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The popular video-sharing app, Vine, maybe long gone but it has created some enduring superstars. Amongst them are the likes of Cardi B, Shawn Mendes, and Lucas Coly. Coly, who is popularly known as Kid Lucas, first gained viral fame on Vine due to his ability to fluently spit lyrics in French and English. The rapper has since extended his music career to the mainstream media and now has several songs, as well as videos, to his credit. Want to know more about Coly? Read on to see 5 facts you need to know.

5 Facts You Need To Know About Lucas Coly

1. He Was Born in France

Luca Coly aka Kid Lucas was born on the 8th of July 1997 in France. His nationality is, therefore, French while his ethnicity is African/European. The rapper spent the first eight years of his life in France before his family relocated to the States.

In America, The Colys initially lived in Michigan and Texas before settling down in California. Lucas Coly was an average student and often struggled academically. He, however, had a natural singing talent and started rapping when he was just 11. The young man joined Vine in 2013 and initially posted the obligatory funny skits. He later started posting his rap videos and people were mesmerized by his fluency in both French and English. This remarkable ability soon gained him viral fame on the platform.

2. He Hails From a Family of Four

Lucas Coly hails from a family of four that comprises of his dad, mom, and a younger brother. Coly’s dad is black and is originally from Senegal in West Africa. His mom, on the other hand, is white and is from France. His much-beloved younger brother is ten years his junior.

Coly owes the success of his music career to a loving and supportive family background. His parents not only jammed to his songs but also encouraged him to pursue it further. Coly also has a supportive extended family system. Some of the rapper’s best memories are the summers he spent with his maternal grandparents in Dieppe, a little town that is two hours away from Paris.

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3. Lucas Coly Was a Member of the Defunct Group Diamondz

Since gaining viral fame on Vine, Coly has pursued a career as both a solo artist and with a group. The French man previously belonged to the famed acapella group, Diamondz, who were renowned for their freestyle and skits, and comprised of other viral artists such as Willgotthejuice and Dillyn Troy. The group dropped several tracks on SoundCloud, including “Rice N Cabbage” and “Midnight”, but later called it quits.

Since the breakup of Diamondz, Coly has focused on making his own music. The rapper has dropped two mixtapes which have yielded several songs like “Break Ya Back”, “My Lil Shawty”, “Fly Love”, “I Just Wanna”, “Feelings”, “Stay 100”, “Act Right”, “Backbone”, and “Call On Me”. Coly normally drops his tracks on SoundCloud while the accompanying videos are released on his eponymous YouTube channel. His most-watched video is the video for ‘I Just Wanna’ which has more than 13 million views on YouTube.

Lucas Coly
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4. He is Dating Fellow Instagram Star, Amber H.

Lucas Coly is in a relationship with fellow social media influencer, Amber H. Amber is a native of Oklahoma and was born on the 30th of October 1994. She is a beauty enthusiast and often posts make-up routines and beauty tips on her Instagram, Snapchat and YouTube accounts.

Coly and Amber first met on Instagram in November 2015. She subsequently Dmed him and he replied. The two became fast friends and eventually started dating. Since becoming romantic, Coly and his girl regularly do stuff together. She often accompanies him on public outings and has appeared in his music video. She also makes a regular appearance on his social media with the rapper also returning the favor.

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5. Lucas Coly was Once Detained for Disruptive Behaviour

In 2017, Coly was detained for alleged disruptive conduct. The rapper had earlier announced that he would hold a meet and greet with his fans at Lennox Square. During the meet and greet, the fans grew in numbers and got a little out of control. The police was then called in and they handcuffed the rapper and took him to a room. Coly was detained for one hour before being let go. He was also warned to stay away from Lennox Mall for the next two years or risk jail time. Coly later discussed the incident and stated that he would ensure that such events are better coordinated in the future.

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