5 Things You Probably Didn’t Know About Edward Avila

AIt is easy for young people to get carried away with the celebrity status that comes with being popular on social media. While some just goof around and share contents that are without depth, Edward Avila is one of the few YouTubers who made something unconventionally worthwhile out of the video-sharing platform. The fashion enthusiast who is really good at makeup is popular for being a vlogger and YouTuber with 1.44 million subscribers and close to 200 million views.

Born Edward Avila on the 2nd of April 1992, in California, United States, the beauty guru is of Filipino ethnicity. Besides having a sister who has featured in his videos a handful of times, Edward has not been forthcoming with details about his family. It is uncertain how he grew up and what his parents do. Edward seems to have taken responsibility for himself and his life when he relocated to Korea in his early 20s. He presently resides in Seoul, South Korea.

He has been quite vocal in his advocacy of makeup for men. Although he isn’t a trained make up artist, he taught himself to look good by watching several of his K-pop idols who are his major influences. Edward Avila has revealed that he got into makeup in high school after he had very bad skin (acne, dark circles, and breakouts) and wanted a way to cover it. He believes that makeup helps you enhance your beauty and it is a way of putting your best-enhanced version forward. To Edward, makeup is now a way he expresses his artistic abilities.

Due to his passion for fashion and makeup, he began his self-titled YouTube channel on the 7th of April 2006. Several times a week, he posts beauty-related videos on his channel. He is also really big on skincare and has several go-to skincare tips. He often recreates K-pop idol looks in several of his videos.

5 Things You Probably Didn’t Know About Edward Avila

1. He Has a Huge Social Media Following Dotted with a Few Controversies

The internet star has amassed a huge following on social media; he has close to half a million followers on Instagram, almost two thousand followers on Twitter and 1.44 million on YouTube where he has his biggest fan base.

While Edward Avila has strong followership and is quite loved by his fans, his celebrity status has put him in the middle of some very controversial issues in his life. In 2017, he came under attack and experienced serious backlash after he posted a video of 15-year-old idol Kyla and made some comments which most people categorized as body and fat-shaming. Although he apologized in another video, stating that he was just caring for her well being, the issue birthed several online discourses. Prominent amongst them is the beauty standard in Korea’s entertainment industry.

From the response to that video, people were really miffed especially because they felt Edward who has lots of teenage female fans shouldn’t have said Kyla had to lose weight if she wants to be an idol, he should have used his platform and voice as a positive influence encouraging girls to love themselves and their bodies.

2. What Is His Sexual Orientation?

Over the years, the debate about whether Edward Avila is gay has been discussed below tables especially because he has never officially announced his sexual orientation on his channel. However, it is an open secret that he is gay.

Although he has been secretive about who he is presently dating, he once let it slip that he just got out of a 1 year six months relationship with a guy.

3. Did You Know He Is Also Into Music?

Just when you think you have him all figured out, Edward takes another move. The YouTuber shocked many when it came to light that he also has a passion for music. Edward has a budding musical career and in 2017, he did some songs in collaboration with Trophy Cat which has been well received. They include: Stay, Body, Beauty and they are doing well.

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4. He has an Openness Policy

One of the things that makes a Youtube star well-liked is their ability to share and connect with their followers in all honesty. Edward Avila is one of those YouTubers who probably overshare. He has been vocal about his insecurities especially with his body and the surgeries he went through. He admitted that he didn’t like his nose so he got a rhinoplasty to change it. He has also been vocal about how he combated the acne breakout that ignited his love for makeup.

5. What Influences the YouTuber?

Edward Avila’s favorite k-pop groups are 9Muses, Monsta X and Red Velvet who admits have been great influences for his music. He has also been very vocal about his love for pop star Arianne Grande, he believes that her body is perfect and he would love to switch bodies with her.


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