a more festive look, the wearer is putting on jangles on both ankles with yellow-themed flat sandals to match. A pearl headband and yellow beaded bracelet complete the look.

6. Long Pleated Swati Skirt with a Thigh-High Slit

Made from the red patterned Swati fabric, this skirt is paired with a turtle-necked long-sleeved top. Wearing a statement piece necklace and strappy heels, this outfit screams understated elegance and class. Perfect for any event ranging from church service to weddings and funerals. This outfit can also be adapted to suit all body types.

7. Yellow Pleated Waisted Dress With A Twist

This sleeveless dress features a fitted bodice in the Swati red patterned fabric and a cinched in pleated waist ending in a flare and dramatic thigh hush slit. Cut-out patterns from the red Swati fabric are used to design the borders. The same fabric is used to line the crepe so there’s a hint of it peeking out. Topping the look off is a feathered headdress in royal blue and strappy sandals for a classy look. This dress is perfect for a wedding guest.

8. Swati Designed Gown

The two bridesmaids’ dresses are made from crepe in the Swati red. Both dresses have detailings with the Swati fabric, one on the waist in a peplum style and the other on the neck, emphasizing the Grecian cut. With the little flare ending at the mid calves, these dresses are cute and elegant. Can be adapted and worn on dates and other events.

9. Mermaid Midi Swati Dress

This dress is deceptively simple but has a lot of details that just make it elegant. The styling of the neck and shoulders is made from the patterned fabric just as the three-step flare at the knee while the body of the dress is made from a plain black material. This style of outfit is quite suitable for both plus-sized and slim ladies. Paired with heeled or flat shoes and proper accessories.

10. Swati Styled Joggers and Sweatshirt

A fun and cool way of wearing the Emahiya fabric is as sportswear. The outfit is basically joggers and sweatshirts overlaid with the Emahiya wrapped around the body like a cloak. Paired with white sneakers, a colorful neckpiece and you have a fun and edgy way of wearing a traditional outfit which will be perfect for casual occasions and school outings.

11. Halter Neck Gown

This dramatic halter necked piece can be worn as a wedding dress or for a dinner date. In the classic train style, it sweeps the floor, giving the wearer an elegant look. The white fabric contrasts nicely with the patterned fabric. Minimal accessories are needed for this outfit.

12. High Fashion Emahiya Dress With A Fur Coat

This adaptation of the Emahiya attire screams high fashion!!!! Paired with the pleated underskirt and a fur coat worn over it, red velvet boots, and a statement beaded neckpiece, it’s elegant, fashionable, and stunning. This outfit is definitely an eye turner any day, time, and occasion.

13. Red Ball Gown Designed With Swati Fabric

Featuring the Swati fabric in a simple combination with a red ball gown is simply stunning. The black and white Swati traditional fabric blends seamlessly with the red rich color of the gown. This gown does not require excessive accessories and one can even choose to wear it without accessories.

14. Swati Styled Joggers and Bomber Jacket Set

This outfit is a modern twist to the Swati fabric combined with a black material to make trendy joggers set. It is fun, funky, trendy, ultra-casual, and serves as comfortable wear for a day out with friends. More so, the outfit is perfect for all body sizes and is best paired with sneakers for the ultimate sporty look.

15. Swati Mermaid Style Dress & Bow Tie Armless Short Ball Dress

Both of these gowns are made with the Swati blue patterned fabric combined with plain blue cotton material. The patterned material and the plain blue fabric match perfectly to make beautiful, elegant, and cute outfits. The longer dress sports full off-shoulder puff sleeves with a plunging neckline and a flare from the knee with jagged edges. The shorter gown is also designed with a deep sweetheart neckline showcasing the cleavage and held up with two thin fabrics tied up to form the sleeves.

16. Two-Piece Outfit – Sleeveless Crop Top, and Full Gathered Skirt with a Thigh-high Slit

This is a fun and flirty outfit. Made from a darker shade of the Swati fabric, it’s a two-piece with a sleeveless crop top, button-down, and sporting a square neckline. The skirt is full-bodied and high-waisted. Its thigh-high slit gives it a flirty look. Paired with dangling earrings and stiletto pumps, this look is outstanding.

17. Mermaid Style Cut-Out Pattern Dress

This dress is stunning with its fitted design. It flares out at the mid-thighs with a patterned fabric. Its upper part is made of navy blue satin while the bust is crafted with cut-out patterns from the fabric. The neckline and long sleeves are made of net material which gives it a lush look. The only accessory needed for this outfit is the headwrap made from the same fabric.

18. Golden Headpiece and Dress

Featuring the Swazi fabric in royal blue tones with sprinkles of red and yellow, the beauty of this dress is in the rich colors. The golden sun rays headpiece is stunning and gives the outfit an elegant look. Perfect for casual occasions and school outings.

