5 Reasons We all Love Willie Jones and What He Does

Willie Jones is undoubtedly one of the best things to happen to country music in recent times. The Louisiana native first rose to the national spotlight after belting out a country tune on X-Factor in 2012. Jones has since gone on to drop several hit tracks and has toured alongside the likes of Willie Nelson and Shawn Mendes. The young man is definitely making country cooler and we are all for it! Discover more reasons why everybody loves Willie Jones below.

Reasons We Love Willie Jones

1. He started singing before the age of four

Willie Jones grew up in Shreveport, Louisiana and soaked up different genres of music (country, pop, and R&B) when he was just a little boy. He subsequently started singing and before long, was taking part in several talent shows. In the 9th grade, Jones participated in a talent show which expressly required students to sing a country song. The youngster selected Josh Turner’s Why Don’t We Just Dance and won the competition. This buoyed Jones’ interest in country music and he started studying the genre.

He got involved in his school, church and community choirs, and also attended a performing arts high school. Jones’ love for country music surprised many of his pals who had pegged him as a hip-hop or R&B guy. The singer has since revealed that what attracted him to country was the range of emotions as well as a sense of family that it exhibits. According to Jones, country music tells stories and he loves that.

2. Willie Jones is blessed with a rich baritone voice

Willi Jones first rose to the spotlight after participating in the 2012 edition of X-Factor. During the initial audition, Jones belted out a sensational version of Josh Turner’s Your Man. The judges, and indeed the audience, were stunned by the fact that a young black man could do that. They were also blown away by his voice which Simon Cowell described as sensational.

Cowell further stated that he would always remember the first day that he heard Jones sing. Willie Jones made it through the auditions and went on to participate in three boot camps as well as the judge’s house. He was however eliminated during the first live show sing-off. Following his elimination, Jones did not relent but went on to perform on a social media influencer tour titled MAGCON. He also increased his online fame by posting covers/medleys of popular country songs.

Jon Jones
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3. He is the perfect blend of country and hip-hop

Willie Jones spent his high school days singing country ballads, in talent shows, and doing freestyle rapping for his friends. The singer/songwriter has now blended both genres and is propagating a fresh sound in country. Jones’ songs feature a skilled combination of hip-hop and country, ending each gently-rapped verse with an exaggerated twang, and what makes it so special is that he effortlessly integrates both genres without even seeming to do so. Willie Jones has thus far released several successful singles including Windows Down, Runs in Our Blood, Right Now and Down On It. These songs have topped the playlists on various platforms including Amazon Music Unlimited, Apple Music, Spotify, Tidal and YouTube Music.

4. Willie Jones is Crazy about his family

Jones’ family has played a pivotal part in his meteoric rise. The singer not only inherited his vocal talent from his father but also received unconditional support from his parents. So assured is this support that Jones has quipped that even if he decides to become a trash man in future, he can always count on the support of his parents and sisters. Family also inspired Jones’ 2018 hit single, Runs in Our Blood. The singer had spent the previous holidays in his native Shreveport before attending a family reunion in Tulsa. Both occasions left him feeling nostalgic about his cousins and his childhood, and he later freestyled some lyrics during a studio session. These freestyle eventually metamorphosed into a bona fide song six months later.

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5. He boasts of uncommon confidence and cool-headedness

Willie Jones exhibits a level of self-confidence and levelheadedness that is rare amongst many other rising stars. The Shreveport native firmly believes in his own vision of country music and is not seeking to pander to the wishes and means of Nashville. He is rather sticking to who he truly is and expects Nashville to warm to him. Jones also supports the increasing wave of black artists in country music. Such artists include the likes of Kane Brown, Priscilla Renea, and Lil Nas X, and Jones is happy that people of colour are using country music to tell their stories.

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