5 Things You Didn’t Know About Tabria Majors, The American Plus-Size Model

Gone are the days when beauty had a pattern and to become a successful model involves being tall, slender and fit. The world seems to have made a complete U-turn and today, girls like Tabria Majors can walk the runway, alongside all the slim ladies in the modeling world. Tabria is a social media personality, as well as a plus-size model of American origin. Her following on Instagram has crossed the threshold of one million and still counting.

The Tennessee native had no interest in joining the modeling profession and was satisfied with her job as a production assistant based in LA, California until a talent agency spotted her on Instagram. Though the onset of her career as a model was tough, and she had to make ends meet by taking side jobs as a maid, Tabria Majors later made the final stage of the Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Issue. She has painstakingly climbed her way to success and today, the chubby beauty is well known in the fashion industry as one of the top plus-size models. Firmly under her belt are top-notch brands like Victoria’s Secret, Calvin Klein, as well as Fashion Nova. She is currently signed to Natural Models Management.

5 Things You Didn’t Know About Tabria Majors

1. Birth details and family background

Although she may be possibly Afro-American by ethnicity, Tabria Majors is an American national born on the 19th of March 1990. Little or nothing is known about her early years but her place of birth is recorded as Nashville, Tennessee. On her family background, the identities of her parents have never been revealed and in the same vein; it is not known whether she is an only child or grew up alongside other siblings. However, Tabria has featured her mum and dad on several posts on social media.

2. Educational qualifications

Tabria Majors’ early academic records have continued to elude the media, but it is common knowledge that she enrolled with the University of Memphis for a B.A, following her high school graduation. The model is quite a brilliant lady, graduating magna cum laude from the music department.

3. Before fame

Before fame came calling, Tabria Majors was employed in Los Angeles as a production assistant. However, during her early days in modeling, things were quite tough for the up-coming model which made her decide to do other jobs, cleaning floors and serving tables. The jobs might be menial, but it assisted Tabria in keeping her dreams alive. According to what she told New York Post, people usually viewed her with disgust anytime she mentioned her humble beginnings.

It has been quite a while since Tabria Majors cleaned floors or served tables but she entertains no shame in earning an honest living, as the model always relates the experience with fondness. According to Tabria, she became a better and more determined individual from her time as a lowly servant and cleaner. The big-size model is optimistic that what she went through has better equipped her to deal with any tough and demanding situation.

4. Body measurements

The plus-size model is quite tall, standing at 5 feet 10 inches which approximates into 1.78m. On her body weight, Tabria Majors seems to have gained extra pounds as she grew into adulthood. She was weighing 170 pounds before but her last listed weight is 218 pound. Tabria’s waistline of 38 inches is well outlined by a voluptuous hip measured at 55 inches; the famed model’s well-contoured bust line is quite outstanding at 44 inches.

Tabria Majors sports brown hair with eyes of the same color; she wears a shoe size of 10.5 US, a DD cup bra size, and a dress size of 16 US. Despite her plus size, she still spends quality time at the gym in a bid to maintain her body shape. According to what Tabria told Health Magazine, her legs are the strongest part of her body, and the famed model believes in her physical strength, which is represented by those sturdy legs. The social media star also enjoys a game of racquetball from time to time.

When she started out as a model, people criticized Tabria Majors for her excessive weight. She was initially affected by all their criticisms but later learned to ignore them with time. Her advice for people with weight issues is to discover whatever it is that they love about themselves and concentrate on that.

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5. Net worth

Net worth for Tabria Majors has always come in variations, however, it is generally believed that she has achieved the milestone of $1 million and is slowing inching towards two million.

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