5 Things You Probably Didn’t Know About Chungha

Chungha, who made a seamlessly successful transition from I.O.I member to adored solo star with her hit singles Why Don’t You Know and Rollercoaster, is not going to be a part of the girl group’s comeback. Chungha is one of those rare dancers that can freestyle as well as execute regular choreography, a fact she has proven time and time again. Chungha went from the main dancer of I.O.I to the most anticipated solo artist to debut in 2017.

I.O.I was a project band formed by television audition show Produce 101 on Mnet in 2016. After the band’s contract expired the following year, the artists joined different agencies and continued their careers with a new band or as solo performers. Studio Blu said on Instagram that nine of the band’s 11 members would reunite and release an album in October. Chungha and Somi who already have successful solo careers are not part of the comeback.

Before her Produce 101 appearance, she was a trainee under JYP Entertainment. She later joined up with MNH Entertainment and was able to represent them when she joined the reality survival show Produce 101. Chungha’s participation in Produce was her ticket to stardom. She managed to secure a coveted spot in I.O.I, placing fourth overall in the competition with her fierce freestyle dancing skills and superb vocal ability, which won her scores of fans throughout the season.

5 Things You Probably Didn’t Know About Chungha

1. She Lived In America For Sometime

Kim Chung-Ha was born as Kim Chan Mi on the 9th of February, 1996 in South Korea. She lived in Texas for 8 years under her English name Annie Kim, though she was very young at that time. Thanks to this, she’s fluent in both English and Korean. She graduated from Seoul’s Sejong University with a major in dance.

2. Chungha has had many hits as a Solo Artist

Her debut solo EP, Hands On Me, soared into the Top 10 in Korea, spawning her first hit Why Don’t You Know. Chungha released her second extended play Offset on January 17, 2018. The EP contains five tracks including the title track Roller Coaster. On June 26, MNH Entertainment confirmed that she would be having a comeback on July 18 with her third mini-album titled Blooming Blue, with Love U serving as the lead single.

On June 24, 2019, she released her fourth EP, Flourishing, whose title track is the first song she has composed. The fourth track, Flourishing, is a trap soul number written in English that sends out a message of self-confidence. She said she hoped the song would be a sort of medium through which she could better communicate with fans outside South Korea. On top of Flourishing and Snapping, the album has three other songs, including Chica, the first track, and Call It Love.

Chungha was on the list of Top 20 Korean Female Artists with Most Physical Albums Sold in 2019.  Top of the list is TWICE followed by BLACKPINK and IZ*ONE. Chungha was 19th and above Cherry Bullet. She has also endorsed various products ranging from electronics to clothing and cosmetics. Her first endorsement was for Nike’s “Nike x W Korea”, alongside singer Amber Liu and dancer May J Lee in 2017.

3. Chungha and Baek Ye-rin are Friends

Baek Ye-rin was actually Chungha’s friend when she was in JYP Entertainment. Chungha was a trainee there, and they got close to each other at that time. They couldn’t keep in contact with each other constantly, because Chungha thought she was really busy. Baek gave her two songs, and out of those two songs, From Now On made the album Blooming Blue.

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4. She Has a huge Social Media Presence

Chungha has 3 million followers on her Instagram and sometime in 2018 revealed a change of looks, trading her Elsa-like blonde locks for brunette hair with bangs. Although she teased her followers at the beginning, asking if they thought she was wearing a wig or got her hair cut, Chungha revealed that her new cut is real and posted a series of adorable selfies.

5. Chungha has received a handful of Accolades

Chungha claimed her 1st music show win with Flourishing’s title track, Snapping, on the July 3, 2019 broadcast of MBC Music’s Show Champion. After delivering a brief winning speech and an encore performance at the end of the show, Chungha also shared her thanks via Twitter! She also received a Genie Music Award and a Golden Disc Award in 2019. She was also awarded the Artist of the Year 2019 award by The Fact Music Awards.

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