5 Easy Tips For Getting Out Of Bed Even When Tired

We have all been there, dreading leaving our warm cozy beds to go into the world and be an adult especially when all you want to do is sleep and pretend you’re a kid with no responsibilities.

Waking up groggy and tired is nothing new, in fact, there are hacks to getting out of bed when it’s the last thing in the world you want to do.

Drink Water Before Bed

5 tips for getting out of bed when tired
Don’t be this guy

The logic behind this reasoning is that when you drink enough water, you will feel the need to pee in the morning which will automatically get you out of bed– whether you want to or not.

The fallout is that you could wake up in the middle of the night rather than the morning, so it’s all a gamble. However, a little experiment never hurt any one.

Leave Your Curtain/Blind Open

5 tips for getting out of bed when tired

Sleeping is so much easier when the lights are turned off, and the opposite is same for getting out of bed. Leaving your blinds or curtains open will ensure your dizziness get burned in a bout of sunshine.

Place Your Alarm Clock Far Far Away

5 tips for getting out of bed when tired
What might happen if your alarm clock is too close

But not so far away that you can’t hear it when it rings. Having your alarm close by when it goes off gives you the advantage of snoozing till forever or probably smashing it. Placing your alarm far from reach makes you get up to turn it off– especially if you hate the alarm tone.

Have A Fun Activity Planned Ahead

5 tips for getting out of bed when tired

When you have a fun schedule for the morning, you go to bed looking forward to it and almost always get up without the need for an alarm, and definitely without feeling terrible about getting out of bed. So think of an activity or anything that you really like to do and fit it into your morning schedule.

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Have A Good Night’s Rest

5 tips for getting out of bed when tired

Not sleeping well will lead to not waking up well. So eat on time, set out your outfit for the following day, and do not go to bed with so much on your mind.

Remember, a good morning starts with a good night’s sleep.