Good Reading Habit

Good Reading Habit– Reading in itself is a habit that appeals to both the young and the old. It is one of the ways we acquire information and knowledge.

Wikipedia defines it as the cognitive process of decoding symbols to derive meaning. It entails the identification of characters/symbols and obtaining their meaning.

Reading is only reserved for students or literary enthusiasts. It is an activity that benefits even individuals who have found it as a brilliant form of pastimes.

Every sphere of life requires the reading culture for the purpose of enlightenment and preservation.

People go as far as joining book clubs to improve their reading skills. It takes little or no time for these benefits to manifest in readers who are beginners.

Here are 10 effective ways of developing a good reading habit. 

1. Find A Conducive Environment

Reading should be done in a conducive environment. Grounded readers may cope with slight distractions but beginners should opt for an environment that allows them assimilate what they are reading.

2. Make A Realistic Plan

This is where you should feel free to start at a convenient level. Just because someone brags about covering 10 book a week does not mean you must conform to that standard.

Convenience is key at the initial stage. If you find it easier to start with story books, why not? Start from there. In time you can gradually begin to introduce advanced books with topical themes. It is often advised to start with books on general topics.

3. Relax

Reading should be fun and interesting. When you are relaxed but focused, understanding follows. And with understanding comes a foundation of interest in the reader.

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4. Be Intentional

Good Reading Habit

Of course, there is need to know what it is you want to get out the book. Being intentional is equal to giving a purpose for reading the book. Whether for leisure, entertainment, in preparation for an exam, search for inspiration or just to acquire knowledge, purpose sustains your interest.

5. Take Note Of Vocabulary

Good readers are commonly known for their improved and increased vocabulary. As you read, put down difficult and strange words. Look them up in the dictionary and use them more frequently in your daily communication. Doing this makes it easier to flow the next time you come across it in a passage.

Before resorting to the use of dictionary you can try figuring out the meaning of the word using context clues. These are pointers that an author embeds in a sentence to suggest the meaning of a seemingly ambiguous word.

6. Don’t Read Aloud

This is probably the oldest known good reading habit. Reading does not need to be done loudly except there is a specific reason to do so. Reading out loud labors the brain more than when done silently. This is because either way, reading uses same parts of the brain. So the brain is saved the stress of more work if we read silently. Moreso it helps with speed reading.

7. Make Reading A Communal Affair

There is a reason why people join book clubs. To get motivated, self development, to make friends, learn and be part of something. Like minds flock together. And the more you hang around book lovers, the more the spark for reading will increase as well.

Good Reading Habit

Introduce reading to your friends and family members. That can help give you a common inspiring goal. From the relationship point of view, it strengthens the bond.

Did you know reading gives you a voice?

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8. Set Out A Time For Reading

Assuming you have a daily time table, it will be wise if you make out time for reading. If you love it that much, then some time should be allotted to it. You cannot dream of becoming a good footballer without regularly practicing. Same it is with reading or any other skill worth acquiring. The more you read, the better reader you become.

9. Discipline

All plans and no discipline to carry it out is an effort in futility. With a certain level of interest, discipline is easy to apply. Passion for reading is enough drive not to put the book down. But in cases where you are trying out a different kind of book for the first time, you may need the discipline to meet the target you set for yourself. It is key for a good reading habit.

10. Go For Physical Books

Good Reading Habit

If you work all day with eyes glued to the screen, opting for a physical book can give you a different feel. Physical libraries are inspiring and encouraging to look at. It will be nice if you start collecting books of interest.