5 Facts You Need To Know About The YouTube Channel – h3h3Productions

H3h3Productions is a YouTube channel that specializes on Comic responses or reactions of other contents or trendy stories. The celebrity couple that created the channel has over time racked up sizable views for their commentaries and contents.

Even though they had their own fair share of copyright cases, thankfully they scored an unprecedented victory in all allegations. Dig in to ascertain several fascinating facts about the channel and its creators.

Facts You Need To Know About h3h3Productions

1. Creators of h3h3Productions

H3h3productions was created by Ethan Edwards Klein and his wife Hila Hakmon Klein on the popular video channel YouTube. Ethan Klein sprouted from the lineage of an Ashkenazi Jewish family in Ventura, California, on 24th June 24, 1985, while Hila Hakmon Klein was birthed on the 12th of December 1987 in Holon, Isreal to a Sephardic Jewish family.

Ethan Klein was educated at the Buena High School from where he proceeded to study Literature at the University of California from 2004 to 2009 and capped it with yet another degree in creative writing while Hila had a 2-year stint as a military officer in Isreal and also briefly attended the Shenkar College of Engineering and Design.

The duo created the YouTube channel on 29th of April 2011 but only uploaded their debut comic reactive video 2 years after, in November 2013. From then onwards, their subscribers began to gradually rise, passing 6 million while their views have exceeded 1.2 billion as of December 2018. A good majority of their content was originally made by Hila Klein.

2. Content

One of the first uploaded work was the ‘kissing pranks’ which accumulated many views within months of upload to about 4 million.

Later in 2016, the duo Ethan and Hila released their H3 podcast which was originally published on Twitch before it was uploaded on YouTube. The first episode saw them interview American animator, scriptwriter, actor Justine Roiland. Most of the episodes were streamed live on Twitch and released weekly and monthly.

By March 2016, the h3h3productions released their ‘Vape Nation’ video which criticized the vaping culture. Bill Ritter captured the moment which was uploaded on his Twitter account, the video has racked up a view of about 22 million as of May 2018, thus, making it one of the most viewed videos on the channel.

Beside this feat, Ethan, one of the creators of the channel, has also participated in WQHT radio show Hot 97 contest which saw him emerge as the winner and afforded himself the opportunity to meet with the famed DJ Khaled in July 2016.

The h3h3Productions has moreover had other celebrities apart from Roiland, appear on their channels at different times. They have had PewDiePie, Chris D’Elia, Jake Paul, Ninja, Post Malone among others make appearances on the channel.

The contents on h3h3Productions mostly comically attack some trendy issues in the society or put up satirical approach to such issues as the creator deems fit.

On other matters, in September 2017, h3h3Productions collaborated with other celebrities like Alex Hirsch, Joey Salads, Dana Terrace and more, in raising funds for victims of Hurricane Harvey. They got about $200 thousand which they gave for the relief of victims.

Furthermore, the h3h3Productions has created a game on the Google play store app called H3H3: Baller Rider in September 2018. In addition, the creators both featured in character pack, titled ‘Payday 2’.

The creators of h3h3Productions also have a personalized channel called Ethan and Hila where they post their daily activities and update fans on upcoming events and advertise their merchandises that are ready for sale. The channel currently has amassed about 2.1 million subscribers with over 4.9 million views of their contents.

3. Controversies

The h3h3Productions duo was roped in a copyright suit over the content of their channel. They were charged on April 2016 by Matt Hosseinzadeh, another Youtube personality whose channel name is MattHossZone. However, after back and forth court appearances and hearing on the matter, judgment was given in favour of h3h3Productions aka Ethan and Hila Klein in June 2017.

They enjoyed overwhelming support from other celebrities such as the Fine Brothers, Markiplier, Jacksepticeye, PewDiePie, Garry Newman, among others who raised up to $170,000 to support their legal fees.

Perhaps the overwhelming support they received in the past also helped spur their defence for the famed YouTube Star PewDiePie in 2017 after he released a controversial video in which he used Nazi jokes.

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4. Subscribers

Ethan’s collaboration with his wife Hila has seen their major channel rack up more than 6 million subscribers as of December 2018 with over 1.2 billion views for their created contents.

The channel equally has good followership on social media platforms like Facebook (475k) Twitter (2.04 m) and Instagram (1.7 m).

5. H3h3Productions Channel’s Net Worth

The net worth of YouTube the celebrity couple and creators of the channel is estimated to be within $1. 5 million, a sum that could have been more if not for the legal woes they faced.

The sum is accrued from adverts placed on their uploaded videos and customized items like T-shirts, shorts and other summer accessories that they sell every now and again.


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