The 5 Reasons Mosquitoes Love You More Than Your Neighbor

Have you ever noticed that some people are more prone to mosquito bites than others?

While some can stay in a mosquito-infested place for hours and only get two bites, others can remain in the same location for minutes and be spotted with mosquito bites.

How so? Some scientists have come up with reasons why mosquitoes might prefer some people to other people. Also, with all the illnesses these tiny insects carry — malaria, zika virus, yellow fever– it’s quite useful to know what attracts them.

Blood Type

A study found out that people with type O blood are more exposed to mosquitoes than people with other blood types. The reason being that a particular kind of sugar which is only found in type O patients are attractive to mosquitoes.

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Carbon dioxide is another impossible one if you are trying to avoid mosquitoes. Carbon dioxide is a fundamental part of our lives, as it’s what we breathe out. Mosquitoes are said to use their maxillary pap to sense carbon dioxide.

No wonder these insects always seems to be buzzing around our heads.

The 5 Reasons Mosquitoes Love you More Than Your Neighbor

Heat and Sweat

Mosquitoes also have a nose for sweat and warmth. A person who just finished working out is very much a big buffet to a mosquito due to the heady combination of heat and sweat.

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Another study has shown that malaria-causing mosquitoes prefer pregnant women to other people. The reason being that women in late pregnancy exhale 21 percent greater volume of breath than non-pregnant women. This, coupled with the fact that pregnant women usually have warmer bellies makes pregnant women a prime target.


Mosquitoes also use their vision to check for their potential victims. This occurs primarily in the late afternoon.Wearing black or red coloured clothes makes it easier for a mosquito to spot you.