5 Things You Didn’t Know About Isabella Jane Cruise – Tom Cruise’s Daughter

Multiple Golden Globe award-winning actor, Tom Cruise shares his fame with a lot of people, especially members of his family. Cruise has been in numerous tabloid-fodder relationships, some of which produced kids, among whom is Isabella Jane Cruise (though not biologically). Tom Cruise and his now ex second wife, American actress Nicole Kidman parented two children through adoption, and Isabella Jane is one of them. Of all Cruise’s children, Isabella a.k.a Bella is the lesser-known. This is because of her preference for living behind the cameras.

Who Is Isabella Jane Cruise, Tom Cruise’s Daughter?

Isabella Jane Cruise is an American clothing designer and makeup artist best known as the adoptive daughter of famous American actors, Tom Cruise, and Nicole Kidman. She was born on December 22, 1992, at a hospital in Miami, Florida from where Cruise and Kidman adopted her. Her biological mother who already had two children gave her up for adoption at birth for financial reasons.

Isabella’s early childhood was filled with comfort and luxury, albeit away from public eyes. She received her early education at home alongside her other siblings. Their tutor was their aunt (Tom Cruise’s sister), actress Cass Mapother. Bella however, became devastated after her parents’ marriage hit the rocks in 2001 when she was just nine. She, however, later developed a relationship with her dad’s new wife, Katie Holmes whom he married five years later. Unfortunately, the marriage also hit the rocks after about six years (2006-2012).

Following her father’s third divorce, Isabella Jane Cruise moved to London to study Art and subsequently train in makeup and hair-styling. On completing her education, Jane Cruise began working as a hair and makeup artist, mostly in the showbiz industry. She has since worked on a number of movies. Bella, later on, started up her own hairdressing business. In 2018, she created the Bella Kidman Cruise (BKC) clothing line.

5 Things You Didn’t Know About Isabella Jane Cruise

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1. She has an adoptive brother

Isabella has a younger brother (also adopted) named Connor Antony Cruise. Connor was born on January 17, 1995. Isabella’s foster parents, Tom Cruise and Nicole Kidman adopted him at four months. Wondering why the second adoption? Nicole Kidman was having issues with pregnancies. In other to cushion the trauma of her ugly experiences, she alongside her husband decided to rather adopt kids. The couple had plans of adopting more kids before their union hit the rocks.

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In addition to Connor, Isabella Jane Cruise has three half-sisters. The first is Suri Cruise, Tom Cruise and Katie Holme’s only child and daughter. Suri is also the only biological child of Cruise. The other two are Sunday Rose and Faith Margaret, Nicole Kidman’s biological daughters. Kidman had married popular country musician, Keith Urban few years after parting ways with Cruise. While she gave birth to Sunday, a gestational surrogate carried Faith on her behalf.

2. How Scientology “Saved” Her Life

Isabella had plunged into some psychological issues including anxiety and depression following her parents’ divorce. In her long search for freedom and peace of mind, the popularly controversial religion known as Scientology came to her rescue. According to the young lady in a testimony published by Scientology critic Tony Ortega, her experience of Scientology was all she needed – it caused everything to start making sense suddenly.

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Interestingly, Isabella has become not just a follower of the religion, but an auditor – someone who takes other individuals through a session of self-examination known as auditing in the Church of Scientology.

3. She’s not the only one that’s into Scientology in her family

Tom Cruise is one of the grande patrons of the Scientology Religion. His now ex-wife, Nicole Kidman had also converted to the religion on marrying Cruise. Tom is actually the one who introduced his adoptive daughter to the mysterious faith. He would take Bella, alongside her brother Connor to the church of Scientology sessions and summer camps after he divorced Nicole who no longer follows the religion. Connor is also a staunch Scientologist. In addition, Bella’s biological mother is also a Scientology believer.

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While testifying of her experience, Isabella thanked her dad “for everything”. Her aunt and childhood homeschool tutor, Cass Mapother is also a Scientology believer. She also thanked her in her testimony. She moreover, appreciated the church’s chairman, David Miscavige as well as its founder, late Ron Hubbard.

4. Isabella sometimes stopped calling Nicole Kidman ‘Mom’

Several circumstances leading up to Nicole and Tom’s divorce (especially ones related to their practice of Scientology) caused Isabella to severe all bonds with her to the point of not regarding her as a mother.

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However, in 2016, Isabella met and reunited with her mom. She also started living with her in her new family alongside half-sisters Sunday and Faith. To affirm her forgiveness and acceptance of Nicole, she included her name in the fashion line (Bella Kidman Cruise) she launched two years later.

5. No Family Member Attended Her Wedding!

In 2015, at the age of 22, Isabella Jane Cruise married Max Parker, a British IT consultant. The wedding which came as a surprise to the media took place on the 18th of September. It was a secret Scientology ceremony held at London’s opulent Dorchester Hotel.

Surprisingly, none of Isabella’s family members, parents inclusive attended the wedding. Despite the fact that Nicole, her foster mom was in London filming a movie role within that period, she was absent from the occasion. Tom who reportedly funded the ceremony was also nowhere close to the venue. Isabella and Max had kept them away in her bid not to involve the media. Isabella and Max live in Croydon, London.

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