19. Umhlambiso African Print Dress

Made with a colorful print fabric, the dress is fun and beautiful. It features a drop-down off-shoulder for one sleeve and a bow tie sleeve on the other. The bodice is fitted and the neckline is cut in a sweetheart line. The waist of the dress is pleated and falls in a full-bodied full-length skirt. The lady accessorizes by wearing a headband made of colorful tiny beads and gold earrings.

Swati Wedding Dresses

20. Gold Threaded Wedding Dress

This stunning sweetheart neckline wedding dress is made from gold-threaded damask and embellished with golden feathers. With a train of caramel tulle, the dress is a royal masterpiece and suited for the most extravagant wedding ceremony.

More so, the fabulous crown sparkling with stones gives the bride a queenly aura. Sewn to mold the body, this Swati-themed wedding dress is best suited for curvy women as it will flatter their physique.

21. A-Line Wedding Dress With A Pop of Swati Fabric

Simple and elegant describes this wedding dress. The conventional white wedding dress in the A-line style is overlaid with a short cape made from the Swati fabric, predominantly blue. Edged with tassels, this traditional off-shoulder cape gives a more interesting look to the wedding dress, and the pockets bring an unconventional style to the outfit. The attire is pulled together for a perfect finish with the Swati head wrap.

22. Crepe Wedding Dress in Sea Green

This wedding dress is exquisitely made. The bodice is strapless and embellished with beads, giving a subtle but rich look. The lower part is done in mermaid style but attached at the back is a layered luxurious train. Embellished with the Swati material, tassels, net, and stones, it trails to the floor. The bride is holding a bouquet of feathers and wearing a feathered headdress, detailing on her forehead.

23. Peplum Wedding Dress

This Swati-themed dress looks amazing with a touch of both modern and Swazi culture.
The stunning dress is made by combining elements of the traditional Swazi fabrics and the classic white wedding dress. It features a bodice made of lace, a peplum midsection created with Swati fabric, feather embellishments, and a pleated flare at the knee edged with red lace.

24. Beaded Wedding Ball Gown

This bridal dress is unique because of its unconventional red color. The bodice and sleeves are hand-beaded to perfection, giving it that luxurious and bespoke look. Belted at the waist before expanding into a full princess ball gown style, this dress would be perfect for brides of all shapes and sizes. The look is topped off with the traditional dramatic Swati style headdress in red, white, and black.

25. Bell Sleeved Swati Traditional Dress

This unique dress is designed beautifully. The base is a white branded Swaziland fabric and is loosely fitted. The sleeved are dramatic ending in two-layered bell sleeves done with the patterned fabric. The same fabric is used to create ruffles which are used to embellish the hem of the dress in two frothy layers. The bride completes the look with a statement bespoke neckpiece.

Swazi Makoti Attire

26. Makoti Inspired Wedding Dress

This wedding gown is a perfect combination of Swati fabric and the conventional white wedding dress. The form-fitting style dress is interrupted with a band made of colorful fabric around the waist. The same fabric is used for the bell flare at the knees which flows to the floor. To top it off, the deep neckline is embellished with white feathers, and the shoulders cascade into a flowing white cape down the bride’s back. She pairs it with a beautiful tiara and sparkling studded earrings.

27. An Umtsimba Wedding Dress

A quintessential dress made by combining the red satin Swati fabric for the bodice and a full gathered skirt made of tulle and net in a ball gown fashion. The bride is wearing a statement beaded sunburst neckpiece and a beaded headpiece. This outfit is usually worn during a traditional Swati wedding ceremony where the bride commits herself to her new family.

28. Umakoti Lobola Dress

This luxurious dress is a creation of yards of tulle net and the Swati local fabric. The bodice is a mono strap, pleated and belted at the waist, and made entirely of the fabric while the skirt of the dress is made from a fine tulle material. To complete the regal look, the bride is wearing an elaborate headpiece fashioned from the Swati fabric ad feathers, a thick single strand beaded necklace, and a beaded blue and white staff.

29. Feathered Cape Eswatini Makoti Ensemble

This is a very traditional outfit but with touches of modern accessories. The tube dress is overlaid with a feathered cape. She is also wearing a feathered hat with different plumages on it while adorning her heck and ears with statement pieces of jewelry. To complete the look is a beaded staff and embroidered shield.

Swazi Traditional Attire For Couples

30. Swati Couple Wearing The Red Themed Swati Fabric

This bride looks stunning with her detailed top. The top is characterized by a two-layered peplum, a cutout sweetheart neckline showing just a hint of cleavage, and a tasseled cape with military-style shoulders. The skirt is made of plain red fabric and flares at the knees. The bride completes her look with a statement high-top headdress in red embellished with black lace and beads.

The groom’s outfit on the other hand is a simple Kaftan. The top is a patterned fabric in red, white, and black which he combines with a piece of plain black fabric for the trousers.

