7 Incredible Tips To Smelling Good All The Time

Smelling good is good business. Not only does it boost your confidence it also enhances your overall appearance, says a lot about your hygiene lifestyle and makes you more attractive.

So here are some tips to ensure you are not mistaken for a walking trash can.

Have A Good Bath

a good bath leaves you smelling god

Smelling good starts with a good bath. Use a good loofah or sponge while focusing on problem areas such as behind the neck, behind the knees, under arms, between toes and every other area that’s prone to sweats and bad smells– and of course down there.

Remember to bathe regularly, especially after vigorous activities.

Clean Scented Clothes


Do not wear a cloth more than once, if you have to, don’t go more than two rounds before having it washed. Also investing in a fabric conditioner is worth it. Fabric conditioners do not only soften clothes but leave them smelling good. Cloth fresheners are also good, a little spritz on your dry clothes will eliminate odors and leave them smelling fresh.

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Have Your Wardrobe Cleaned Regularly



Air your wardrobe once in a while, clear it out, clean dust surfaces and rearrange to ensure some crawlies haven’t found their way in and built a nest. Also, have a good scented air freshener placed in it.

Feet Hygiene

for smeeling good, exfoliate your feet with a pumice stone

Smelling good also involves the feet. Often neglected, the feet needs as much attention as other parts of your body when taking a bath. A casual rub with your sponge or soap isn’t enough to get the bacteria off.

A good exfoliation will do a great job as it also gets rid of dead skin cells. Investing in a pumice stone will be worth it. Air your shoes and have them washed regularly, waiting till they are fully dried before wearing them.

Use a talcum powder on your feet, if you have a severe case of foot odor as that would help alleviate the problem.

Oral Hygiene

good oral hygiene

What’s the use of a fragrant body if the same cannot be said for the mouth. If anything, a mouth odor would ruin the whole point of smelling good. Fresh breath is dependent on good oral hygiene, that is; brushing regularly, flossing often, and not just doing those, but doing them well.

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Body Scents

fragrance layers , tip to smelling good

These days body scents come in sets. A package usually comes with a lotion, body soap, body spray, hand cream and others– all perfumed to give you layers of long lasting goodness. Invest in one of these packages, or experiment with different types by buying them individually.

Carry All


There’s absolutely nothing wrong with having a hand sanitizer, an oil-based roller ball, scented hand cream, mints, wipes, stashed in your bag for ’emergency’ purposes. See them as emergency refreshers.