5 Kenyan Celebrities Who Will Fight Tooth and Nail To Earn All The Attention Possible

Kenyan entertainment industry is teeming with aspiring, promising, famous and talented Kenyan celebrities who fall under two types of categories; those who love to get all the attention in the world and those who keep the public at bay (though they are just a few). The celebrities in the former category seek nothing but to get the public mesmerized by every single action of theirs.
They wrestle with everything they can to remain in the spotlight of Kenyan entertainment industry. In short most of them seek to be what Kim Kardashian — the Kardashian-Jenner clan, the most shameless fame-loving family in America is to entertainment. They want to live for the cameras, medias and crave too much attention. They, by all means, do things to raise public fascination and concern as they know just a little thing done by a controversial celebrity can get totally blown out of proportion.  As a matter of fact, they are simply at their best when it comes to doing things like pulling stunts, causing a stir on social media or doing something else that will drag in the attention of the public. It is next to nature in their career so why wouldn’t they? So let’s not nail them for this after all their fans love it like that. Here is a list of 5 Kenyan celebrities who fight tooth and nail to ensure they are not forgotten or fade into unimportance.

Kenyan Celebrities with Attention Seeking Syndromes

1. Blaqy


Are you wondering how Blaqy made the list? His music videos have no doubt vent on his behalf. He does videos that are never in short of displaying sheer ‘shake what your mama gave you’. The controversial dancehall artiste is also known for posting nude pictures of his girlfriends online as well as posting deliberately offensive or provocative online posts about every celebrity whether or not they are in a good relationship.

2. Kenyan Socialites

Kenyan socialites made our list of attention seeking Kenyan celebrities. And if you are in doubt, just wait until you log onto any Kenyan socialites’ Instagram accounts especially when you are down, frail and bored. They have everything that would revive you. Just click-through the likes of Vera Sidika, a former dark beauty who later went yellow, controversial Huddah Monroe, Corazon Kwamboka, Risper Faith and host of others as they are never getting tired of doing what they do best on social media. You can follow their drama as it takes place. By the time you are through, you will be amused.

3. Colonel Mustafa


When his lady (Huddah) made the list why wouldn’t he? Kenyan rapper Daudi Mustapha a.k.a Colonel Mustapha, one half of two-man group ‘Deux Vultures’  publicly revealed his love for Huddah Monroe. He went on to publicly lash out at Huddah’s ex-boyfriend Prezzo and wrote off his own ex-girlfriend Marya for not giving him the kind of love he is getting from Huddah. He is in fact never afraid of doing what pleases him most. Not long ago, the controversial singer dropped a song called Dodoma Singida that got everybody talking. He is famous for pulling publicity stunts. He never misses out on posting pictures with nude women on social media.

4. Willy Paul


Willy Paul, an award-winning contemporary Christian music artist, a songwriter and one of the most famous Kenyan celebrities is one of the most hated entertainers around. He was said to be making out with a beautiful young but underaged girl. He has also been involved in drama and contentious issues with different celebs including Bahati who he accused of robbing some of his songs. Despite the fact that he has repented to a great extent, Willy Paul will do anything to draw some more attention.

5. Ringtone


The emotive gospel artiste, of course, made the list Kenyan celebrities who do more than they should. He made public that he was praying and fasting for three weeks so that God can bless him with a posh Range Rover accusing Jaguar of blocking him to flaunt his Range Rover. After accusing Jaguar of trying to show off he was doing better than him, his prayers were probably heard by God as he really got a range rover to coast around in. But it didn’t end there! Ringtone took to social media to parade it weigh up himself to Jaguar who had bought his way back before him. Even though we have no right even in our minds to judge, but Ringtone’s actions pops up a question in our heads; who does this, a gospel artiste?  Thought he is supposed to be treading a good path and leaving behind trails of amazing examples.

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