31. Bride and Groom Wearing a Yellow, Black and White Styled Swati Outfit

The bride’s dress is made with the Swazi fabric in tones of yellow. Form-fitted and belted at the waist with a dramatic flair from the knees, its hem is made with yards and yards of tulle and net to give it a luxurious finishing. The high neckline is embellished with black sequins and flowers. She completes the look with the high-top Swati headdress in yellow designed with little black beads.

To complement her look, the groom is wearing a highly structured kaftan in predominantly black and designed with yellow fabric on the right side and the pocket area. He tops off the look with dress shoes in black and together they make a power couple.

32. Two-Piece Swati Fabric Outfit For The Bride and a Swati Fabric Tunic For the Groom

The couple looks stunning in the royal blue coordinated outfits. The bride’s attire is a two-piece comprising of a peplum top and a mermaid style skirt that ends in a full flare and is overlaid with net fabric. She’s wearing a cloth cap made from the same material and uses a white shawl as a cape.

The groom is wearing a tunic of the same fabric as the bride, cut with a mock turtle neck and short sleeves. To give it a perfect finish and a high fashion look, he pairs the top with black trousers.

33. Groom in White Long-Sleeved Tunic and a White Off-shoulder Fabric-Trimmed Dress For the Lady

The man’s tunic is made from plain white fabric and designed in front with the red Swati fabric. He’s wearing an animal print headband with extended feathers and pairs the outfit with white skinny jeans and red rebooks to match.

The woman on the other hand is wearing a dress made predominantly of white linen. The bodice is cut out with the red patterned Swati fabric cut with a sweetheart neckline. The long sleeves are puffy at the beginning and taper out at the wrists, edged with the same patterned fabric. The dress flares out at the knees and is overlaid with Swati fabric, giving the lady a mermaid silhouette.

34. Traditional Wedding Outfit With The Groom in White Long-Sleeved Tunic and Bride in a Two-piece Outfit

The groom’s tunic is made of plain white and the neckline and pockets are designed in a stripe pattern with a darker colored fabric. He’s wearing a tiny bead headband and pairs the tunic with blue jeans and brown brogue shoes.

The bride’s outfit is a two-piece. The skirt is white and is cut in the classic six pieces. The top is a peplum top in red patterned fabric with slight off shoulders and feathers on one shoulder. She’s wearing a dramatic headdress made of the same fabric, feathers, and intricate beadwork.

35. Groom in White Short-sleeved Tunic and Bride in a Black and Yellow Patterned Dress

The groom’s outfit is a simple white short-sleeved tunic with a round neck and buttoned-down in front, edged in yellow, he throws the Swati yellow pattern fabric across one shoulder for a pop of color. Black jeans, white sneakers, and a black cowboy hat complete the look.

The bride’s dress is a masterpiece created by combining lace, yellow Swazi fabric, black tulle, and white feathers. Cinched in at the waist, the dress will flatter all kinds of body types. She accessorizes with a thin string of pearl around her head, statement earrings, an animal skin shield, and a short staff.

36. Swazi Man in Swati Fabric Shorts and Woman Wearing Engraved Emahiya Attire

The man is in simple shorts made of white and black fabric, a black round-necked polo, and a piece of the material slung over his shoulders. A light blue headband on his head completes the traditional casual outfit.

The woman’s attire blends in perfectly with the man’s outfit as she is wearing the local Emahiya outfit and black lace underskirt. She pairs them with a colorful beaded necklace and silver earrings.

37. Couple in a Blue Modern Swati Styled Outfit

The groom is in a two-piece Kaftan set made of deep blue fabric. The top is long-sleeved and is trimmed with fabric at the wrists and neckline down the front. He has on a string bead headband around his head and completes his look with white sneakers.

The bride’s dress is a dramatic three-step ruffled tulle design in the same rich blue color. The bodice is made with local patterned fabric and is strapless. She’s wearing an elaborate headpiece with spikes and flowers while holding a bouquet.

Swati Traditional Attire For Men

38. Traditional Swati Groom Outfit

This outfit is simply the Swati fabric wrapped around the man’s bare body and tied over the shoulder. Many grooms still opt to wear this during their traditional marriage. The outfit is paired with the leopard skin headband worn around the head, three large animal skin necklaces, and the animal print shield embellished with dry feathers at the tip.

39. Grooms Attire with A Plain and Patterned Swati Fabric

This groom is wearing a simple kaftan in green. Over the shoulder is a piece of the green patterned fabric attached to the cloth. This style of outfit can be adapted by any man and used for other events as it is classy and gives good fitting.

40. Traditional Emahiya for Men

This outfit is the classic Emahiya fabric in blue tones for men tied over the shoulder and worn over fabrics tied on the waist as undergarments. It is accompanied by a feathered headband and a wooden spear. This outfit is usually worn during local festivals.


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