5 Tips To Get You Working Faster And More Efficiently

Everyone on earth has the self same 24 hours to work with and your ability to squeeze as many qualitative things as you possibly can into that space of time will most often determine how far you go in life.

With that in mind, we must admit that it is often not an easy task. Working faster with all the distractions and hurdles that are sure to be inherent in your work demands that you apply a conscious effort, so you do not find yourself slacking.

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On that note, here are five helpful tips for working faster and more efficiently, we hope they make a difference to you personally.

Have A One Track Mind:

An average person is said to have an average of 70,000 thoughts per day. That’s a lot of thoughts, in fact it amounts to about 49 thoughts per minutes. Past, present and future plans and reminders just dancing around in your head, calling for your attention. For working faster, you must learn how to relegate the others to the background as you focus on the most important and time-appropriate one to tackle at that point in time.

Keep Your Desktop Clear:

The lack of clutter will do wonders for clearing up your mind. This refers to both your desk/table and your computer screen desktop. With the lack of clutter to distract your attention, focusing will be made much easier. Keeping things organized can also help you find your things easily without consuming your precious time.

Working Faster

Listen To Music:

Although some people will argue that this does not apply to them, it works for most people. Background music helps you finish tasks faster. You have to settle on the one that is most appropriate for you. Slow, wordless tracks may prove the most effective and the volume should not be deafening as you need to hear yourself think.

Make Use Of A Timer:

Time yourself, give yourself allotted time frames to finish tasks. The reality of having a deadline will most of the time kick your creativity into gear and have all your thought processes scrambling to provide an answer to the current problem.

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Start And Do Not Stop:

Actually start the work, do not plan away all the time. After starting, whenever you encounter hurdles or get stuck for more than 30 seconds, move on. You can always come back later to finish that particular step, it is mostly easier to plug a hole than to build something from scratch.