5 Reasons You Need To Stop Throwing Avocado Seeds Away

Avocados are one of those super foods that are incredibly hard to hate, filled with many nutrients and immense benefits

But what about the seed? or Pit as it’s also called? It is usually discarded like all seeds. After reading this post, we are sure you will never throw away Avocado seeds.

Eat Them

Yes, Avocado seeds can be eaten. 70% of Avocado’s amino acids are found in the seed and not the flesh. They also contain a high amount of antioxidants, and soluble fiber which lowers cholesterol and controls blood glucose.

However there’s an ongoing debate on the edibility of avocado seeds. While some health experts claim it is an inedible components of the fruit, others claim it is indeed edible.

It is recommended to research on both sides of the argument to decide.Watch the video below to see how an Avocado seed is made ready for consumption.

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Use As An Exfoliant In Face masks

Exfoliants are known for removing dead cells from skin. This keeps the skin healthy and glowing. Add ground avocado seed (as seen in the video below) to your favorite face mask, home-made or store-bought. The Avocado seed helps the nutrients to seep into the skin, having cleared the dead cells.

Make Fabric Dye

Avocado seeds and skins can be used to create a natural fabric dye with colors ranging from a light brown to salmon pink. Getting darker colors would require the infusion of iron mordant solution. For an idea on how to use the Avocado seed or skin to produce natural dyes, watch the video below.

Grow An Avocado Tree

Instead of throwing the seed away, why not grow your own avocado plant in your back yard. All you need to do this are; clean avocado seeds, toothpicks and a jar of water/soil.

Use For Decorations

If you are one for DIYs, Avocado seeds could be a significant addition to your box of materials. From Jewelry to Place card holders, to pendants the seed can be transformed into numerous objects with the help of your creative juices.

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