5 Things You Didn’t Know About Beau Garrett And Her Movies

Many people who work as actors and actresses had non-conventional starts to their careers. Beau Garret who is mostly known as an actress falls into this category as before she started working in films, she was a model. Garret worked for major fashion lines and appeared in a number of international magazines. Though the bulk of her legacy is in the work she has done in acting, there is much more to Beau Garrett than just her film appearances.

She was born Beau Jesse Garrett on the 28th of December 1982 at the Cedars Sinai Hospital located in Los Angeles, California. Her parents are David Garrett and Randi Garrett, who raised her in California in the county of Topanga, alongside her elder sister, Autumn. Beau is not the only member of her family who works in the world of films as her cousin Kyle Chandler also has a career in acting.

Her Movies

The first steps Garrett took in starting a career in acting was with her appearance in the music video for the band Crossfade, the song is titled Cold and she was the female lead. Two years after she appeared in that video, she played the role of Amy in the 2006 horror film, Turistas. This was her first role in a feature film. Beau Garrett’s next role was in 2007 and it was in another horror film. In this film, Unearthed, she is Caya.

These two films did not appeal to a large group of people and she played minor characters, it is not until 2007 when she played Frankie Raye in the high profile film, Fantastic Four: Rise of the Silver Surfer that she became recognized as an actress. Her appearance in this film led to much better roles. Other films that Beau Garrett has acted in include Tron: Legacy, Freelancers, In Stereo, Knight of Cups, among many others.

But the bulk of Beau Garrett’s acting career is the work she has done on television shows. Even before she appeared in Turistas, this actress was already acting in television shows. Her debut was in 2004 and it was in an episode of North Shore. Garrett has had appearances in more than one episode of Criminal Minds but the show, Girlfriends’ Guide to Divorce and The Good Doctor have the most episodes on a show that she has appeared in. On The Good Doctor, she plays the role of Jessica Preston.

Beau Garrett
Beau Garrett and Chris Pine – image source

5 Things You Didn’t Know About Beau Garrett

1. Equestrian skills

Beau Garrett had a very robust and wholesome childhood where she grew up in comfort. One of the things that were available to her was the means to learn horse riding. But Beau did not just stop at learning how to ride a horse, she went ahead to participate competitively in equestrian events.

2. Modeling gigs

As earlier mentioned, Beau Garret was not always an actress. Prior to her acting career, she used to model. Her modeling career kicked off in the 1990s and it was after she was discovered by an agent from the modeling agency, Elite Model Management. Before she could start working as a model, she had to get the permission of her parents who agreed to it and by the time she was in her mid-teens, Beau Garrett was already appearing in magazines. Her modeling career lasted until she was 21 and Garrett herself has stated that the confidence she got in taking up a career in modeling is what helped her career as an actress.

3. Philanthropy

When the actress was in school, one of the girls who attended the same school died of an enlarged heart. The incident is one she carried with her for the rest of her life and it was the motivating factor for her participation in a fashion show that promoted information on heart diseases. Garrett also works with a non-profit organization that is targeted at helping youths and teenagers.

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4. Body statistics

To be successful in modeling, having a certain type of body is a prerequisite. Although Beau Garrett started her career as a child, she grew into a young woman with a body fit for modeling. She is 5ft. 10in tall and weighs 57 kg.

5. Net worth

Beau Garrett has had a successful career in modeling, as well as acting, all of which have made her a wealthy person. This diversification of her skills accounts for why she has an estimated net worth of $11 million.

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